An Interview with Singer-Songwriter Matthew John

Many of today’s wedding couples look for wedding songs that are unique to them and that have not been played at the 2 million-plus other U.S. weddings. Matthew John had the same task in finding the perfect Mother-Son song. So, he took it a step further and produced his own Mother-Son song titled “Everything”. We had the pleasure of interviewing singer-songwriter Matthew John about his music career journey.

If you are looking for a Mother-Son song for your wedding, take listen to Matthew John’s song “Everything”.

Matthew John Interview By My Wedding Songs

singer songwriter matthew john

How did you get started in the music industry?
I always loved music and singing. My best friend from high school Joe and I used to go to all the best rock, and punk rock shows up in LA. I knew then that I wanted to be up on stage, doing what they were doing. So, Joe and I started a band with our friends and I think it was then I began writing my own songs. I worked non-stop, doing whatever I could – singing at weddings, for parties, you name it. When I was 23, I was invited to showcase original music in Nashville, TN, and got some great feedback from Stephen Christian who was one of the judges. He is the frontman of Pop/Rock band Anberlin, one of the bands I used to listen to with Joe and our buds in High School. It was a really cool moment for me.

After that I was asked to write for an Indie studio in Nashville for a producer duo – writing songs for artists, bands, and DJs around the world which really put on me on a path of honing my skills and figuring out who I am as an artist. Since then I’ve been doing it the indie way, writing and releasing my own EP’s and singles, writing for others as well. I’ve been really lucky and have been able to be the supporting act for a couple of artists that really inspired me as well like Mike Posner and Andy Grammer. I’ve been really lucky to be able to form relationships after working with producers and my artist and writer friends in Los Angeles and Nashville, having people around me that share the same or similar passions as myself and where we support each other really makes the music writing process so incredible to me. It ultimately led to me meeting one of my favorite writing partners, my best friend, and my fiance.

Can you offer any tips to musicians trying to produce their music?
Collaborate as much as possible, co-writing is super important because it keeps you creative and thinking differently. It gives you new ideas that you might not have come up with on your own and you never know what can happen! Also, don’t hold on to your work! You’ve gotta let it out these days, no one is going to come looking for you so you have to put it all out there. Be authentic and honest. If you’re faking being something your not because you think it will sell, people will see right through it.

We noticed your music on websites like Amazon and Spotify. Is there a website, or websites, that has performed better than others in promoting your music?
I definitely feel like my Spotify is where most people listen to my music, and socially I feel more engaged to my fans on Instagram and Twitter. Follow me on all my socials and we can chat and share music! @matthewjohntv is my username on all platforms!

Do you have music artists as mentors that inspire you in your music?
I used to get songwriting critique pretty regularly from hit songwriters Shelly Peiken, Thomas Barsoe, and I would also get help from Lars Halvor Jensen (hit producer for Jordin Sparks, New Kids On The Block, Hillary Duff and more). One of my oldest friends from high school also has always inspired me. She moved to Nashville from California as well. Her name is Sara Haze and she went on to write hit songs for Carrie Underwood, Rascal Flatts, and more. I used to watch her perform back in school when we were in the choir together. Then, she played shows in LA that I’d go to and she’s made it all the way to playing the Stage Coach Festival and performing at the Grand Ol’ Opry! I’ll always be pretty inspired by her to pursue my passion.

Who are some of the musicians you currently listen to in your music library?
Currently, I listen to Betty Who, Ariana Grande, Haim, Kelly Clarkson, Mikky Ekko, Troy Sivan, Incubus, and more. My musical taste is ALL over. I listen to pretty much every genre.

What is the inspiration and story behind the song “Everything”?
I recently became engaged to my best friend, and I was missing my Mom at the time it happened. We were living in Nashville when I wrote it and my Mom was in California. I was just really wanting to thank her for everything she had done for me growing up, and thank her for always being there for me. I wanted to write it for her as a gift, as something I could dance with her at my wedding. I sat down and it just flowed out of me.

Are you currently working on new music projects?
Currently, I have so much material kind of demoed and I’m about to be working on new stuff. I’m really just waiting to feel in my soul when I know what direction to go in lyrically with the content. So you can definitely look forward to the new music soon.

matthew john

If you want to learn more about Matthew John, you can visit the Matthew John website, and on social sites including Spotify.

Matthew John’s heartfelt dedication to his Mom in the song “Everything” should be considered for your Mother-Son dance song.

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