Christian first dance songs

To be a Christian means that you believe in Jesus Christ and that He died for our sins. However, many Christian songs celebrate the love between two people and make great Christian first dance songs at weddings. If you are having a church wedding, be sure to read our list of Christian wedding church songs.

Christian first dance songs

Christian First Dance Songs

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10. Love Will Take You Places – Danny Gokey
Released in 2014 on album Hope in Front of Me

“Won’t you let it take you places, Through the fire, through the night, Oh, let love take you places”

9. Love Will Be Enough For Us – Brandon Heath
Released in 2012 on album Brandon Heath

“We could be livin’ out where the river bends, Where the grass gets green and the highway ends
Livin’ easy, livin’ easy, Where it’s you and me baby and the daffodils, Kids growing up in the rolling hills, And love will be enough for us”

8. Unfailing Love – Jimmy Needham
Released in 2008 on the album Not Without Love

“My unfailing love for you will not be moved, For you will not be moved, My unfailing love for you, And though the mountains be shaken, And the hills be removed, Yet my unfailing love for you”

7. 1000 Miles – Mark Schultz
Released in 2006 on album Mark Schultz

“‘Cause you’ve got my heart and you’ve got my soul, You’ve got this promise too, I would walk 1,000 miles, Just to be with You”

6. Angel – Casting Crowns
Released in 2011 on the album Come to the Well

“With the sacred promise, And a ring that says it all, I’ve just begun to fall, From the deepest part of me I say I do”

5. Love Never Fails – Brandon Heath
Released in 2009 on the album What If We

“When my heart won’t make a sound, When I can’t turn back around, When the sky is falling down, Nothing is greater than this, Greater than this”

4. Hundred More Years – Francesca Battistelli
Released in 2011 on album Hundred More Years

“She’s spinnin’ like a little princess, Makin’ sure he’s gonna notice, He could watch her twirl for a hundred years”

3. When I Say I Do – Matthew West
Released in 2010 on album Hold You Up

“And I pray every day will be the proof, That I mean what I say when I say I Do, Yea, I mean what I say when I say”

2. When God Made You – Newsong featuring Natalie Grant
Released in 2003 on album More Life

 “You’re for me and I’m for you, ‘Cause my world just Can’t be right, Without you in my life”

1. I Will Be Here – Steven Chapman Curtis
Released in 1989 on album More To This Life

“As sure as seasons are made for change, Our lifetimes are made for years, So I will be here”

Other great Christian songs not by Christian-designated artists?

God Gave Me You – Blake Shelton
2011, Red River Blue

Bless the Broken Road – Rascal Flatts
2004, Feels Like Today

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