cheap wedding invitation ideas

Now that you’ve officially set the date of your wedding, it’s time to send out wedding invitations. The most common issue that occurs when sending out invitations is that the cost can be much higher than you would expect. This just adds to the large amount you’re already paying for the other facets of your wedding. Thankfully, there are a number of useful methods and ideas that will save you money when sending your wedding invitations. The following will detail five of these ideas.

cheap wedding invitation ideas

5 Cheap Wedding Invitation Ideas

Craft Your Own Wedding Invitations

One of the best ways to cut the costs of your wedding invitations is to simply make them yourself. Standard wedding invitations can cost a large amount of money, as the paper isn’t exactly cheap and the engravings and other decorations that are typically provided can run the costs up quite a bit. To forgo all of this, simply make your own. Don’t worry about them looking unprofessional or a bit uncoordinated.

There are a large amount of DIY invitation kits available to choose from that will provide you with everything you need in order to easily craft your invitations. While this method of cutting down on invitation costs will do wonders for those on a budget, it’s important to note that it can take time. As such, you will need to identify when it’s possible to take the time out of your busy wedding schedule to make these. However, the length at which this project takes is worth it for how much money you save.

Send the Invitation By E-Mail

While many couples may scoff at the idea of not sending traditional invitations through the mail, E-mail invitations are becoming increasingly popular throughout the world due to the convenience it provides for both the senders of the invitations and those that reply on whether or not they can attend. It also saves you from the possible hassle of an invitation or reply getting lost in the mail and providing you with yet another inconvenience that you may have to deal with before the wedding.

The e-mail invitation can be just as detailed as the standard invitation that you were going to send and can include pictures and videos of both the bride and groom. Accommodation information and a whole host of other details about the wedding that you may want to include can be added to the e-mail. If you’re creative enough, an e-mail invitation can be even better than what you were thinking of for a standard invitation.

Don’t Use Embossing or Engraving

One of the largest costs associated with standard wedding invitations is that of the addition of embossing and engraving features. While these features can be fantastic at making the invitations classy and stylish, they are also very costly and just not worth it when you’re on a budget. While engraving looks formal, it’s also among the priciest types of printing around, which can add up on your budget if you need to send out hundreds of invitations.

As an alternative type of printing, consider selecting what is known as thermography. This is a type of thermal imaging that creates the letters on your invitations and is much cheaper than the alternative. As for embossing, these accents may look beautiful and ornate, but they are simply a decoration for an invitation that’s among the least important portions of a wedding. They may add to the invitation, but the absence of them certainly doesn’t mean that your invitations can’t still be beautiful and appealing to those receiving them.

Make the Invitation As Simple As Possible

While many couples may not realize it, simplicity in a wedding invitation can be just as attractive as an ornate and content-heavy one. Many formal wedding invitations utilize multiple sheets of tissue paper with multiple envelopes, as couples wish to add a large number of layers to the invitation. While this type of invitation can certainly be among the most prestigious available, they are also exceedingly expensive. This is because you’re using so much paper for just one invitation. When you think about sending that amount of paper to hundreds of people, you may start to get an idea of how much this one aspect of the wedding invitation may end up costing you.

However, this is all solved by going for a more eco-friendly design, which ensures that you use less paper in the creation of the invitations and, in turn, save a lot of money. To do this, only include the most essential aspects of the invitation, which includes the full names of the bride and groom, both sets of parents, as well as a small amount of wording about what the wedding invitation is for. Include information on where and when the wedding is to take place. You may also include a specific reception time. Lastly, make sure you specify an RSVP deadline. This is all that really needs to be in an invitation if you’re on a budget.

cheap wedding invitation ideas card

Send a Photo or Postcard Invitation

You may want to also look into sending a photo or postcard invitation. As for a photo invitation, these can be sent in photo form from a website such as Shutterfly and can be very cheap in comparison to formal wedding invitations. It’s also important to note that this will provide those that you are sending an invitation to with a nice photo that they can keep of the bride and groom.

In regards to a postcard invitation, these are easy to send and will save money on both the amount of postage you need and the costly tissue paper and other additives you would need to pay for if you were sending a formal invitation. All of the information you need to relay can easily be included on the postcard and is less expensive, even when sending them to hundreds of people.

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