5 Cheap Wedding Cake Ideas On A Budget

Cheap wedding cakes do not mean you have to forgo creativity or originality. You can have a beautiful, elegant, and personal wedding cake while being on a budget. It is a fact that we all can only afford what fits into our budget. But just because you may be quoted the average cost of a wedding cake (1) at $1.50 per slice and $543 for the whole wedding cake doesn’t mean you can afford it.

cheap wedding cake ideas

Cheap Wedding Cake Ideas

  1. Sheet Wedding Cakes – A full-size sheet cake typically feeds about 108 people. The cost at your local grocery store or warehouse discount store of a full-size sheet cake will be about $50. A 100-person cake would be a combined 3-tier cake. Going by the formula above, your professional wedding cake would be a minimum of $150 for 100 people. But let’s be real. Depending on what you want most professional wedding cake bakers will charge more than $1.50 per slice just for the sheer time to bake and frost a 3-tier cake.
    wedding sheet cake
  2. Cupcake wedding cake – You typically order cupcakes by the dozen. If you have 100 people at your wedding, you will need 9 dozen for those who will eat more than 1 cupcake. Let’s use $25 per dozen of wedding cupcakes. So, for 9 dozen would be a total cost of $225. This is double the cost of your sheet cake at Costco but still less than the picture-perfect classic wedding cakes. In addition, think about all the different flavors of cake, frosting, and fillings you can have with 108 cupcakes.
    wedding cupcakes
  3. Tone down what costs the most – In the wedding cake industry, think about what costs the most money. First and foremost it is time. Do not have any extra flowers or decorative features on the cake. Keep it simple but just have a colored ribbon around the cake. Next, do not have any fillings, and fillings are extra time and cost for the filling. Last, only plan a cake size for the exact number of planned attending guests and one piece for each.
    Cheap Wedding Cake Ideas
  4. Home-made pies – Just as in cupcakes, you can have a variety of homemade pie flavors like apple, cherry, rhubarb, pumpkin, and so many more. You can even save a bit more by planning ahead and buying fruit pies that are in season at the time of your wedding. Pies also fit into any country, holiday, or rustic wedding theme.
    wedding pies
  5. No cake at all – Some of the most creative and personal wedding cake ideas don’t even include a wedding cake. Think about having your very own dessert bar that would cost less than $1.50 per serving. Outside of the ordinary with the following: doughnut spread, homemade cookies, root beer floats, vintage or new candy in vases, and popcorn buckets. Customize the dessert table to your own interests.
    wedding cake alternative popcorn

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