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83 Best Unity Candle & Sand Ceremony Songs


The Unity Candle Ceremony is a symbol of two people joining as one. Two families unite. Two souls unite. It takes place during the wedding ceremony after the bride and groom exchange their vows. Traditionally, the bride lights a single candle for herself, and the groom lights a single candle for himself. Then, the bride and groom light their “unity candle” together. Choosing the right candle song is important; we have some suggestions.

What Is the Unity Candle Ceremony?

The Unity Ceremony isn’t just about the wedding couple. When you marry, you also join families. A great way to involve your parents or grandparents is to have them light the candle for the bride and groom. It’s up to the wedding couple whether or not to extinguish their individual flames are left lit.

If you choose to honor your extended friends instead of the biological family, the best man and maid of honor can step in. It’s definitely up to you as the wedding couple.

This also works brilliantly in same-sex ceremonies. There is no gender-specific role. It’s about togetherness. One side lights each of their candles and passes that candle to the wedding couple. Their individual flames become one flame. It’s symbolic. It’s beautiful. It’s a tear-jerker. This is why choosing the right song for this part of the wedding ceremony is key.

unity wedding songs candle-sand


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The Best Unity Ceremony Songs

Last Updated: March 30, 2021
Unity wedding songs list curated by Matthew Campbell

SongAmazon Link
4th + Main
I Prayed for You
2019, Country
Alison Krauss
When You Say Nothing At All
1995, Country
Alison Sparrow
2018, Folk
Amber Norgaard
One Flame
2010, Folk Rock
Analog Heart
Compass (Cinematic Version)
2019, Folk
Andy Grammer
I Am Yours
2019, Pop
Atlantic Starr
1987, R&B
Exist For Love
2020, Indie
All You Need Is Love
1967, Rock
Bebo Norman
A Page Is Turned
1999, Christian
Ben Harper
By My Side
1995, Folk Rock
Ave Maria
2008, Pop
Blane Howard
Promise To Love Her
2017, Pop
Bob Dylan
I've Made Up My Mind to Give Myself to You
2020, Rough and Rowdy Ways
Brian McComas
I Could Never Love You Enough
2002, Country
Brooklyn Duo
Canon in D
2019, Classical
Bryan Adams
When You Love Someone
1997, Rock
Caleb Edens
I Choose You
2019, Folk
Calum Scott
You Are The Reason
2017, Pop
Happily Ever After
1999, R&B
Casi Joy
I Do
2018, Country
Charlotte Church & Josh Groban
The Prayer
2001, Pop
Chris Lane
Big, Big Plans
2019, Country
Christina Perri
A Thousand Years
2011, Pop
Clay Davidson
2000, Country
Clint Black and Lisa Hartman Black
When I Said I Do
1999, Country
Daniel Jang
All Of Me
2014, New Age (Violin)
David Arkenstone
Hand in Hand
2018, Celtic
Derran Day
My Word
2018, R&B
Ed Sheeran with Andrea Bocelli
Perfect Symphony
2017, Pop
Ella Henderson
2014, Pop
Emily Hackett feat. Will Anderson
Take My Hand (The Wedding Song)
2014, Pop
Fortunate Ones
Before You
2018, Folk
Foy Vance feat. Ed Sheeran
Guiding Light
2013, Pop
Haley & Michaels
Giving It All (To You)
2019, Country
Air on a G String
2020, Classical
Always and Forever
1977, R&B
Imaginary Future & Kina Grannis
I Will Spend My Whole Life Loving You
2017, Indie
Jacob Lee
I Belong to You
2018, Pop
JJ Heller
2021, Indie
John Tesh
Give Me Forever (I Do)
2000, Pop
Johnny Gill feat. Kevon Edmonds
2019, R&B
Touching Heaven
2016, Folk
José James, Taali
I Found A Love (Live at Levon Helm Studios)
2021, R&B
Joshua Radin
Here, Right Now
2019, Pop
Justine Chantale
If I Know You
2019, Country
Kane Brown
Live Forever
2018, Country
Kenny Lattimore
For You
1997, R&B
Kiana Ledé
I Choose You (Acoustic)
2017, R&B
King Calaway
World For Two
2019, Country
The One
2015, Indie
Greatest Love Story
2016, Country
Lari White
Amazing Grace
1997, Country
Lawson Bates feat. Olivia Collingsworth
One + One
2019, Country
Leela James
Fall for You
2014, R&B
Leon Patillo
Flesh Of My Flesh
2007, Christian
Luciano Pavarotti
Ave Maria
1988, Opera
Lukas Graham
Love Someone
2018, Pop
Martina McBride and Pat Monahan
Marry Me
2011, Country
Matt Stell
Prayed For You
2019, Country
Matthew Mole
The Wedding Song
2013, Pop
Matthew West
When I Say I Do
2010, Christian
Meg Ammons
Make You Mine
2021, Indie
Music Travel Love
The Only One
2019, Pop
Natalie Cole
1975, R&B
All Because of You
2019, Rock
O’Neill Brothers Group
One Hand, One Heart
2013, Piano
Peter, Paul & Mary / Noel Paul Stookey
Wedding Song (There Is Love)
1969, Folk
Piano Guys
Just the Way You Are
2013, Classical
Rahsaan Patterson
Sent From Heaven
2019, R&B
Reneé Dominique feat. Jason Mraz
Could I Love You Any More
2019, Pop
Ronan Keating
When You Say Nothing At All
1999, Rock
I Get to Love You
2016, Indie
Russell Dickerson
2016, Country
Ryann Darling feat. Cory Ard
For a Lifetime
2018, Indie
Never Stop (Wedding Version)
2012, Rock
All My Life
2019, Pop
Samantha Durnan
I Found You
2019, Indie
Sammy Wilk
Saturday (The Wedding Song)
2019, Pop
Sara Bareilles
I Choose You
2013, Pop
Scott Brothers
You Chose Me
2018, Pop
Shania Twain & Bryan White
From This Moment On
1997, Country
Forever From Now
2019, Folk
Today I Do
2018, Pop
Teresa James & David Chamberlin
Yours, Mine & Ours
2001, Pop
The Alternate Routes
Nothing Lost
2019, Pop
This Wild Life
You Changed Everything
2019, Indie
I Would, I Could, I Do (Duet)
2019, Pop
Trey Healy
2019, Country
Twila Paris & Steven Curtis Chapman
Faithful Friend
2001, Christian
Tyler Childers
All Your'n
2019, Country
Us The Duo
No Matter Where You Are (Wedding Version)
2020, Folk Pop

Top 7 Unity Candle Songs

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7. Take My Hand (The Wedding Song) – Emily Hackett feat. Will Anderson
Originally released in 2014

This is a great love song in the singer-songwriter category.  If you want to know the background of this song, read our interview with Emily.

6. I Would, I Could, I Do (Duet) – Treela
Originally released in 2019

This song is not by a superstar singer but this beautiful song has the perfect message for a message of unity during a wedding ceremony.

5. No Matter Where You Are (Wedding Version) – Us The Duo
Originally released in 2020

Even though they did not win the season they were on America’s Got Talent, this song will win over your heart.

4. Air on a G String – Hauser
Originally released in 2020

Hauser is a cellist and a member of 2Cellos.  He broke out on his own on this widely popular instrumental wedding song.

3. Hand in Hand – David Arkenstone
Originally released in 2018

This Celtic gem fits perfectly into any wedding ceremony.  It can be used not only for the unity candle lighting but also for the rope ceremony or sand ceremony.

2. One + One – Lawson Bates feat. Olivia Collingsworth
Originally released in 2019

If you are looking for a religious song for your unity ceremony, listen to this song as it describes a couple joining together with God.

1. Canon in D – Brooklyn Duo
Originally released in 2019

With more than 15 million views on Youtube, this piano and cello duet is an instrumental cover of one of the most popular wedding songs of all-time behind the “Wedding March”.

What Type of Unity Candle is Best?

Unity candles are a big business to candle companies. They come in all sorts of sizes and colors. For the do-it-yourself bride and groom, they can buy a standard candle. Then, the candle can be decorated in your wedding colors with ribbon, beads, and whatever suits your fancy. Unity candles can be purchased as a single candle or in a candelabra setting with a single tapered candle on each side of the official unity candle.


Similar song lists for further reading:

Should I Play A Song During the Unity Ceremony?

This ceremony isn’t long. So be aware of the time. If you choose to not have others participate, it will be even shorter. Talk to your wedding coordinator and professional DJ for great suggestions. The last thing you want to do is stand there awkwardly thinking, “I didn’t realize the guitar solo was so long in this song.”

Traditional wedding Unity Candle songs celebrate the union of the bride and groom. Bridal couples can select romantic pop songs “I Was Meant To Be With You” by Diamond Rio, “True Companion” by Marc Cohn, and “Give Me Forever (I Do)” by John Tesh. Bridal couples can also select instrumental songs perfect for church weddings like “Wedding Song” by Kenny G. Since the candles are being lit, a theme-appropriate song would be “You Light Up My Life” by Debby Boone.

Is There An Alternative to the Unity Ceremony?

An alternative to the unity candle songs ceremony is the unity sand ceremony. The sand ceremony is perfect for venues that don’t allow candles, non-religious ceremonies, and ceremonies on the beach — of course!

The unity sand ceremony can be done after the vows are read as the unity candle ceremony would be. Alternatively, it can be done during the vows — especially if you write your own. The sand ceremony uses multiple sand colors to fill a single glass container such as a vase. The bride and groom take turns filling a glass vase — also known as the unity vase. The sand colors can be coordinated with the bridal couple’s wedding colors. The same unity candle songs below are also fitting for the sand ceremony. (Just don’t pick “Dust in the Wind.”)


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2 responses to “83 Best Unity Candle & Sand Ceremony Songs”

  1. Teena says:

    Question can more than one unity ceremony be done at a wedding???

    • Matthew Campbell says:

      Hi Teena. Absolutely. We have seen weddings with multiple events at a wedding celebrating two coming together as one such as the sand ceremony, unity candle ceremony, wedding rope ceremony, jumping the broom and more. It’s your wedding and do what makes you happy!

  2. Fatims says:

    My daughter is getting married in the Fall in the mountains. Candles for the unity ceremony Wong work since its outdoors and may be windy. I’m thinking the sand unity is more for weddings at the beach. Any suggestions for a unity ceremony in the mountains?

    • Matthew Campbell says:

      Hi Fatims. Most of our unity candle songs will also be great for the sand ceremony as well. Just skip the songs with candle in the title of course.

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