Top Wedding Recessional Songs To Exit Ceremony

Pick a song that will play as you exit the wedding ceremony.

Updated on February 28, 2023 | Written by Matthew Campbell (Editor of My Wedding Songs and wedding DJ)

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What happens after you’re announced as a married couple? You need another song. Yes, another song.

After the couple (that’s you) is announced by the officiant, the recessional begins with the wedding couple’s exit from the ceremony.

Then, the wedding party exits followed by the wedding guests from the front (family) to the back rows.

Top 10 New Recessional Songs

  1. “No One’s Gonna Love You (Like I Do)” by Taryn Papa, Zack Dyer (Country – 2023)
  2. “Wings” by Jonas Brothers (Pop – 2023)
  3. “First Day of My Life” by Brooklyn Duo (Classical – 2022)
  4. “Got Married (Piano Version)” by Johnny Dailey (Country – 2022)
  5. “Forever” by Lee Fields (R&B – 2022)
  6. “I’m In Love With You” by The 1975 (Rock – 2022)
  7. “Songbird” by Rita Wilson, Josh Groban (Pop – 2022)
  8. “Thank God” by Kane & Katelyn Brown (Country – 2022)
  9. “Cowboy Take Me Away” by Virgo Rising (New Age – 2022)
  10. “One Life” by James Bay (Indie – 2022)

Top Trending Exit Tracks

  1. “Wildest Dreams” by Duomo (Classical – 2018)
  2. “Signed, Sealed, Delivered, I’m Yours” by Stevie Wonder (R&B – 1970)
  3. “This Wil Be (An Everlasting Love)” by Natalie Cole (R&B – 1975)
  4. “You Make My Dreams (Come True)” by Hall & Oates (Pop – 1981)
  5. “Forever” by Chris Brown (R&B – 2008)
  6. “All You Need Is Love” by Katy Perry (Pop – 2021)
  7. “On Top of the World” by Imagine Dragons (Rock – 2012)
  8. “Paper Rings” by Taylor Swift (Pop – 2019)
  9. “A Sky Full of Stars” by Coldplay (Alternative – 2014)
  10. “Higher Love” by Whitney Houston, Kygo (Dance – 2019)

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wedding recessional exit songs

What are the popular wedding recessional songs by genre?

Whichever song you chose to take that stroll down the aisle and out into your new life is significant.

Any couple can finish with the music of a thousand other weddings but you want to make a statement about your newly minted philosophy toward a marriage.

Be bold. Be yourselves. Announce your betrothal with some edge.

If you have a special wedding recessional song that you think I should add to our list, please add your song suggestion through the comment section below.

Please Note: Many songs listed below can be found with vocals and instrumental songs.

Every couple’s music tastes are different. Thus, I selected wedding recessional songs that include many different eras and music styles.



First Day of My Life – Brooklyn Duo

Released in 2022, Genre: Classical

A piano and cello cover of the Bright Eyes song celebrating your first day as a married couple.
song on Amazon

Livin’ on a Prayer – 2Cellos

Released in 2021, Genre: Classical

An uptempo cello cover of the popular hair band rock song by Bon Jovi.
song on Amazon

Canon in D – Brooklyn Duo

Released in 2019, Genre: Classical

A piano and cello cover of the widely popular classical song by Pachelbel.
song on Amazon

River Flows in You – Hauser

Released in 2019, Genre: Classical

A cello cover of the popular Yiruma song.
song on Amazon

Wildest Dreams – Duomo

Released in 2018, Genre: Classical

A string cover of the Taylor Swift song that was featured in the TV series Bridgerton.
song on Amazon

Highland Cathedral – Royal Scots Dragoon Guards

Released in 1998, Genre: Classical

A song featuring bagpipes that would add a dramatic theme to your exit.
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Trumpet Tune – Henry Purcell

Released in the 1700s, Genre: Classical

An upbeat song featuring an organ and a horn that all guests will rise to.
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After you pick your song to exit to, don’t forget about the song to play as you and your wedding party walk down the aisle – the processional.



Forever – Lee Fields

Released in 2022, Genre: R&B

Lovable Lyrics: “I wanna hold you forever / I wanna love you forever”

A song about loving someone forever with a bluesy soulful voice.
song on Amazon

Ain’t No Mountain High Enough – Jennifer Hudson

Released in 2021, Genre: R&B

Lovable Lyrics: “’Cause baby there / Ain’t no mountain high enough / Ain’t no valley low enough / Ain’t no river wide enough (no) / To keep me from getting to you”

A cover of the famous love song by Marvin Gaye and Tammi Terrell ending your wedding ceremony on a high note.
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Better – Khalid

Released in 2018, Genre: R&B

Lovable Lyrics: “We don’t got to hide / This is what you like, I admit / Nothin’ feels better than this”

A mid-tempo love dedication saying that nothing is better than this moment right now.
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Marry Me – Jason Derulo

Released in 2014, Genre: R&B

Lovable Lyrics: “Will forever be enough, so there ain’t no need to rush / But one day, I won’t be able to ask you loud enough / I’ll say, “Will you marry me?”

A song keeping with the getting married theme.
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Love On Top – Beyonce

Released in 2011, Genre: R&B

Lovable Lyrics: “Baby it’s you / You’re the one I love / You’re the one I need / You’re the only one I see”

An upbeat song to play as you exit the ceremony professing your love for each other.
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Forever – Chris Brown

Released in 2007, Genre: R&B

Lovable Lyrics: “It’s like I waited my whole life / For this one night (one night) / It’s gon’ be me you and the dance floor”

A dance song featured on the TV show The Office will have everyone celebrating.
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No One – Alicia Keys

Released in 2007, Genre: R&B

Lovable Lyrics: “You and me together / Through the days and nights / I don’t worry ’cause / Everything’s gonna be alright”

A romantic love song saying that the rest of your life will be OK as long as you have each other.
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All My Life – K-Ci & JoJo

Released in 1997, Genre: R&B

Lovable Lyrics: “You’re all I’m thinking of / I praise the Lord above / For sending me your love / I cherish every hug / I really love you”

A love story about how you will love someone for your whole life.
song on Amazon

September – Earth Wind & Fire

Released in 1978, Genre: R&B

Lovable Lyrics: “Our hearts were ringing / In the key that our souls were singing / As we danced in the night”

If you want to dance out your exit, pick this song. Play it again to get everyone dancing during the reception too.
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This Will Be (An Everlasting Love) – Natalie Cole

Released in 1975, Genre: R&B

Lovable Lyrics: “You gave me more joy than I ever dreamed of / And no one, no one can take the place of you / This will be / You and me”

A happy song saying that your love for each other will last forever.
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Signed, Sealed, Delivered, I’m Yours – Stevie Wonder

Released in 1970, Genre: R&B

Lovable Lyrics: “You set my soul on fire / That’s why I know you’re my heart’s only desire / Oooh baby, here I am / Signed, sealed, delivered, I’m yours”

One of the most popular recessional songs as it signifies you are now married.
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(Your Love Keeps Lifting Me) Higher & Higher – Jackie Wilson

Released in 1967, Genre: R&B

Lovable Lyrics: “You know your love (your love keeps lifting me) / Keep on lifting (love keeps lifting me) / Higher (lifting me)”

A fun song describing how you make each other feel.
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At Last – Etta James

Released in 1961, Genre: R&B

Lovable Lyrics: “At last / My love has come along / My lonely days are over / And life is like a song”

A soulful romantic song talking about how lucky you are for finding your true love.
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What songs do you want playing as guests take their seats as the ceremony begins? See our list of prelude songs.


I’m In Love With You – The 1975

Released in 2022, Genre: Rock

Lovable Lyrics: “I can summarize it for you / It’s simple and it goes like this / I’m in love with you”

A mid-tempo song sharing that you are in love with each other.
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Beautiful Thing – Old Foes

Released in 2022, Genre: Rock Instrumental

A song that you can play at any venue just for rock and roll fans.
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I Wanna Remember (Acoustic) – NEEDTOBREATHE, Carrie Underwood

Released in 2021, Genre: Rock

Lovable Lyrics: “I wanna memorize you, wanna stay here forever / ‘Cause I-I-I, I-I-I / I take a picture in my mind so we’re always together”

A love story reminding you to enjoy the moment and not to forget your wedding day.
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If I Didn’t Have You – BANNERS

Released in 2021, Genre: Rock

Lovable Lyrics: “Thought I had nothing to lose / But that’s not the truth / I don’t know what I’d do / If I didn’t have you”

An up-tempo song that increases with excitement as it plays and says that you would be lost without each other.
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Best Day Of My Life – American Authors

Released in 2013, Genre: Rock

Lovable Lyrics: “I’m never gonna look back / Woah, never gonna give it up / No, please don’t wake me now / This is gonna be the best day of my life”

A song referring to the best day of your life – your wedding day.
song on Amazon

Marry Me – Train

Released in 2009, Genre: Rock

Lovable Lyrics: “Promise me you’ll always be / Happy by my side / I promise to sing to you / When all the music dies / And marry me”

A song that fits the moment of marrying your lover.
song on Amazon

Say Hey (I Love You) – Michael Franti & Spearhead

Released in 2008, Genre: Rock

Lovable Lyrics: “The more I see, the less I know / But I know one thing that I love you (baby girl) / I love you, I love you, I love you”

A rock reggae vibe giving happy vibes of being in love.
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You Are The Best Thing – Ray LaMontagne

Released in 2008, Genre: Rock

Lovable Lyrics: “It’s like you see right through me / And make it easier / You please me, you don’t even have to try / Oh, because / You are the best thing”

A mid-tempo bluesy song professing how lucky you are to have each other.
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Better Together – Jack Johnson

Released in 2005, Genre: Rock

Lovable Lyrics: “It’s not always easy and / Sometimes life can be deceiving / I’ll tell you one thing, it’s always better when we’re together”

A romantic love song talking about how much better you are together than apart.
song on Amazon

Beautiful Day – U2

Released in 2000, Genre: Rock

Lovable Lyrics: “It’s a beautiful day / Sky falls, you feel like / It’s a beautiful day / Don’t let it get away”

An iconic rock group singing about wonderful your wedding day is. #micdrop
song on Amazon

Send Me On My Way – Rusted Root

Released in 1994, Genre: Rock

Lovable Lyrics: “I would like to hold my little hand / And we will run, we will, we will crawl / Send me on my way”

The perfect song to leave the building. You can have it play leaving the ceremony or the reception. Your choice.
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Here Comes The Sun – The Beatles

Released in 1969, Genre: Rock

Lovable Lyrics: “Here comes the sun / And I say it’s all right”

Instrumental versions are commonly played at the beginning of the reception. The original fits as a closing song.
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The recessional is the song played as you exit the ceremony. Pick the song that will play as your last dance to close out your reception. Will it be romantic or end on a high note?



Songbird – Rita Wilson, Josh Groban

Released in 2022, Genre: Pop

Lovable Lyrics: “And the songbirds keep singing / Like they know the score / And I love you”

A vocal duet version of the popular Fleetwood Mac love song.
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All You Need Is Love – Katy Perry

Released in 2021, Genre: Pop

Lovable Lyrics: “All you need is love / All you need is love, love / Love is all you need”

A modern take on the Beatles song for something we all need.
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I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing – Music Travel Love, Felix Irwan

Released in 2021, Genre: Pop

Lovable Lyrics: “Then I kiss your eyes / And thank God we’re together / And I just want to stay with you / In this moment forever / Forever and ever”

An acoustic cover of the popular Aerosmith love song.
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Ocean – LunchMoney Lewis, Meghan Trainor

Released in 2021, Genre: Pop

Lovable Lyrics: “You’re just like the ocean / I’m drowning in your love / I’m just like a waterfall falling / Falling for you again”

A mid-tempo love song that is not played at every wedding talking about falling in love.
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Forever And Ever, Amen – Ronan Keating & Shania Twain

Released in 2020, Genre: Pop

Lovable Lyrics: “Oh darling, I’m gonna love you forever / Forever and ever, amen”

A collaborating blending of country and pop covering Randy Travis’ love song.
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Brand New Day (Acoustic 2020) – Joshua Radin

Released in 2020, Genre: Pop

Lovable Lyrics: “It’s a brand new day / For the first time in such a long long time / I know I’ll be OK”

You are no longer the same once you tie the knot. It is a new day and this song speaks of the new beginning together.
song on Amazon

All My Life – Sailr

Released in 2019, Genre: Pop

Lovable Lyrics: “Keep all of these words close to your heart / I’m gonna love you all my life”

A love song dedication letting each other that you will love each other all of your life.
song on Amazon

Grow As We Go – Ben Platt

Released in 2019, Genre: Pop

Lovable Lyrics: “You can ebb and I can flow / And we’ll take it slow / And grow as we go”

You can play the solo or the duet version with Sara Bareilles. The song tells about going through life together.
song on Amazon

I Am Yours – Andy Grammer

Released in 2019, Genre: Pop

Lovable Lyrics: “I am yours / Now and always / Wouldn’t dream to be anything more”

Just a piano and Grammer singing with his romantic lyrics of giving yourself to another.
song on Amazon

Could I Love You Any More – Reneé Dominique feat. Jason Mraz

Released in 2019, Genre: Pop

Lovable Lyrics: “Seven billion people in the world / Finding you is like a miracle / Only this wonder remains / Could I love you any more?”

A song about emphatically loving someone and the luck of finding your one true love.
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Lover – Taylor Swift

Released in 2019, Genre: Pop

Lovable Lyrics: “Can we always be this close forever and ever? / And ah, take me out, and take me home (forever and ever) / You’re my, my, my, my / Lover”

A song about loving another forever and ever.
song on Amazon

Carry Me Away – John Mayer

Released in 2019, Genre: Pop

Lovable Lyrics: “Take me out and keep me up all night / Let me live on the wilder side of life / Carry me away”

Just for yacht rock fans. This is a play on words as you exit the ceremony.
song on Amazon

Can’t Help Falling in Love – Kina Grannis

Released in 2018, Genre: Pop

Lovable Lyrics: “So take my hand / Take my whole life, too / For I can’t help falling in love with you”

The song was featured in Crazy Rich Asians and is a cover of Elvis Presley’s love song.
song on Amazon

How Would You Feel (Paean) – Ed Sheeran

Released in 2017, Genre: Pop

Lovable Lyrics: “I’ll be taking my time, spending my life / Falling deeper in love with you / So tell me that you love me too”

A love song about telling someone that you love them and telling them so for your whole life.
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Can’t Stop The Feeling! – Justin Timberlake

Released in 2016, Genre: Pop

Lovable Lyrics: “Ooh, it’s something magical / It’s in the air, it’s in my blood, it’s rushing on / I don’t need no reason, don’t need control / I fly so high, no ceiling, when I’m in my zone”

End your wedding ceremony with an exclamation point and with a fun atmosphere.
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Brand New – Ben Rector

Released in 2015, Genre: Pop

Lovable Lyrics: “Like a heartbeat skip, like an open page / Like a one way trip on an aeroplane / It’s the way that I feel when I’m with you, brand new”

An uptempo song celebrating something new – like marrying your life partner.
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I Choose You – Sara Bareilles

Released in 2014, Genre: Pop

Lovable Lyrics: “My whole heart / Will be yours forever / This is a beautiful start / To a lifelong love letter”

A playful mid-tempo love song saying that you choose to be with each other.
song on Amazon

A Sky Full Of Stars – Coldplay

Released in 2014, Genre: Pop

Lovable Lyrics: “’Cause you’re a sky full of stars / I want to die in your arms / ‘Cause you get lighter the more it gets dark / I’m gonna give you my heart”

A celebratory song saying you want to spend the rest of your lives together.
song on Amazon

Yours – Ella Henderson

Released in 2014, Genre: Pop

Lovable Lyrics: “And I know every day you say it / But I just want you to be sure / That I’m yours”

A slow song that tells everyone that you can officially call each other “yours”.
song on Amazon

On Top Of The World – Imagine Dragons

Released in 2012, Genre: Pop

Lovable Lyrics: “I’ve been waiting to smile / Been holding it in for a while / Take it with me if I can / Been dreaming of this since a child / I’m on top of the world”

A mid-tempo song celebrating how you feel now that you tied the knot.
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A Thousand Years – Christina Perri

Released in 2011, Genre: Pop

Lovable Lyrics: “Darling, don’t be afraid / I have loved you for a thousand years / I’ll love you for a thousand more”

A popular selection because it was featured in the Twilight Saga during the wedding scene.
song on Amazon

Good Life – Onerepublic

Released in 2009, Genre: Pop

Lovable Lyrics: “I say oh, got this feeling that you can’t fight / Like this city is on fire tonight / This could really be a good life”

If you want to tell the world that you will enjoy life together from this day forward, play this song as your exit song.
song on Amazon

I’m Yours – Jason Mraz

Released in 2008, Genre: Pop

Lovable Lyrics: “Baby, do you believe I’m yours? / You best believe, you best believe I’m yours”

Yup, you are now married and now you can say that the other is yours.
song on Amazon

Bittersweet Symphony – The Verve

Released in 1997, Genre: Pop

Lovable Lyrics: “’Cause it’s a bittersweet symphony, that’s life / Tryna make ends meet, tryna find somebody then you die / I’ll take you down the only road I’ve ever been down / You know the one that takes you to the places where all the veins meet”

The song is about the highs and lows of life including love.
song on Amazon

You Make My Dreams Come True – Hall & Oates

Released in 1980, Genre: Pop

Lovable Lyrics: “I’m down on my daydream / Oh, that sleepwalk should be over by now, I know / Ah you / Yeah a-yeah, you make my dreams come true”

A fun song to say that now that you have married your lover, you’re dreams have come true.
song on Amazon


What A Wonderful World – Louis Armstrong

Released in 1967, Genre: Pop

Lovable Lyrics: “The colors of the rainbow / So pretty in the sky / Are also on the faces / Of people going by / I see friends shaking hands, saying, “How do you do?” / They’re really saying, “I love you”

A classy and romantic song describing your life full of love.
song on Amazon

Happy Together – The Turtles

Released in 1967, Genre: Pop

Lovable Lyrics: “I can’t see me lovin’ nobody but you / For all my life / When you’re with me, baby the skies’ll be blue / For all my life”

A statement that you will be happy together forever.
song on Amazon

Fly Me To The Moon – Frank Sinatra

Released in 1964, Genre: Pop

Lovable Lyrics: “You are all I long for / All I worship and adore / In other words, please be true / In other words, I love you”

A fun-loving way of saying that you love each other.
song on Amazon

A popular event during a wedding ceremony is the unity ceremony. The unity ceremony signifies the union of two becoming one. Highlight your unity ceremony with a special song.


Keep Her – Johnny and Heidi

Released in 2022, Genre: Country

Lovable Lyrics: “I’m gonna keep her / If wishes do come true / I’m gonna keep her / Cause she’s way too much to lose”

A play on words that you will keep her and love her throughout your life.
song on Amazon

Thank God – Kane Brown & Katelyn Brown

Released in 2022, Genre: Country

Lovable Lyrics: “You loved me when you didn’t have to / But you did and you do, and he knew / Thank God for giving me you”

A song about thanking God for finding each other.
song on Amazon


Found It In You – Tiera Kennedy

Released in 2022, Genre: Country

Lovable Lyrics: “The confidence to know that I can be happy / Just ’cause you tell me that you got me / All that I was looking for, I ain’t gotta look no more / I found it in you”

A love song talking about finding someone that makes you happy in love.
song on Amazon

Anyone / Still the One – Charlotte Ave

Released in 2021, Genre: Country

Lovable Lyrics: “You are the only one I’ll ever love / Yeah, you, if it’s not you, it’s not anyone”

A song talking from the heart about how your partner will be the only one you love and make it through life together.
song on Amazon

10,000 Hours (Piano Remix) – Dan + Shay & Justin Bieber

Released in 2019, Genre: Country

Lovable Lyrics: “I’d spend ten thousand hours and ten thousand more / Oh, if that’s what it takes to learn that sweetheart of yours / And I might never get there, but I’m gonna try / If it’s ten thousand hours or the rest of my life”

A stripped version of the original about loving someone forever and a day.
song on Amazon

Walk With Me – Delta Rae

Released in 2019, Genre: Country

Lovable Lyrics: “If you walk with me / Take my hand, I’ll stand by you / Hand in hand, I’ll walk with you”

A mid-tempo song telling of walking through life together – or walking out the ceremony.
song on Amazon

Made for You – Jake Owen

Released in 2019, Genre: Country

Lovable Lyrics: “Oh like a ship without a sea / Or a song without a melody / I don’t know where I’d be or what I’d do / ‘Cause I was made for you”

A true love song about how you were made for each other.
song on Amazon


Parachute (Acoustic) – Lexanna

Released in 2019, Genre: Country

Lovable Lyrics: “Went ahead and placed my bet / and I put it on you and I and let it ride / I took a chance and climbed on board your airplane”

The song tells a story about taking a chance on each other into the great unknown.
song on Amazon

Best Shot – Jimmie Allen

Released in 2018, Genre: Country

Lovable Lyrics: “I’m not saying that I’m perfect / Oh ’cause girl you know I’m not / But I’ll love you with everything I’ve got / Girl, I’ll give you my best shot”

A song about a man saying he will do his best to care for his new wife.
song on Amazon

This Is It – Scotty McCreery

Released in 2018, Genre: Country

Lovable Lyrics: “Lookin’ out, can’t you see forever / Take my hand, just take it in / This is a moment we won’t forget”

A complete love story from the proposal, the wedding, and living life together.
song on Amazon

Yours (Wedding Edition) – Russell Dickerson

Released in 2017, Genre: Country

Lovable Lyrics: “The best me has his arms around you / You make me better than I was before / Thank God I’m yours”

Now that you are married you can call each other yours.
song on Amazon

Millionaire – Chris Stapleton

Released in 2017, Genre: Country

Lovable Lyrics: “Down deep as a diamond mine / She’s my treasure so very rare / She’s made me a millionaire”

Just how lucky are you for finding the love of your life? It can’t be bought or sold.
song on Amazon


Grow Old – Florida Georgia Line

Released in 2016, Genre: Country

Lovable Lyrics: “So let my shoulder hold your tears / Walk beside me through the years / Baby let’s see, where this love could lead”

A love song telling a story of growing old together.
song on Amazon

God Gave Me You – Blake Shelton

Released in 2011, Genre: Country

Lovable Lyrics: “And for when I think I lost my way / There are no words here left to say, it’s true / God gave me you”

A song thanking God that you found each other. See the Dave Barnes version too.
song on Amazon

Stuck Like Glue – Sugarland

Released in 2010, Genre: Country

Lovable Lyrics: “There you go pulling me right back in / Right back in, right back in / And I know I’m never letting this go / I’m stuck on you”

After you tie the knot and begin your exit, you could say that you are now stuck like glue together.
song on Amazon

Forever And For Always – Shania Twain

Released in 2002, Genre: Country

Lovable Lyrics: “’Cause I’m keepin’ you forever and for always / We will be together all of our days / Wanna wake up every mornin’ to your sweet face / Always”

A romantic way of saying that you will love each other forever and always.
song on Amazon

Cowboy Take Me Away – The Chicks

Released in 1999, Genre: Country

Lovable Lyrics: “I said, cowboy take me away / Fly this girl as high as you can into the wild blue / Set me free, oh, I pray / Closer to heaven above and closer to you”

Just for a cowboy and cowgirl, he is going to sweep her off of her feet as they ride off into the sunset.
song on Amazon

After the ceremony is over, couples typically take pictures and then go to the reception hall. You will need to select a song for your entrance and introduction as the newly married couple into the venue.



One Life – James Bay

Released in 2022, Genre: Indie

Lovable Lyrics: “I wanna hit the ground running / Do you wanna marry me? / I’ve only got one life and I want you in it”

You only live one life and you want to share it with each other.
song on Amazon

Best Day Of My Life – Tom Odell

Released in 2022, Genre: Indie

Lovable Lyrics: “Saw a billboard, it said something like / Everything, everything is gonna be alright / I think today is the best day of my life”

A play on words saying that your wedding day is the best day of your life.
song on Amazon

What a Wonderful World – Sawyer Fredericks

Released in 2021, Genre: Indie

Lovable Lyrics: “Of people going by / I see friends shaking hands, saying how do you do / They’re really saying, I love you”

An emotional and romantic cover of the Louis Armstrong song.
song on Amazon

My Love Will Follow You – Dave Barnes

Released in 2021, Genre: Indie

Lovable Lyrics: “From this day on / My life long / Whatever we go through / My love will follow you”

Tell each other that you will love each other forever with this song.
song on Amazon

No Matter Where You Are (Wedding Version) – Us The Duo

Released in 2020, Genre: Indie

Lovable Lyrics: “I’ll take care of you / And love you just because / You and I are better than forever / Nothing can stop us”

A song saying that you will love someone no matter what and be there wherever they are.
song on Amazon


Evermore – Hollow Coves

Released in 2020, Genre: Indie

Lovable Lyrics: “That day I came to find / That you are all / I was hoping for / It’s you I’ll call / My evermore”

A very romantic song about finding your true love and being together evermore.
song on Amazon

To Whatever Comes After – Jon Danforth

Released in 2019, Genre: Indie

Lovable Lyrics: “My love is yours to the end / and then to whatever comes after”

A love story about being there for each other no matter what happens.
song on Amazon

Forever From Now – Sheffield

Released in 2019, Genre: Indie

Lovable Lyrics: “Of all the flowers that will bloom come May / You’re the prettiest I’ve found / I will love you forever from now / And I will hold you like no one’s around”

A song about loving someone for as long as you live even when no one is looking.
song on Amazon

Rest of Our Lives – The Light the Heat

Released in 2019, Genre: Indie

Lovable Lyrics: “Dance with me beneath the stars / Moonlight crashing on our wild hearts / With your hand in mine”

A song about enjoying life with each other for the rest of your lives.
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Finally Mine – Juliet Roberts

Released in 2018, Genre: Indie

Lovable Lyrics: “I’ve been searching and looking, and wishing and dreaming / For so long / All through the night, all I think about is you / And all through the day, finally / Finally mine”

Just as the title insinuates, you are ecstatic that you finally tied the knot with the one your love.
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For a Lifetime – Ryann Darling feat. Cory Ard

Released in 2018, Genre: Indie

Lovable Lyrics: “It’s like I can hardly breathe when you say my name / I know we’ve waited and we’ve prayed / And here we are / For a lifetime”

A love song dedication that you thankfully get to spend the rest of your life with the one you love.
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I Get to Love You – Ruelle

Released in 2016, Genre: Indie

Lovable Lyrics: “I get to love you / It’s the best thing that I’ll ever do / I get to love you / It’s a promise I’m making to you”

A love promise that you get to love each other forever.
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Ho Hey – The Lumineers

Released in 2012, Genre: Indie

Lovable Lyrics: “I belong with you, you belong with me / You’re my sweetheart”

A fun sing-along song letting everyone know that you love each other.
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Higher Love – James Vincent McMorrow

Released in 2010, Genre: Indie

Lovable Lyrics: “We walk blind and we try to see / Falling behind in what could be / Bring me a higher love”

A dramatic cover of the Steve Winwood song.
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Home – Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros

Released in 2009, Genre: Indie

Lovable Lyrics: “Oh, home, let me come home / Home is wherever I’m with you / La, la, la, la, take me home”

An upbeat describing your love for each other and that love lives wherever you are.
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We Are Man And Wife – Michelle Featherstone

Released in 2006, Genre: Indie

Lovable Lyrics: “There is no doubt that / You are the one for me / Cause you are the love of my life”

After you kiss each other, you are now officially husband and wife (if not, don’t pick this song) – just as the song says.
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First Day Of My Life – Bright Eyes

Released in 2005, Genre: Indie

Lovable Lyrics: “This is the first day of my life / I’m glad I didn’t die before I met you / But now I don’t care, I could go anywhere with you / And I’d probably be happy”

Yes, your wedding day is the first day of your life as a married couple.
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Just Like Heaven – The Cure

Released in 1987, Genre: Indie

Lovable Lyrics: “And found myself alone, alone / Alone above a raging sea / That stole the only girl I loved / And drowned her deep inside of me”

This is not only for goth rock fans but a song honoring being in love with each other.
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How Sweet It Is (To Be Loved By You) – James Taylor

Released in 1975, Genre: Indie

Lovable Lyrics: “How sweet it is to be loved by you / Feels so fine / How sweet it is to be loved by you”

You can select the Marvin Gaye version too. A song about being happy in love.
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A very popular dance during a wedding reception that is rarely skipped is the first dance. See a list of popular and unique first dance songs picked by other wedding couples.



Cowboy Take Me Away – Virgo Rising

Released in 2022, Genre: New Age

A guitar cover of The Chicks’ song.
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Hand in Hand – David Arkenstone

Released in 2018, Genre: Celtic

The perfect harp song to play as you exit the ceremony.
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Now That We Found Love – Heavy D. & the Boyz

Released in 1991, Genre: Hip Hop

Lovable Lyrics: “All up in money my furnish was decades you hear what I’m sayin’ / Brooklyn, Bronx, Queens, Manhattan / The whole New York City / I said I love you to death”

A fun-loving dance song letting the world you love each other.
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Over The Rainbow – Israel Kamakawiwo’ole

Released in 1993, Genre: World

Lovable Lyrics: “Someday I’ll wish upon a star / Wake up where the clouds are far behind me / Where trouble melts like lemon drops”

An upbeat song to mark the happy occasion of your wedding day.
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What is a good wedding closing song?

Don’t confuse the recessional song with the last dance song. The recessional is typically the last song of the wedding ceremony. The last dance song or send-off song is typically the last song of the wedding reception. A good closing song is “(I’ve Had The) Time Of My Life” by Bill Medley & Jennifer Warnes or “Closing Time” by Semisonic.

What is a good song to walk out to after we are married?

Traditional wedding recessional songs are fine. You may want that. We’ve included “Ode To Joy” by Ludwig van Beethoven, “Trumpet Tune” by Henry Purcell, and “Hornpipe” by George Frideric Handel.

Classical may not be your thing. Signaling the end of the wedding ceremony doesn’t have to be a total bummer. You can also choose fun songs for the recessional. These include the “Star Wars Theme” by John Williams, “Celebration” by Kool & The Gang, and “How Sweet It Is (To Be Loved By You)” by James Taylor.

What is a recessional song at a wedding?

Wedding recessional songs are played at a wedding ceremony after the wedding couple has been announced to family and friends as officially married. The wedding recessional song plays while the wedding couple walks down the aisle after the ceremony is complete; away from the altar. The song can continue to play as the wedding party also exits down the aisle. The guests follow.


What is the difference between the processional and recessional?

Walking to the altar is customarily set to music. That’s the processional song — you know, the one you dream about since you dreamed of your wedding. The recessional song is played after the “I Dos” as you leave the altar and exit.

How do you exit a wedding?

The recessional order is as follows after the announcement of the newlyweds: 1. Wedding couple 2. Flower girl and ring bearer 3. Bridesmaids and Groomsmen 4. Maid/Matron of honor and Best man 5. Parents 6. Grandparents 7. Guests.

Do you need a recessional song?

Sorry, but you do need to choose a recessional song. It marks the end of the wedding ceremony. The song also honors your union and marks the beginning of your new life together as a married couple. Thus, chose a song that signifies your love for each other.

What happens after the recessional?

The wedding recessional song ends with the ceremony but not the wedding. Next is the receiving line where the wedding couple thanks each guest for coming. And, don’t forget, the party! Yes, and we have more lists for epic dance parties and more at your reception.


Wedding Recessional: Exit Song Anthems

You two are not the cookie-cutter couple. Not by a long shot. While you practice the wise “go along to get along” policy with regard to the dresses and flowers and ceremonial details — after all, the marriage is for you but the wedding is for your families — the line is drawn at the recessional.

“I now pronounce you Husband and Wife” (or whatever variation) and the music that follows signals to your guests that this is no longer two people. You are one, unified couple. Your new life begins. It’s your rule now. I think you need an anthem.

Recessional songs are the perfect spot in the wedding ceremony for an anthem — an epic song to show your personality. Why not choose an anthem that reflects who you are as a couple? Here are a few ideas.

Nirvana – Come as You Are – You look amazing in your gown and tuxedo but underneath the glam are a pair of hearts clothed in flannel. You’re a grungy couple with just a hint of cynicism about the world and Cobain spoke to you both in your youth. From the iconic guitar opening to the world-weary vocals, this song announces to the world that you are coming as you are (“as you were, as a friend, as a known enemy”).

Chris Young – Gettin’ You Home – One of those connections (on top of your mutual love for trucker hats and watching the sunset while sipping lemonade on the back porch) is that you both have a pair of well-worn and cherished cowboy boots. Perhaps a bit of two-stepping down the aisle and out of the sanctuary is exactly the message you want to send to your friends and family.

The Ramones – Baby I Love You – Is the song our brains should play every time we get a crush on someone. The two of you took that simple, puppy love of staring across a crowded room and only seeing each other and building a solid life together. It’s also ear-wormy enough that your family and guests won’t want to wait until you’re fully out of the room before they get up and follow you, humming along. It’s a nod to John Hughes’ movie credits — and recessional moment.

The Dead Milkmen – Punk Rock Girl – Your courtship was that of a groom seeking someone to blow his mind with her amazing perspective on the world, life, and love. This Dead Milkmen hit says it all.


She’s So Hot…Boom! – Flight Of The Conchords – This anthem is a little unorthodox but so are you. You and your new spouse are irreverent, funny, and have few boundaries. So why not splash that excess of personality like paint on a Pollack and strut your stuff in style? Also, the bits at the reception from the show will guarantee a lot of laughs.

Journey – Any Way You Want It – Talk about hitting your stride with a bang! Steve Perry and Journey represent an attitude and the amount of hairspray you’re both wearing right now smells like the ’80s. Herald in your wedded journey with something that makes you put on mirrored sunglasses and jam your way out of the chapel. Use this to anoint your day and everyone else will be singing about “lovin’ things,” too.

The White Stripes – Fell In Love With A Girl – That opening guitar riff declares, in no uncertain terms, that you are both charging into your future together with which there is a reckoning. You are one of those couples — hip, powerful, and unified in your passionate embrace for life, love, and each other.

If you are having your wedding in a church, the music must meet specific guidelines. Be sure to check out our list of wedding songs to play in churches and also Catholic wedding songs.

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