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Know popular first dance wedding songs chosen by real couples.

Updated on February 25, 2023 | Written by Matthew Campbell

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You will enjoy a list of the most popular and unique first dance songs for your first dance as a married couple.

Should you choose to have the first dance as a newlywed couple, there are quite a few options.

Top 10 New First Dance Songs

  1. “Last Love” by Jon Mullins (Pop – 2022)
  2. “Love You Anyway” by Luke Combs (Country – 2023)
  3. “This Is” by Ella Mai (R&B – 2023)
  4. “‘Never Til Now” by Ashley Cooke, Brett Young (Country – 2022)
  5. “Baby Will You Love Me” by MAJOR. (R&B – 2023)
  6. “Better Part of Me” by SYML, Sara Watkins (Indie – 2022)
  7. “First Date (Acoustic)” by Taylor Acorn (Rock – 2022)
  8. “Who I Am With You” by Tucker Beathard (Country – 2023)
  9. “Our Time” by Roo Panes (Folk – 2023)
  10. “Pointless” by Lewis Capaldi (Pop – 2022)

The best advice is to select a first dance song that is something meaningful for you as a couple.

  1. “Ain’t Met Us Yet” by Matt Cooper (Country – 2021)
  2. “Always Been You” by Kylie Morgan (Country – 2022)
  3. “Before You” by Benson Boone (Pop – 2022)
  4. “Biblical” by Calum Scott (Pop – 2021)
  5. “Conversations in the Dark” by John Legend (R&B – 2020)
  6. “DO 4 LOVE” by Snoh Aalegra (R&B – 2021)
  7. “Forever and Ever and Always” by Ryan Mack (Pop – 2022)
  8. “Glimpse Of Us” by Joji (Pop – 2022)
  9. “Golden Hour” by JVKE (Pop – 2022)
  10. “I Didn’t Know” by Sofia Carson (Vocal/Pop – 2022)
  11. “It’s Always Been You” by Phil Wickman (Christian – 2021)
  12. “On My Way (Marry Me)” by Jennifer Lopez (Pop – 2021)
  13. “Someone” by Aaron Lewis (Country – 2022)
  14. “still into you (first dance cover)” by Isabella Kensington (Pop – 2022)
  15. “Take My Hand” by Parmalee (Country – 2021)
  16. “Thank God” by Kane Brown and Katelyn Brown (Country – 2022)
  17. “Tough Ones” by Cooper Alan (Country – 2021)
  18. “Twin Flame” by Machine Gun Kelly (Alternative – 2022)
  19. “World Before You” by Lauren Duski (Country – 2022)
  20. “You” by Dan + Shay (Country – 2021)

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first dance wedding songs

What are the popular first dance songs by genre?

We cannot name all the great first dance songs. This is why we have listed the most popular and unique wedding first dance songs around the United States.


What Dreams Are Made Of – Brent Morgan

Released in 2022, Genre: Pop

Lovable Lyrics: “I’ve got somewhere I belong / I’ve got somebody to love (to love) / This is what dreams are made of”

A song describing the wedding of your dreams and marrying your true love.

Last Love – Jon Mullins

Released in 2022, Genre: Pop

Lovable Lyrics: “Who cares about history / That’s all in the past / I knew the first time that I saw you / You’d be my last / Last love”

A song about meeting someone you love and how they will be your forever love and not love anyone else.

Heaven – Calum Scott

Released in 2022, Genre: Pop

Lovable Lyrics: “They say it’s better, but how could that be? / If everyone had a love like us / They wouldn’t call that place above, Heaven”

A romantic song telling your lover that you are in Heaven being with them.

The Joker And The Queen – Ed Sheeran, Taylor Swift

Released in 2022, Genre: Pop

Lovable Lyrics: “With a single word / And a gentle touch / You turned a moment / Into forever”

A slow folk ballad (waltz dance). The lyrics use a card game analogy to explain love.

Amazing – Teddy Swims

Released in 2022, Genre: Pop

Lovable Lyrics: “You make me wanna pick a handful of wildflowers / They remind me of you / Natural beauty don’t come from you spending hours / God just gave it to you”

Swim’s raspy voice describes the love of their lover and how they amaze him/her.


Lifetime – Justin Bieber

Released in 2021, Genre: Pop

Lovable Lyrics: “Some people come in your life for a reason / Others they come in your life for a season / But baby, you are a lifetime”

The song tells a love story about how they wish to spend their whole life together.

Kiss the Girl – Brent Morgan

Released in 2021, Genre: Pop

Lovable Lyrics: “She don’t say a word / And she won’t say a word / Until you kiss the girl”

The song describes a love story of what happens when you kiss a girl.

FOREVER IS – Norman Kerner

Released in 2021, Genre: Pop

Lovable Lyrics: “Forever is a dream a come true / I’m gonna spend the rest of my life with you”

A song that was written specifically for a first dance describing a newlywed’s first dance.

Butterflies – MAX, Ali Gatie

Released in 2021, Genre: Pop

Lovable Lyrics: “You won’t stop runnin’ through my mind / For the rest of both our lives / You give me butterflies”

The song highlights how your lover will always give you love butterflies every time you look at them.

Imagine (Acoustic) – Ben Platt

Released in 2021, Genre: Pop

Lovable Lyrics: “I can’t imagine my life without you / I can’t imagine one night without you / If something happened, don’t know what I’d do”

You can choose the original mid-tempo version or this slower version talking about how you can not live without your life partner.


Our Song (Acoustic) – Ron Pope

Released in 2021, Genre: Pop

Lovable Lyrics: “So won’t you take my hand / Take my heart / Promise to never stop dancing once we start / ‘Cause this is our song”

The first dance is one of the spotlight moments of the reception. This could be “your song” as the song describes.

Love Songs Ain’t for Us – Amy Shark, Keith Urban

Released in 2021, Genre: Pop

Lovable Lyrics: “Perfect nights, it’s open doors / It’s feeling safe, it’s being sure / It’s a deep cut, crazy rush / To feel like us”

Not your typical love song lyrics (on purpose by Shark) but speaks of enjoying your kind of love.

Luckiest Man – Clark Beckham

Released in 2020, Genre: Pop

Lovable Lyrics: “But baby I’m feeling / That if the end is tonight / Then the moment I die / I’d be the luckiest man to have been alive”

A song from a groom’s perspective about falling in love.

If You Love Her – Forest Blakk feat. Meghan Trainor

Released in 2020, Genre: Pop

Lovable Lyrics: “Stand side by side / And you’ll make it / She’s the best thing that you’ll ever have / She’ll love you If you love her like that”

(Also available as a solo with only Blakk). The song tells a story about how special a bride is to you.

I Am Yours – Andy Grammer

Released in 2019, Genre: Pop

Lovable Lyrics: “You take my breath away every night / Still can’t believe it when you say you’re mine and / I am yours”

A song that fits the moment of newlyweds is now joined as one always.


Falling like the Stars – James Arthur

Released in 2019, Genre: Pop

Lovable Lyrics: “And I need you to know that we’re / Fallin’ so fast, we’re fallin’ like the stars / fallin’ in love”

Falling in love is a beautiful thing and this song will have Falling in love over and over again.

Released in 2019, Genre: Pop

Lover (First Dance Remix) – Taylor Swift

Lovable Lyrics: “Forever and ever / Take me out, and take me home / You’re my, my, my, my lover”

Claim who your love is forever and ever!

You Are The Reason – Calum Scott & Leona Lewis

Released in 2018, Genre: Pop

Lovable Lyrics: “I’d climb every mountain / And swim every ocean / Just to be with you”

You can select the solo or duet version. The song describes how their lover is the reason they live each day.

Moon River – Frank Ocean

Released in 2018, Genre: Pop

Lovable Lyrics: “My dream maker / Heartbreaker / Wherever you’re going I’m going the same”

A folky pop ballad describing a yearning for an adventurous life and starting something anew.

Love Someone – Lukas Graham

Released in 2018, Genre: Pop

Lovable Lyrics: “I thought it’d be hard to find / The one ’til I found you / And I find it bittersweet / ‘Cause you gave me something to lose”

Loving someone through thick and thin is a journey and better when you have someone to share life with.


Say You Won’t Let Go – James Arthur

Released in 2016, Genre: Pop

Lovable Lyrics: “I know I needed you / But I never showed / But I wanna stay with you until we’re grey and old”

Life is a rollercoaster. The song talks about spending life with someone that will stay on the ride with you forever.

How Long Will I Love You – Ellie Goulding

Released in 2013, Genre: Pop

Lovable Lyrics: “How long will I love you? / As long as stars are above you / And longer if I may”

A song describing loving someone longer than forever.

A Thousand Years – Christina Perri

Released in 2011, Genre: Pop

Lovable Lyrics: “I have loved you for a thousand years / I’ll love you for a thousand more”

Twilight Saga fans want this very popular wedding love song.

Already selected your first dance song? Next, select a father-daughter dance song for the bride and her dad.


That’s Why – Troy Cartwright

Released in 2022, Genre: Country

Lovable Lyrics: “‘Cause you’re in my arms / And I still lose myself every time I look in your eyes / That’s why”

A song describing why you love someone and they are your special someone.

Always Been You – Kylie Morgan

Released in 2022, Genre: Country

Lovable Lyrics: “But I took your hand when you first held mine / ‘Cause it’s always been you / And I’ve always been your wife”

A song written specifically for a wedding day from the bride’s perspective.


That’s What Love Is – Alexandra Kay

Released in 2022, Genre: Country

Lovable Lyrics: “Felt like the rain would never quit / But you took my hand / And we slow-danced through all of it / And that’s what love is”

A love song about what love means in a relationship.

Dance Of A Lifetime – Drake Milligan

Released in 2022, Genre: Country

Lovable Lyrics: “We’ll two-step together / And I’ll hold you closer / Each day I go through / This dance of a lifetime with you”

A two-step country song for a dance that starts your lifetime together.

You (Acoustic) – Dan + Shay

Released in 2022, Genre: Country

Lovable Lyrics: “I got you / For the rest of my life / And if all else goes wrong, baby / I’ll be alright, ’cause I got you”

A guitar acoustic version talking about you will be OK because you have each other.

Can’t Help Falling in Love – Kacey Musgraves

Released in 2022, Genre: Country

Lovable Lyrics: “For I can’t help / Falling in love with you / For I can’t help / Falling in love with you”

A very emotionally loving cover of the famous Elvis song from the film ELVIS.

Growing Old With You (First Dance Version) – Restless Road

Released in 2022, Genre: Country

Lovable Lyrics: “Raise some kids with our last name / Well, come on baby what you say we do? / I feel like growing old with you”

A story about spending the rest of your lives together.


Take My Life – Austin Burke

Released in 2022, Genre: Country

Lovable Lyrics: “Take my breath and my last name / Take a chance on forever, babe / And I’ll give you all I got ’til the day I die”

A love song about getting married and taking a chance on forever together.

Never Til Now – Ashley Cooke, Brett Young

Released in 2022, Genre: Country

Lovable Lyrics: “I never thought about turning ’round / Never saw myself with a white picket fence dug into the ground / Never ’til now”

A duet love song (also available as a solo with only Cooke) about thinking you were going to be alone until you met the love of your life.

I Choose You – Amanda Jordan

Released in 2022, Genre: Country

Lovable Lyrics: “From now on this moment is more than enough / Until my days are through / I choose you”

A song featured on the TV show The Bachelor about choosing who you want to spend the rest of your life with.

Forever After All – Luke Combs

Released in 2021, Genre: Country

Lovable Lyrics: “Other things that I could look at my whole life / A love like that makes a man have second thoughts / Maybe some things last forever after all”

A song telling a story about how your love for each other will last forever.

My Person (Wedding Version) – Spencer Crandall

Released in 2021, Genre: Country

Lovable Lyrics: “My reason for speedin’ home from work / My saving grace, my everything / I’ve never been more sure that you’re my person”

A slowed-down ballad from the original finding the person you want to spend forever with.


Always Gonna Love You (First Dance Version) – Alana Springsteen

Released in 2020, Genre: Country

Lovable Lyrics: “I will always be in love with who you are / Right here, right now, with me tonight”

A love song speaking about being in love with the person you just married always.

Who I Am – Wade Bowen

Released in 2020, Genre: Country

Lovable Lyrics: “I love that I’m your man / Now that you’re in my life, baby, I know / Exactly who I am”

Texas Country music lovers have been dancing to this love song as their first dance because their lover makes them better!

So in Love With You – Jonny Houlihan

Released in 2020, Genre: Country

Lovable Lyrics: “Make me a happy man / By wear my ring on your hand”

Celebrate your first dance with a song about being in love and wanting to be together forever.

Joy of My Life – Chris Stapleton

Released in 2020, Genre: Country

Lovable Lyrics: “She takes me by the hand / I am the luckiest man alive / Did I tell you, baby / You are the joy of my life”

A song from a man’s point of view describing how happy he is with his partner in his life.

Nobody But You – Blake Shelton Duet with Gwen Stefani

Released in 2019, Genre: Country

Lovable Lyrics: “Wanna wake up with you next to me / I don’t wanna go down any other road now / I don’t wanna love nobody but you”

A song about only wanting to spend the rest of your life with your new spouse.


Prayed For You – Matt Stell

Released in 2019, Genre: Country

Lovable Lyrics: “It’s hard to imagine, bigger than I could fathom / I didn’t know you from Adam, but I prayed for you”

A great lyrical song about finding the one you love through everyone in the world.

Speechless – Dan + Shay

Released in 2018, Genre: Country

Lovable Lyrics: “I thank God you can read my mind / ‘Cause when you look at me with those eyes / I’m speechless”

A song about seeing your lover and loving her every time you look at her.

Butterflies – Kacey Musgraves

Released in 2018, Genre: Country

Lovable Lyrics: “I was hiding in doubt ’til you brought me out of my chrysalis / And I came out new / All because of you”

A song about finding the love of your life and how you felt.

Beautiful Crazy – Luke Combs

Released in 2018, Genre: Country

Lovable Lyrics: “Yeah, she’s crazy / But her crazy’s beautiful to me”

A song about how you will love and accept your wife the way she is no matter what.

Heaven – Kane Brown

Released in 2017, Genre: Country

Lovable Lyrics: “‘Cause, I don’t know how, I don’t know how heaven, heaven / Could be better than this”

A love ballad describing how your love for each other is better than life in heaven.


The Rest of Our Life – Tim McGraw & Faith Hill

Released in 2017, Genre: Country

Lovable Lyrics: “If my waistline grows, I’ll be fine / Even if time takes its toll / We’ll stay young for the rest of our lives”

A love story about how you will stick with each other forever no matter who you become.

In Case You Didn’t Know – Brett Young

Released in 2017, Genre: Country

Lovable Lyrics: “I don’t tell you all the time / You had my heart a long, long time ago / In case you didn’t know”

A love song reminding your partner how much you love them.

Promise to Love Her – Blane Howard

Released in 2017, Genre: Country

Lovable Lyrics: “I promise to love her / With all that I have / I’ll put nothing above her / And I won’t turn my back”

What better way to spend your dance dancing than by promising to love her forever?

From the Ground Up – Dan + Shay

Released in 2016, Genre: Country

Lovable Lyrics: “For worse or for better / And I will be all you need / Beside you I’ll stand through the good and the bad / We’ll give all that we have / And we’ll build this love from the ground up”

A song about a relationship that is built on love and trust and how they will make it through anything together.

Grow Old – Florida Georgia Line

Released in 2016, Genre: Country

Lovable Lyrics: “Laugh about all the times we counted pennies / Buy some land with a good view to start a family / Baby grow old with me”

If you are starting a new life together, this song talks about building a life together.

Yours – Russell Dickerson

Released in 2016, Genre: Country

Lovable Lyrics: “You make me better than I was before / Thank God I’m yours”

A song giving thanks to God that you found “the one” and that they are yours.

Grooms – Don’t forget about your mom! Pick a Mother-Son dance song for a Mom and groom dance.

wedding couple first dance look



Sweet Symphony – Joy Oladokun, Chris Stapleton

Released in 2022, Genre: Indie

Lovable Lyrics: “Loving you’s a sweet, sweet symphony / That all of Heaven and Earth join to sing”

A loving song talking about being in love.

One Day Less – Anson Seabra

Released in 2022, Genre: Indie

Lovable Lyrics: “You’re Heaven-sent / And I hope you know / That when you go back to the sky / I’ll welcome you home”

Imagine loving someone so much that you want to die at least one day before them just so that you could greet them into heaven.

I GUESS I’M IN LOVE – Clinton Kane

Released in 2021, Genre: Indie

Lovable Lyrics: “You’re everything that I want, but I didn’t think I’d find / Someone who is worth the wait of all the years of my heartbreak / But I know now I found the one I love”

A love song describing a journey to finding the one you love.

Made to Love You – Drew Angus

Released in 2021, Genre: Indie

Lovable Lyrics: “Hearts were made to beat / hands were made to hold / now with you in front of me”

If you are looking for a similar artist to Ed Sheeran that is not played at every wedding, this is your song!

You – Louyah

Released in 2021, Genre: Indie

Lovable Lyrics: “No, it’s not your fault / I’ve been searchin’ for you / I’ve been waitin’ for you”

A song about what you feel about being in love with someone.


For the Rest of My Life – Phil Socci

Released in 2021, Genre: Indie

Lovable Lyrics: “Through the ups and downs / And for the rest of my life / I choose you”

No matter your path to each other, you will continue your lives together.

Amen – John Adams

Released in 2021, Genre: Indie

Lovable Lyrics: “Oh darling I’ve stopped praying for someone / Since you came along, so / Amen”

A song about giving praise for finding the one you love always.

Slow Dancing – Aly & AJ

Released in 2020, Genre: Indie

Lovable Lyrics: “Hell’s bending keeping me captive / Heaven’s here it’s right where you’re standing / Slow dancing”

A great selection for inclusive couples for the spotlight first dance.

Evermore – Hollow Coves

Released in 2020, Genre: Indie

Lovable Lyrics: “That day I came to find / That you are all / I was hoping for / It’s you I’ll call / My evermore”

A very romantic slow song telling the one you love you will love them forever.

Just You and I (Acoustic) – Tom Walker

Released in 2019, Genre: Indie

Lovable Lyrics: “‘Cause you’re the only one / Who brings light just like the sun / One step at a time / Just you and I”

A song dedicated to the process of going through life as one.


I Get to Love You – Ruelle

Released in 2019, Genre: Indie

Lovable Lyrics: “It’s a promise I’m making to you / Whatever may come your heart I will choose / Forever I’m yours, forever I do”

A song about how happy you are that you get to spend the rest of your life with the one you love.

I’m With You – Vance Joy

Released in 2018, Genre: Indie

Lovable Lyrics: “How does it start? / And when does it end? / Only been here for a moment, but I know I want you / Darling, I do / I’m with you”

A song about meeting the love of your life and wanting to spend the rest of your life with each other.

I Choose You – Ryann Darling

Released in 2017, Genre: Indie

Lovable Lyrics: “No turning back / And every day, every moment / Every breath you take / I choose you”

This song was written specifically for your wedding day describing how you choose the rest of your lives together.

The One – Kodaline

Released in 2015, Genre: Indie

Lovable Lyrics: “You make my whole world feel so right when it’s wrong / That’s how I know you are the one”

Confessing to your partner that they are the one and only.

Never Stop (Wedding Version) – SafetySuit

Released in 2012, Genre: Indie

Lovable Lyrics: “And with this love song to you / It’s not a momentary phase / You are my life, I don’t deserve you”

What if you loved someone so much they thought they didn’t deserve you and they will never stop loving you?

This list is for the first dance. Pick a song for the last dance too. Maybe for a private last dance?

wedding couple first dance backyard



If I Didn’t Love You – Ben Abraham

Released in 2022, Genre: Folk

Lovable Lyrics: “Would I be drifting / With nowhere to land? / I don’t know what I’d do / If I didn’t love you”

A love song that explains that I would be lost without you.

You’re the One (Acoustic) – Luca Fogale

Released in 2021, Genre: Folk

Lovable Lyrics: “So bend the rules / Or break them all / You and I / The same old cloth”

A romantic love song of love’s dedication to another.

Forever From Now – Sheffield

Released in 2019, Genre: Folk

Lovable Lyrics: “I will love you forever from now / And I will hold you like no one’s around / Forever from now”

A love dedication that I will love you forever, forever from now. Beautiful!

I Will Spend My Whole Life Loving You – Imaginary Future & Kina Grannis

Released in 2017, Genre: Folk

Lovable Lyrics: “Oh believe me / I’ve been counting my stars / Cause I will spend my whole life / Loving you”

A married couple in real life professing their forever love to each other.

Touching Heaven – Johnnyswim

Released in 2016, Genre: Folk

Lovable Lyrics: “You’ve been my glimpse of Kingdom right from the start / And you got me touching heaven”

A song describing how happy they are to be with each other.

You Are The Best Thing – Ray Lamontagne

Released in 2008, Genre: Folk

Lovable Lyrics: “You please me, you don’t even have to try / Oh, because / You are the best thing”

A very popular mid-tempo love song that shares how wonder the other makes them feel.

Have fun at your reception. See our list of the best party songs to sing your heart out!

wedding couple first dance dip



Luckiest Man – Chris Brown

Released in 2022, Genre: R&B

Lovable Lyrics: “Consider me the luckiest man in the world / ‘Cause you’re my girl”

A song that describes a man that thinks he is the luckiest man in the world and is ready to pop the question.

Love of My Life – Sentury

Released in 2021, Genre: R&B

Lovable Lyrics: “And everything’s all by the way / When I grow older / I will be there at your side to remind you how I still love you”

A song describing how they want you part of their life and will love you forever.

Incomplete – Jay Sean

Released in 2021, Genre: R&B

Lovable Lyrics: “Never know when it could be different / If there was no you, I’d be, I’d be incomplete”

Imagine loving someone so much that you are incomplete without them.

Live Out Your Love – Kem, Toni Braxton

Released in 2021, Genre: R&B

Lovable Lyrics: “I’m in love again / I’ll do whatever you want me to do / I’m in love again / With you”

The song talks about loving someone again and being in love again.

Anything For You (The Duet) – Ledisi & PJ Morton

Released in 2021, Genre: R&B

Lovable Lyrics: “You are my life (my life), one means us two / (I’ll do) anything, anything for you”

A soulful duet love song on how you would do anything for your lover.


17 – Pink Sweat$

Released in 2021, Genre: R&B

Lovable Lyrics: “I wanna love you as strong / When we’re ninety-two, the same as seventeen”

A love song telling about loving someone from high school until old.

Collide – Tiana Major9 & EARTHGANG

Released in 2019, Genre: R&B

Lovable Lyrics: “And I love you religiously / With everything inside of me / As long as I’m / As long as I’m alive”

A romantic love song from the movie Queen & Slim. It talks about being alive with your lover.

Sent From Heaven – Rahsaan Patterson

Released in 2019, Genre: R&B

Lovable Lyrics: “A beautiful expression / An expression of love so glorious / Yeah, yeah, you are / Sent from heaven”

A sexy and romantic love song about finding the love of your life.

Find Someone Like You – Snoh Aalegra

Released in 2019, Genre: R&B

Lovable Lyrics: “And even when it’s bad, I love you / I’ve been waitin’ my whole life, to find someone like you”

A love song talking about finding the one person who makes you whole and wants to spend the rest of your life with.

Today I Do – Tamia

Released in 2018, Genre: R&B

Lovable Lyrics: “So here I stand, baby this isn’t pretend / Oh, today I do / Today I’m saying I do to you”

A perfect wedding day song as it describes that today you will dedicate your life to your life partner every day.


Beyond – Leon Bridges

Released in 2018, Genre: R&B

Lovable Lyrics: “Will she have my kids? Will she be my wife? / She might just be my everything and beyond”

A soulful romantic love song about realizing you found your wife. There is also a version with Luke Combs too.

Best Part – H.E.R. feat. Daniel Caesar

Released in 2017, Genre: R&B

Lovable Lyrics: “Where you go I follow / No matter how far / If life is a movie / Oh you’re the best part”

A duet love song saying that your lover is the best part of your relationship.

Why I Love You – MAJOR.

Released in 2016, Genre: R&B

Lovable Lyrics: “Every moment that you smile chases all of the pain away / Forever and a while in my heart is where you’ll stay”

A love song describing why you love someone.

Like I’m Gonna Lose You – Meghan Trainor feat. John Legend

Released in 2015, Genre: R&B

Lovable Lyrics: “I won’t take you for granted / ‘Cause we’ll never know when, when we’ll run out of time / So I’m gonna love you like I’m gonna lose you”

A love story that tells you to enjoy every moment with your lover like it was your last.

All Of Me – John Legend

Released in 2013, Genre: R&B

Lovable Lyrics: “‘Cause all of me / Loves all of you”

One of the greatest modern love songs describing your dedication to your lover.

Everything – Mary J. Blige

Released in 1997, Genre: R&B

Lovable Lyrics: “Love so good (love so good, so good, so good, so good) only you can bring / You are my (you are my) everything”

The Queen of Hip Hop shines on this love dedication.

You can play slow dance songs so that relatives and couples can have a special dance



First Date (Acoustic) – Taylor Acorn

Released in 2022, Genre: Rock

Lovable Lyrics: “Let’s go, don’t wait, this nights almost over / Honest, let’s make this night last forever / Forever and ever, let’s make this last forever”

A beautiful cover of the Blink-182 song for pop-punk fans.

Drift Together – Jax Hollow

Released in 2021, Genre: Rock

Lovable Lyrics: “Welcome to my life / I’ve been waiting on you, waiting waiting for a long time”

A love song that describes a love that you can grow through life together.

nobody else – LANY

Released in 2020, Genre: Rock

Lovable Lyrics: “And if heaven doesn’t want us / Would you go with me to hell? / Hope you know I don’t want nobody else”

If you want a first dance song that talks about you want the person by your side no matter what life brings.

All Because of You – O.A.R.

Released in 2019, Genre: Rock

Lovable Lyrics: “I’ll be here forever / We’re so good when we’re together / Let me hold you ’til we’re older”

A song dedicated to the one you love and whom you want to spend the rest of your life with him/her.

Perfect – Ed Sheeran

Released in 2017, Genre: Rock

Lovable Lyrics: “Darling, just hold my hand / Be my girl, I’ll be your man / I see my future in your eyes”

This is THE most popular modern first dance song – yup, it’s the perfect love song.


Thinking Out Loud – Ed Sheeran

Released in 2014, Genre: Rock

Lovable Lyrics: “Place your head on my beating heart / I’m thinking out loud / That maybe we found love right where we are”

LOL – the second most popular modern first dance song. So many love emotions.

Marry Me – Train

Released in 2010, Genre: Rock

Lovable Lyrics: “Marry me / Today and every day / Marry me”

What better way to spend your first dance as a married couple than stating “marry me”?

Better Together – Jack Johnson

Released in 2005, Genre: Rock

Lovable Lyrics: “It’s not always easy and / Sometimes life can be deceiving / I’ll tell you one thing / it’s always better when we’re together”

A free spirit mid-tempo song to show that you are a couple in love.

Fade Into You – Mazzy Star

Released in 1994, Genre: Rock

Lovable Lyrics: “You put your hands into your head / And then its smiles cover your heart / Fade into you”

A bluesy rock song you could sway away while dancing on the clouds and fading away together.

Celebrate the longest-married couple with a dance!



Love Music – Lil Yachty

Released in 2021, Genre: Hip Hop

Lovable Lyrics: “Good things about you and your ways / All I ever do is think of you (yeah) / Think of you and me holding hands”

A mid-tempo song that you could call your own and how you want to spend your life with your lover.

When I Say I Do – Matthew West

Released in 2010, Genre: Christian

Lovable Lyrics: “And I pray every day will be the proof / That I mean what I say when I say I Do / Yea, I mean what I say when I say”

A song talking about the promise you made in front of family, friends, and God that you will love until death do us part.

Everything – Michael Buble

Released in 2007, Genre: Jazz

Lovable Lyrics: “It’s you, it’s you, you make me sing / You’re every line, you’re every word, you’re everything”

A mid-tempo pop jazz song talking about how happy you are being with the one you love.


What is the number 1 first dance wedding song?

The most popular first dance song of all time is “Can’t Help Falling In Love” by Elvis Presley. There are many popular covers of the song to also include in the song’s popularity including Kina Grannis, Hailey Reinhardt, and Music Travel Love.

Who has the first dance?

The first dance is the first dance as a married couple by the wedding couple. This could be between the bride and groom, the groom and groom, or the bride and bride.

The first dance depends on who is getting married!

What is the most played first dance song?

The most popular song played as a first dance song depends on the age of the couple. If the wedding couple is aged between 25-34, then the most popular song played currently in modern music is “Perfect” by Ed Sheeran.

When should you choose your first dance song?

Pick out your first dance song well in advance so you can practice that specific tune and your dance moves.

The most important thing is to choose something memorable from the catalog of wedding songs. First dance songs are a symbol of your love and commitment, so take your time in choosing.

Also, if you use the recorded version of the song, then practice that version. If the band or musician will play it live, try to get a recording of their version ahead of time.

This is important for practice. Again, talk about coordinating the first dance with your wedding planner.


When is the first dance at my wedding?

The wedding’s first dance is the first dance between newlyweds as a married couple. This should be the first dance at the wedding reception immediately following the grand entrance introduction.

The first dance can also start the formal dances following the meal.

The first dance is commonly followed by the father-daughter dance and mother-son dance.

The end of the ceremonial dances is marked by the entire wedding party dancing. The wedding party invites others to join.

It’s your wedding party. The timing of the bride and groom’s dance at the reception is based on your preferences.

The first dance can be done immediately following the grand entrance. You can be surrounded by your wedding party if you wish.

If being watched makes you uncomfortable, that’s okay, too. Talk to your wedding planner, coordinate with the DJ, and earn more by reading our suggestions on how to format your wedding reception.

The progression of the evening is up to you, the wedding couple. The most important thing is to have the couple agree on a song that is special to them.

To inspire you, we’ve curated the best 100 first dance songs out of thousands to choose from.


How do you make your first dance special?

Making your first dance special is as simple as choosing a song that has meaning to you, the wedding couple.

Wedding first dance songs are remembered by the wedding couple for the rest of their lives. So, it’s important to pick a song that is significant to you.

Some couples choose a funny song or an instrumental song. Those can be just as memorable as a touching ballad.

When the couple chooses the first song for a reason, it’s more special. Don’t be tricked into choosing a song because it was popular or traditional.

Also, remember that though people are watching you, this dance is for you. Make eye contact. Chat with each other. Caress your partner. Enjoy the moment — it’s for you.

Does a first dance have to be slow?

No. The first dance at your wedding reception does not have to be slow.

However, choosing slow dance songs sets the mood for the entire reception. If you don’t have a song, we suggest selecting a song where the lyrics mean something to you.

Why do you think that Sarah McLachlan’s song “Ice Cream” is on many first dance song lists? It’s because it has cool words like “your love is better than chocolate, better than anything else that I’ve tried.” Corny? Maybe. But who cares what everyone else thinks? Maybe you met me at an ice cream parlor. If that were the case, then, the song would be awesome as a first dance song.

It’s okay to be creative. Choose a song that has meaningful lyrics. You don’t have to be like everyone else and dance to the overplayed Celine Dion love songs (not that there’s anything wrong with a classic love song).

Not only does the song not have to be slow, but it doesn’t have to adhere to any musical genre.

Many wedding couples take dancing lessons to a jazz song, classical, or rock ballad. That way, wedding couples don’t look goofy dancing in a circle through the whole song (like we did).

Couples who take dance lessons have a deeper connection to the song. It will have significant meaning to them for the rest of their lives since they spent so long practicing it.

They will also have the memories of getting the lessons together — a great break from the stress of planning the wedding.


How do you pick your first dance song?

Wedding couples should choose a song that means something to them. It doesn’t even necessarily have to be a slow song or of a specific music style. This will be the first song a married couple will dance to.

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  1. One of the lists should include “Always” by Atlantic Starr:
    “Come with me my sweet
    Let’s go make a family
    And they will bring us joy, for always…”

  2. I was so excited to see Leon Bridges on this list! We plan on dancing to his song Coming Home for our first dance.

    1. Hi Michael. Thanks for your suggestion. Your suggestion is a very romantic love song. One that the generation of its time will cherish.

  3. Two I would add to this list would include Linda Ronstadt & Aaron Neville’s duet ‘All My Life’ (it’s best known as the wedding song from ‘Baywatch’ but was a popular first dance song in the 90s) and Anne Murray’s classic ‘Could I have This Dance’ from the movie ‘Urban Cowboy’.

    1. Thank you for the suggestions. Yes, the 2 songs you mentioned are great first dance songs. However, their popularity as first dance songs has diminished over time. We do have the songs mentioned on other playlists on the site.

  4. This is an incredible list. Thank you so much. I will say though, my dream song since I was about 16 has been The Book of Love by Peter Gabriel.

    1. Thank you, Victoria. I still see it on wedding lists. However, his most popular wedding song remains as “In Your Eyes” from the movie Say Anything.

  5. While there’s thousands of good possibilities, another one that is worth mentioning is “You needed me” by Anne Murray.

    1. Hi David. Thanks for your suggestion. Anne Murray is an all-time Country legend and this song would make for the perfect first dance song.

  6. I’d add two songs
    1. Jessie Ware-Say you love me
    2. Kaliber-Call me out
    I’m so in love with them! ??

    1. Thanks Juliet. Jessie Ware – Say You Love Me is a great song with a ton of emotion and even includes Ed Sheeran. However, the story of the song don’t make it perfect for a first dance song (in our opinion).

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