150 Best Country Wedding Songs


Country music is well-loved throughout the generations which makes it the perfect genre for your wedding reception. Our list of the best country songs includes classic hits as well as current chart-toppers.

Best Country Songs For Wedding Receptions

These are 150 of the best country songs to get people on the dance floor at your wedding reception!

Country songs are enjoyed by more people than ever before with mega-superstars such as Keith Urban, Brad Paisley, Tim McGraw, Faith Hill, Miranda Lambert, Carrie Underwood, Lady A, Florida Georgia Line, etc.

Current Country music has a more “Pop” flare and less twang from yesteryear. If you enjoy country songs from the past few years and have an upcoming wedding, you will enjoy our list of romantic country love songs.


Table of Contents:

Country Wedding Songs by Tempo

When selecting a Country wedding song, the two most important things to consider are 1) the lyrics and 2) the tempo.  This is why we are dividing our list into 3 categories: Slow, Midtempo, Fast.  Click on the designated section for each tempo.

Slow country songs are great for processional and recessional, first dance, and slow dances during dance sets. Midtempo songs are great background songs during cocktail hour and dinner. Fast songs are great party songs and to get people excited for the grand entrance.

Country wedding song list curated by Matthew Campbell
Last Updated: June 28, 2021

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Slow Tempo Country Wedding Songs

Rescue Me – Chris Young
2021, Famous Friends

How you got me on one knee
With my hand out beggin’ for mercy
What’s a happy ending if I can’t get the girl?

The Rest of Our Lives – Drew Green
2021, The Rest of Our Lives

Whatever it is, it’ll be alright
As long as you love me and I love you
Girl, here’s to the rest of our lives

Crazy ’bout You – Kelsey Hart
2021, Crazy ’bout You

I’m selfish when I got my arms around you
I’m crazy
‘Cause I’m crazy ’bout you

My Person (Wedding Version) – Spencer Crandall
2021, My Person (Wedding Version)

My everything
I’ve never been more sure that you’re
My person

I Do (Written for Daughters’ Weddings) – Alan Jackson
2021, Where Have You Gone

Through life, I’ll dance with you
And I hope you feel the way that I do”
And he said, “I do”

My Masterpiece – Darius Rucker
2021, My Masterpiece

I can’t play piano like Ray Charles
But, baby, when my life is through
I hope they say my masterpiece is lovin’ you

Always Gonna Love You – Florida Georgia Line
2021, Life Rolls On

When the sand runs out of that hourglass
You ain’t ever gotta wonder, you ain’t gotta ask
I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I’m always gonna love you


That’s You – Drew Baldridge
2021, That’s You

My sweetest sin, my do me in, my heaven-sent Hail Mary prayer
Yeah, my one I’d rather be down deep six feet than have to lose, that’s you

Tough Ones – Cooper Alan
2021, Tough Ones

Won’t quit when it don’t go right
Let the world bring your dance on
Girl, we’re gonna b? the tough ones

Don’t Love a Girl – Dylan Brady
2021, Don’t Love a Girl

So if you don’t want your life technicolor bright
And you’re fine in your black and white world
Don’t love a girl

Walk in a Room (Reimagined) – Muscadine Bloodline
2021, Burn It at Both Ends

You walk in a room, and I lose my breath
Coming my way, counting your steps
My heart starts to beat, out of my chest

Another (Wedding Version) – Adam Doleac
2021, Another

Yeah, from the second that we fell into each other
Knew I was never gonna ever wanna
Never ever gonna want another


Because of You – Anthony Nix
2020, Because of You

Damn Sure Do – Tim McGraw
2020, Here On Earth
listen on Amazon

With my hand here on my heart
Do I want you? Gotta have you, near you
Well, I damn sure do

Forever After All – Luke Combs
2020, What You See Ain’t Always What You Get (Deluxe Edition)
listen on Amazon

A love like that makes a man have second thoughts
Maybe some things last forever after all

God Whispered Your Name – Keith Urban
2020, God Whispered Your Name
listen on Amazon

Suddenly I wanna live
More than I ever did
I’m never gonna be the same
When God whispered your name

Grandpa (Tell Me ’bout the Good Old Days) – Dave Fenley
2020, Grandpa (Tell Me ’bout the Good Old Days)
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Grandpa tell me bout the good old days
Sometimes it feels like this world’s gone crazy


I See You – Jonny Houlihan feat. Brittany Clarke
2020, I See You

I wanna wrap myself up in your arms
And fall asleep to your heartbeat

It’s You (I’ve Been Looking For) – Lewis Brice
2020, It’s You (I’ve Been Looking For)
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It feels so right when you’re in my arms
Darling, it’s you I’ve been looking for

Joy of My Life – Chris Stapleton
2020, Starting Over
listen on Amazon

I am the luckiest man alive
Did I tell you, baby
You are the joy of my life

Look at Me Now – Matt Stell
2020, Look At Me Now
listen on Amazon

And your daddy was walkin’ you down
Thought I’d never do this
But look at me now

Love You Like I Used To – Russell Dickerson
2020, Love You Like I Used To
listen on Amazon

Didn’t know I could ever love you more than I did
But, baby, I do
I don’t love you like I used to


Man of Few Words – Dani Taylor
2020, Man of Few Words

He ain’t big on conversation
No he don’t have to be
He’s a man of few words
But he saves the three best for me

Old with You – Chuck Wicks
2020, Old with You

Now I’m the luckiest guy in the room
Cause I’m the one who gets to get old with you

Our Song – Willie Nelson
2020, First Rose of Spring
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You make it all alright
When everything’s wrong
And this is our song

So in Love With You – Jonny Houlihan
2020, So in Love With You
listen on Amazon

I wanna grow old with you
I wanna breathe life into everything we do
‘Cause baby, I’m so in love with you

Til the End of Time – Clint Black feat. Lisa Hartman Black
2020, Til the End of Time

I know there’s a lonely heart in every lost and found
But forever you and I will be the ones
Who found out what forever means


Who I Am – Wade Bowen
2020, The Waiting
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I love that I’m your man
Now that you’re in my life, baby, I know
Exactly who I am

Worship You – Kane Brown
2020, Mixtape Vol. 1 – EP
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‘Cause you lay it on me like the truth
And you love me like hallelujah
I might have to worship you

Always Gonna Love You – Alana Springsteen
2019, Always Gonna Love You
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And I will always see you like this, reckless, fearless
You’re tellin’ me for the first time
I’m always gonna love you

Better Together – Luke Combs
2019, What You See Is What You Get
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It’s a match made up in heaven, like good ol’ boys and beer
And me, as long as you’re right here

Big, Big Plans – Chris Lane
2019, Big, Big Plans
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And I’m down on one knee
I guess she finally figured out
I’m gonna ask her to marry me


Got What I Got – Jason Aldean
2019, Nine
listen on Amazon

Before you came along
I could go on and on
Girl, just kiss me
You’re all that I want

Love You Anyway – Trisha Yearwood feat. Don Henley
2019, Every Girl
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My Miracle – Brad Paisley
2019, My Miracle
listen on Amazon

But here I stand
A better man
And you can blame
My miracle

Nobody But You – Blake Shelton Duet with Gwen Stefani
2019, Fully Loaded: God’s Country
listen on Amazon

Wanna wake up with you next to me
I don’t wanna go down any other road now
I don’t wanna love nobody but you

One Man Band – Old Dominion
2019, Old Dominion
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We’ll get tattoos, and we’ll trash hotel rooms
Baby, take my hand
I don’t wanna be a one man band


Parachute – Lexanna
2019, Parachute
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You Got Me – Dylan Scott
2019, Nothing To Do Town
listen on Amazon

No one knows me like you, nothing I wouldn’t do
Yeah whenever you want me, you get me, you got me girl

Beautiful Crazy – Luke Combs
2018, This One’s for You Too
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The way that she dances
Ain’t afraid to take chances
And wears her heart on her sleeve
Yeah, she’s crazy
But her crazy’s beautiful to me

Dance With Me – Morgan Evans feat. Kelsea Ballerini
2018, Things That We Drink To
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And if it’s you and me against the world
If I’m your man, you’re my girl
We’ll win you’ll see, if you dance with me

On My Way to You – Cody Johnson
2018, Ain’t Nothin’ to It
listen on Amazon

I was just passin’ time
Kinda just passin’ through
On my way to you


Parallel Line – Keith Urban
2018, Graffiti U
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Prayed For You – Matt Stell
2018, Prayed For You
listen on Amazon

It’s hard to imagine, bigger than I could fathom
I didn’t know you from Adam, but I prayed for you

Rainbow – Kacey Musgraves
2018, Golden Hour
listen on Amazon

Well, darlin’, I’m just tryin’ to tell ya
That there’s always been a rainbow hangin’ over your head

Slow Dance In A Parking Lot – Jordan Davis
2018, Home State
listen on Amazon

Getting close to you
Making the most of whatever we got
Even if it’s just a slow dance in a parking lot

Speechless – Dan + Shay
2018, Dan + Shay
listen on Amazon

I thank God you can read my mind
‘Cause when you look at me with those eyes
I’m speechless

When I Found You – Jasmine Rae
2018, Heartbeat
listen on Amazon

We’ll dance for the first time
As husband and wife
And my heart will keep dancing
For the rest of my life


You Make It Easy – Jason Aldean
2018, You Make It Easy
listen on Amazon

You make it easy lovin’ up on you
Make it easy with every little thing you do

Best Shot – Jimmie Allen
2017, Jimmie Allen
listen on Amazon

But I’ll love you with everything I’ve got
Girl, I’ll give you my best shot

I Think I Fell in Love Today – Kelsea Ballerini
2017, Unapologetically
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I think I fell in love today
I’m sure he saw it on my face ’cause
I couldn’t break my smile

In Case You Didn’t Know – Brett Young
2017, Brett Young
listen on Amazon

I don’t tell you all the time
You had my heart a long, long time ago
In case you didn’t know

Millionaire – Chris Stapleton
2017, From A Room: Volume 2
listen on Amazon

She’s my treasure so very rare
She’s made me a millionaire

Yours – Russell Dickerson
2017, Yours
listen on Amazon

You make me better than I was before
Thank God I’m yours

From the Ground Up – Dan + Shay
2016, Obsessed
listen on Amazon

Beside you I’ll stand through the good and the bad
We’ll give all that we have
And we’ll build this love from the ground up

Greatest Love Story – LANCO
2016, LANco EP
listen on Amazon

But I was what you wanted you were what I needed
And we could meet in between
We were gonna be the greatest love story this town had ever seen

Heaven – Kane Brown
2016, Kane Brown
listen on Amazon

‘Cause, I don’t know how, I don’t know how heaven, heaven
Could be better than this


Die A Happy Man – Thomas Rhett
2015, Tangled Up
listen on Amazon

Oh, if all I got is your hand in my hand
Baby, I could die a happy man

Humble And Kind – Tim McGraw
2015, Damn Country Music
listen on Amazon

When the work you put in is realized
Let yourself feel the pride
But always stay humble and kind

Tennessee Whiskey – Chris Stapleton
2015, Traveller
listen on Amazon

You’re as warm as a glass of brandy
And honey, I stay stoned on your love all the time

I Don’t Dance – Lee Brice
2014, I Don’t Dance
listen on Amazon

I’d do anything with you anywhere
Yes, you got me in the palm of your hand girl
‘Cause, I don’t dance

Wanted – Hunter Hayes
2012, Hunter Hayes
listen on Amazon

Wanna hold your hand forever
And never let you forget it
Yeah, I, I wanna make you feel wanted


God Gave Me You – Blake Shelton
2011, Red River Blue
listen on Amazon

And for when I think I lost my way
There are no words here left to say, it’s true
God gave me you

Just A Kiss – Lady A
2011, Own the Night
listen on Amazon

Just a shot in the dark that you just might
Be the one I’ve been waiting for my whole life

Lost In This Moment – Big & Rich
2007, Between Raising Hell and Amazing Grace
listen on Amazon

Watching all my dreams come true
Lost in this moment with you

I Loved Her First – Heartland
2006, I Loved Her First
listen on Amazon

And I prayed that she’d find you someday
But it’s still hard to give her away
I loved her first

My Wish – Rascal Flatts
2006. Me and My Gang
listen on Amazon

And while you’re out there getting where you’re getting to
I hope you know somebody loves you and wants the same things too
Yeah, this, is my wish


Never Is a Moment – Jimmy LaFave
2001, Texoma

I hope my melody you’ll find
Because there never is a moment
That you are not on my mind

Amazed – Lonestar
1999, Lonely Grill
listen on Amazon

I wanna spend the rest of my life
With you by my side
Forever and ever

I Hope You Dance – Lee Ann Womack
1999, I Hope You Dance
listen on Amazon

Promise me that you’ll give faith a fighting chance
And when you get the choice to sit it out or dance
I hope you dance

From This Moment On – Shania Twain, Bryan White
1998, Come On Over
listen on Amazon

I live only, for your happiness
And for your love, I give my last breath
From this moment on

It’s Your Love – Tim McGraw & Faith Hill
1997, Everywhere
listen on Amazon

And if you wonder
About the spell I’m under
Oh it’s your love


When You Say Nothing At All – Alison Krauss
1995, Don’t Close Your Eyes
listen on Amazon

The touch of your hand says you’ll catch me if ever I fall
You say it best when you say nothing at all

Bless The Broken Road – Rascal Flatts
1994, Feels Like Today
listen on Amazon

This much I know is true
That God blessed the broken road
That led me straight to you

I Cross My Heart – George Strait
1992, Pure Country
listen on Amazon

In all the world
You’ll never find
A love as true as mine

Mid Tempo Country Wedding Songs

Love Is Real – Morgan Evans
2021, Love Is Real

The way I feel, I know I always will
I am yours, you are mine, love is real

Fancy Like – Walker Hayes
2021, Country Stuff

Yeah, we fancy like Applebee’s on a date night (that’s right)
Got that Bourbon Street steak with the Oreo shake

Never Been in Love – Haley Mae Campbell
2021, Never Been in Love

LIke every single scar I’ve got is gone
Like forever would still never be enough
You make me feel, make me feel like I’ve never been in love

Good As It Gets – Hayden Coffman
2021, Good As It Gets

And I’m gonna love her to my grave
It’s as good as it gets
Better than I thought it could be

Every Last Thing – Jaden Michaels
2021, Every Last Thing

Even when I get a little bit crazy
You love every last thing about me

Today Was A Fairytale (Taylor’s Version) – Taylor Swift
2021, Fearless (Taylor’s Version)

Fell in love when I saw you standing there
It must have been the way
Today was a fairytale

Too Soon – Cooper Alan
2021, Too Soon

Might lead to two rings
Two acres, two babies running around
Got my head up in the clouds
Ain’t coming down and I like the sound


Sunday Best – SmithField
2021, Sunday Best

Every bit of your everyday beautiful mess
The side of you nobody gets to see
You don’t gotta wear your Sunday best for me

Woman You Got – Maddie & Tae
2021, Woman You Got

The truth is, boy, it might take forever but
When it comes to loving you I’m never gonna stop
And that’s the kind of woman you got

Glad You Exist – Dan + Shay
2021, Glad You Exist

‘Cause every high and every low led to this
I’m just so glad you exist

Love Story (Taylor’s Version) – Taylor Swift
2021, Fearless (Taylor’s Version)

You’ll be the prince, and I’ll be the princess
It’s a love story, baby, just say yes”

Whatever Forever Is – Devin Dawson
2021, The Pink Slip

Now I just wanna spend eternity
With your lovin’ on m?, just like this
Mm, for whatever for?ver is


The Most – Calamity Jane
2021, The Most

Soul – Lee Brice
2020, Hey World

I just wanna be your baby (baby)
I like your soul (I like your soul)

GOOD TIME – Niko Moon
2020, GOOD TIME – EP

We just tryna catch a good time
Even if it takes all night

Beers and Sunshine – Darius Rucker
2020, Beers And Sunshine

Nobody – Dylan Scott
2020, Nothing To Do Town

Girl, nobody, nobody, nobody gonna love you like I do


The Good Ones – Gabby Barrett
2020, Goldmine

But he’s good all the time
He’s one of the good ones
And he’s all mine

Happy Anywhere – Blake Shelton, Gwen Stefani
2020, Happy Anywhere
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You’re the only thing that I’m chained to
I could be happy anywhere
I could be happy anywhere with you

Forever to Go – Chase Rice
2020, The Album, Pt. I
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But I love you more than yesterday
And we still got forever to go

Starting Over – Chris Stapleton
2020, Starting Over
listen on Amazon


Dance with Me – Diplo, Thomas Rhett & Young Thug
2020, Dance with Me
listen on Amazon

Slow Down – Gone West
2020, Canyons
listen on Amazon

This Is Us – Jimmie Allen, Noah Cyrus
2020, This is Us
listen on Amazon

Perfect – Jonny Houlihan
2020, Hey Girl
listen on Amazon

One Margarita – Luke Bryan
2020, Born Here Live Here Die Here
listen on Amazon


Plain And Simple – Mo Pitney
2020, Ain’t Lookin’ Back
listen on Amazon

It’s right as rain on a field
Always have and always will
Love you plain and simple

listen on Amazon

Darling won’t you dance with me
I wanna be the man that you’re holding on to

You Time – Scotty McCreery
2020, You Time
listen on Amazon

You’re 24/7, 365, but sometimes I need
Just a little bit of me and you time

The Way You Look Tonight – Tenille Townes feat. Keelan Donovan
2020, The Lemonade Stand
listen on Amazon

It’s got me searching your eyes and looking for words that I can’t find
So tell me that I’m yours and I’ll tell you that you’re mine

Best of the Best – The Swon Brothers
2020, Best of the Best
listen on Amazon

You ain’t gotta believe it, I just call it like I see it
You’re the best of the best


Real Love – Tyler Rich
2020, Two Thousand Miles
listen on Amazon

From the moment that you met her
You knew it was forever
So go ahead and tell ’em how you feel
That real love

10,000 Hours – Dan + Shay & Justin Bieber
2019, 10,000 Hours
listen on Amazon

If it’s ten thousand hours or the rest of my life
I’m gonna love you

Bluebird – Miranda Lambert
2019, Wildcard
listen on Amazon

Done – Chris Jansen
2019, Real Friends
listen on Amazon

I’ll give you a lifetime of days in the sun
Whatever you need and you want
I won’t stop ’til it’s done

Good as You – Kane Brown
2019, Experiment
listen on Amazon

It might take a hundred lifetimes to do
But baby, I just wanna be good as you


Good Vibes – Chris Janson
2019, Good Vibes
listen on Amazon

I Think I Love You – Ernest
2019, I Think I Love You / Insane
listen on Amazon

No, I don’t see me being this with anybody else
I gotta keep you all to myself
Oooh ’cause I think I love ya

Just the Way – Parmalee & Blanco Brown
2019, Just the Way
listen on Amazon

‘Cause I was made for loving
Just the way God made you

Knockin’ Boots – Luke Bryan
2019. Knockin’ Boots
listen on Amazon

Miles To The Moon – Jordan Fletcher
2019, Miles To The Moon
listen on Amazon


Old Town Road (Remix) – Lil Nas X feat. Billy Ray Cyrus
2019, 7 EP
listen on Amazon

The Bones – Maren Morris
2019, GIRL
listen on Amazon

The Git Up – Blanco Brown
2019, The Git Up
listen on Amazon

Walk With Me – Delta Rae
2019, Walk With Me
listen on Amazon

If you walk with me
Take my hand, I’ll stand by you
Hand in hand, I’ll walk with you

Butterflies – Kacey Musgraves
2018, Golden Hour
listen on Amazon


Made For You – Jake Owen
2018, Jake Owen
listen on Amazon

I don’t know where I’d be or what I’d do
‘Cause I was made for you

Some Of It – Eric Church
2018, Desperate Man
listen on Amazon

The Difference – Tyler Rich
2018, The Difference
listen on Amazon

There’s a difference in “Love ya” and “I love you”
And I wanna be the difference

Body Like A Back Road – Sam Hunt
2017, Body Like A Back Road
listen on Amazon

Grow Old – Florida Georgia Line
2016, Dig Your Roots
listen on Amazon

Buy some land with a good view
To start a family
Baby grow old with me


Head Over Boots – Jon Pardi
2015, California Sunrise
listen on Amazon

You’re the one I want, you’re the one I need
Baby, if I was a king, ah, you would be my queen

Yeah Boy – Kelsea Ballerini
2015, The First Time
listen on Amazon

Your eyes could make the moon jealous
And if you wanna know if I wanna be your girl tonight
Yeah, boy

House Party – Sam Hunt
2014, Montevallo
listen on Amazon

Honey Bee – Blake Shelton
2011, Red River Blue
listen on Amazon

I’ll be your shade tree
You’ll be my honeysuckle
I’ll be your honey bee

You – Chris Young
2011, Neon
listen on Amazon

I thought I knew what love was but I didn’t have a clue
I never found anything that makes me feel like I do about you


Stuck Like Glue – Sugarland
2010, The Incredible Machine
listen on Amazon

Stuck like glue
You and me baby
We’re stuck like glue

Chicken Fried – Zac Brown Band
2008, The Foundation
listen on Amazon

Wagon Wheel – Old Crow Medicine Show
2004, Old Crow Medicine Show
listen on Amazon

Cowboy Take Me Away – The Chicks
1999, Fly
listen on Amazon

Cowboy take me away
Fly this girl as high as you can into the wild blue
Set me free, oh, I pray
Closer to heaven above and closer to you

Boot Scootin’ Boogie – Brooks & Dunn
1992, Brand New Man
listen on Amazon

Friends In Low Places – Garth Brooks
1990, No Fences
listen on Amazon

Forever And Ever, Amen – Randy Travis
1987, Always & Forever
listen on Amazon

Oh, baby, I’m gonna love you forever
Forever and ever amen

Take Me Home, Country Roads – John Denver
1971, Poems, Prayers & Promises
listen on Amazon


Fast Tempo Country Wedding Songs

Like A Lady – Lady A
2021, Like A Lady
listen on Amazon

hole in the bottle – Kelsea Ballerini, Shania Twain
2020, kelsea

The Luckiest – Josh Abbott Band
2020, The Luckiest
listen on Amazon

Yeah, I’m lucky, I know it’s true
But I feel the luckiest to be loved by you

Champagne Night – Lady A
2020, Champagne Night
listen on Amazon

Make It Sweet – Old Dominion
2018, Make It Sweet
listen on Amazon

Don’t waste another mile or a minute not kissin’ me
Life is short, make it sweet


Wagon Wheel – Darius Rucker
2013, True Believers
listen on Amazon

Country Girl (Shake It For Me) – Luke Bryan
2011, Tailgates & Tanlines
listen on Amazon

Little White Church – Little Big Town
2010, The Reason Why
listen on Amazon

Save A Horse (Ride A Cowboy) – Big & Rich
2004, Horse of a Different Color
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Top 10 Country Songs

(as calculated by downloads)

  1. Tennessee Whiskey – Chris Stapleton
  2. I Hope You Dance – Lee Ann Womack
  3. God Bless The U.S.A. – Lee Greenwood
  4. Go Rest High On That Mountain – Vince Gill
  5. God’s Country – Blake Shelton
  6. Settling Down – Miranda Lambert
  7. In Case You Didn’t Know – Brett Young
  8. Wine, Beer, Whiskey – Little Big Town
  9. Where the Country Girls At – Trace Adkins
  10. Made For You – Jake Owen

What Is Country Music?

Country music, also known as country and western, started in America in the early 1920s. Folk music was taken to the next level to create country music. Since then, country music diversified into different styles and sub-genres such as rockabilly, bluegrass, honky-tonk, country rock, and the latest version of country-pop.

Similar song lists for further reading:


Nashville — The Heart of Country Music

The vast majority of country music has been both produced and recorded in Nashville since 1925. What later became known as the Grand Ol’ Opry started that year.

To this day, entrance into the Grand Ol’ Opry family is a prestigious accomplishment. Early musicians who made their trek to Nashville and became stars included Kitty Wells, Patsy Cline, and Ernest Tubb. With the early transition of a more pop-country sound, it paved the way for today’s country singers.

With the beginning of radio broadcast in the 1930s, anyone with a radio was exposed to the country genre. The Opry also helped promote country artists with its live stage broadcasts aired on television.

Just as everyone adored the rock and roll stars in the mid-fifties, people adored country stars starting in the 1930s. The western films of the 1930s and 1940s brought singing cowboys such as Gene Autry and Roy Rogers.

The popular form of Country in the 1940s was western swing. Western swing is a combination of jazz, big band, and blues. And, it’s super fun to dance to.


From Western Swing to Today’s Country

Western swing was responsible for introducing the steel guitar into country music. Honky-tonk music is what helped describe country music throughout the years with storytelling that included new love, lost love, beer-drinking, and faithful companions.

Another genre of country music is outlaw country, categorized by artists who called themselves as such. The Outlaw Movement grew with artists such as Conway Twitty, The Charlie Daniels Band, Johnny Cash, and Willie Nelson.

Country rock started in America in the late 1960s and carried through the 1970s and into recent decades with music artists such as The Eagles, Alabama, and Garth Brooks.

With the release of the movie “Urban Cowboy” in 1980, country music became popular again. The pop-country became mainstream with artists such as Dolly Parton, Eddie Rabbitt, and Kenny Rogers.


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