The Role of Music in Your Wedding

Music is one of the things at your wedding, which forms part of your persona and helps you to set the mood for your wedding party. Choosing music for your wedding can be one of the most enjoyable tasks of your wedding planning. It can also be a good option when you want to take a break from the busy and hectic preparations for your wedding.

Some couples have the impression that music is not necessary for the wedding or they don’t find the task very important and leave it completely to the DJ. However, this should not be the case, as music helps to add an essence of entertainment and fun to an enjoyable and auspicious occasion like your wedding.

Without music, your wedding can turn out to be quite a dull affair with a feeling of something missing from it. Moreover, it is always special to dedicate songs to your loved ones.

role of music at your wedding

Music at Your Wedding

Since music played at the wedding can be heard by everyone and is crucial for setting up the right mood of the wedding party,  it should be selected with utmost caution. For selecting the right kind of music for your wedding there are a few tips to remember.

  • Firstly it is essential to remember that music should not cater to only a single age group. This is because at every wedding there are people who belong to different age groups starting from children, teenagers, youth, to the elders. Thus, if music is of the choice of only one age group then the others will tend to get bored and sometimes even frustrated.
  • The second most important thing to remember while choosing your wedding playlist is that it should not contain any songs that may sound awkward or annoying when played aloud in an audience. There are many songs in your I-pod that you may personally like but they may not be very decent to be played when you are being accompanied by your mother and grandmother.
  • Another thing that should be considered while selecting the songs for your wedding is that they should not all be dance numbers as a wedding should not have a complete dance party feel to it.
  • The next point to remember is selecting the right DJ or band. Make sure whatever you hire for the music requirements of your wedding, be it a band or a DJ, you explain your music specifications as well as any restrictions very clearly to them. A DJ can be hired when your wedding is more of a fun affair and a band could be a good option when you want to give an old school feels to your wedding.
  • Also, make sure that the playlist does not have too much variety in tempo and feel of the music as a constant switch of music from rock songs, waltz dancing music, old school, or romantic can many times become frustrating for the audience.

Apart from the above tips, never forget to add your personal touch to your wedding playlist as music is the best way to add the essence of your personality to the wedding and convey your feelings for your partner and loved ones through music.

See wedding music to play for each moment of your big day.

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Larry Weaver
Larry Weaver
4 years ago

Thanks for mentioning how a wedding should not have a total dance party feel. My sister has always had a passion for music, and with her wedding coming up it will be important to get the right music for her reception. When we look for a band that will play at the wedding, we will be sure to find a band that understands that not every song should feel like a dance song.

My Wedding Songs
My Wedding Songs
4 years ago
Reply to  Larry Weaver

Thanks Larry and Congrats on your upcoming wedding.