Top 50 Spanish Flamenco Guitar Songs for Weddings

It’s difficult to divorce the emotion, song, and dance of the Flamenco. Along with a Flamenco guitarist, the dancer would convey emotion, story, and tone. It’s romantic, passionate, and can even be performed in groups — not just with soloists. Flamenco dancers can be male or female as well.

spanish flamenco guitar songs list


The Hot 50 flamenco songs are listed as the most downloaded songs chart on Amazon.

  1. A Cuban Groove – Greg Reiter, 2010
  2. Agua Marina (Rumba Flamenco) – Paco Cepero, 2010
  3. Alma Llanera – Paco De Lucía and Ramón De Algeciras, 1994
  4. Cacharel – Tierra Negra, 2002
  5. Caliente – Charo, 2006
  6. Camino De La Luna – Daniel Fries, 2007
  7. Cemetery Gates – Heavy Mellow, 2013
  8. Como El Agua – Camarón de la Isla, 2011
  9. Cuentame – Pitingo, 2009
  10. Danza Malvada – Guitarra Azul, 2013
  11. Das Borjka – Diego’s Umbrella, 2007
  12. Donde Se Divisa El Amor (Taranto) – Camarón de la Isla feat. Paco De Lucía, 2018
  13. En Aranjuez Con Tu Amor – Charo, 2006
  14. Entre Dos Aguas – Paco de Lucía, 1975
  15. Entre Dos Aguas – Paco de Lucía, 2018
  16. Eres Tu – Charo, 2006
  17. Esperanza – Guitarra Azul, 2013
  18. Flamenco Journey – Dvir Silverstone, 2015
  19. Flamenco y Bachata – Daviles de Novelda, 2021
  20. Golden Boy – Guitarra Azul, 2013
  21. Hacienda De La Mariposa – Greg Reiter, 2010
  22. La isla del amor – Demarco Flamenco feat. Maki, 2017
  23. La Nina De Puerta Oscura – Paco De Lucía and Ricardo Modrego, 1972
  24. La Tarara (Tarantos) – Camarón de la Isla, 2018
  25. La Tasca – Guitarra Azul, 2008
  26. Lotus Flower – Guitarra Azul, 20212
  27. Malaguena – Charo, 2006
  28. Malagueña – Stefan, 2004
  29. Mañana de Carnaval – Paco De Lucía and Ramón De Algeciras, 1994
  30. Mi Amor – Benise, 2006
  31. Milonguea Del Ayer – Craig Einhorn, 2005
  32. Muchacho barrigón – Raya Real, 2015
  33. No Naqueres Más De Mí (Tangos Del Titi) – Camarón de la Isla feat. Paco De Lucía & Ramón De Algeciras, 2018
  34. Oasis – Guitarra Azul, 2008
  35. Pal Caballito Tordo (Tarantos) – Manuel Agujetas Hijo featuring Antonio García, 2019
  36. Picante – Charo, 2006
  37. Rattlesnake – Greg Reiter, 2010
  38. Río Ancho – Paco de Lucía, 1976
  39. Santa Barbara – Benise, 2006
  40. Se Nos Rompió el Amor – Miguel Campello, 2021
  41. Solamente Uno – Guitarra Azul, 2013
  42. Todo lo bello es gratis – Joe Crepúsculo featuring Tomasito, 2018
  43. Tres Lagrimas – Guitarra Azul, 2013
  44. Tribal – Benise, 2006
  45. Tubaru Bai – Los Banis, 2003
  46. Un Solo Toro Para Luis Miguel – Gabriela Ortega, 2018
  47. Unrequited Love – Mediterranean Nights, 2010
  48. Volando Voy – Camarón de la Isla, 2005
  49. Wicked Game – Chris Isaak, 2010
  50. Wildflower – Guitarra Azul, 2012

Reader suggested:

Taranto del serrucho – José Torres Trío feat. Cristian de More



Though we have been a professional DJ company for over twenty years, there is nothing like live music. Just like a string quartet or harpist at your wedding ceremony, a Flamenco guitarist conveys the emotion from the songs in a way that is memorable.

“At a wedding or any special event, the Flamenco guitar offers incredible changes of intensity from sweet, slow and subtle playing to a more upbeat, stronger, fiery sound The guitar can be played during the wedding to create that special atmosphere. I don’t think you can compare a DJ and pre-recorded music with the magic of a live musician.” Sunshine Wedding Spain

According to Wikipedia, these are some of the most influential Flamenco artists:

  • Vicente Escudero
  • Lola Flores
  • Antonio Gades
  • Carlos Montoya
  • Antonio Ruiz Soler
  • Juanito Valderrama

While watching this video of the Ballet Flamenco, you may be reminded of Irish Clogging, tap dance, Step, and other folk-based dances. Passed on through the culture, Flamenco is rich in history. We dare you to not be moved to your core while watching a performance. Whether you decide to add the dance at the wedding reception (first dance challenge?), Flamenco is perfect for any part of your wedding ceremony.

“Spanish flamenco music is the result of an interchange of musical styles, culture, and folklore between the Roma people (known as gitanos in Spain) and the native Andalusians, Castilians, Moors, and Sephardic Jews in the early eighteenth century.” Masterclass

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Flamenco is a subgenre of Latin music.

If you have a Flamenco song that should be added to our list, be sure to comment on your suggestion below. If you are searching for other cultural song lists, be sure to check out our list of cultural song lists.

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