Photo Booths & Add-ons with Geoff Pusko – E127

Matthew Campbell of My Wedding Songs and Geoff Pusko of Local Motion Entertainment chat about photo booths and DJ add-ons.

Geoff Pusko grew up in Cheshire, Connecticut, and graduated from Cooperative Arts & Humanities High School in New Haven, CT, studying and playing the piano extensively.  Although he began deejaying weddings at the age of 18, in the summer of 1999, he went on to study International Hotel & Restaurant Management at Endicott College in Beverly, MA, and received a Swiss Hotel Degree at Les Roches Hotel Management School in Bluche, Switzerland.

Geoff decided to leave his Guest Relations Manager position at the Westin Maui in 2009 to come back and work at Local Motion Entertainment in Wallingford, CT, and DJ weddings full time.  With over 25 years of wedding DJ experience, having deejayed over 2,200 weddings so far, and a background in hospitality, Geoff has become a leading expert in the wedding DJ field in the Connecticut and Southern New England area.



Show Notes:

  • Memorable Wedding Moment
  • Meet Geoff Pusko
  • Photo Booth Company vs. DJ
  • Location for Photo Booths
  • Photo Booth Near the Dance Floor
  • Photo Booth Taking Dancers
  • Booking a Photo Booth Tips
  • Don’t Do’s
  • Backdrops
  • Cold Sparklers
  • CO2 Cannons
  • DJ Lighting
  • Booking DJs and Add-ons
  • Booking 2025
  • Hot Dates in New England
  • Wedding Music Tips
  • Popular Music
  • Unexpected Hits
  • The Wedding Experience
  • Find Geoff Online

Welcome everybody to the Wedding Songs Podcast. I am Matt Campbell. Today, we’re going to be talking about photo booths and other add-ons that DJs have. To help me along today, we have DJ Geoff Pusko from Local Motion Entertainment from Connecticut handling the Northeast.

Welcome to the show. Geoff. Hi, Matt. How are you? It’s a pleasure to be on. Thank you so much for having me on here. Yeah, this is awesome. I’m so glad that you’re on here to help talk about what we’re going to be talking about today.

Memorable Wedding Moment

Before we get started, like we do every podcast, can you just give us a little memorable or heartwarming wedding moment that you’ve had? Yeah, you know, memorable sometimes always, can be something crazy or wild that happened at a wedding, but heartwarming, we see it so much that sometimes you could take it for granted a little bit, but. Looking back through the 25 years of doing this, I think the most heartwarming moments were the moments that a family member or one of the couple members surprised the other, family member.

Two years ago, I had a mother of the bride surprise her daughter, by singing her bridal processional. She thought she’d be coming down. The bride would be coming down to an instrumental can’t help falling in love. Her mother happened to be a phenomenal singer. And she sang over that track and the tears that came from the bride’s eyes and how honored she felt and how honored the mother felt, that’s the thing that really gets me and sticks with me and it gives me goosebumps just thinking about it.

There was another instance, the same thing, several years back where a bride surprised her stepfather. So her biological father was walking her down the aisle. The man who raised her was her stepfather. And she wanted to honor him. So he was sitting on the edge of the aisle and as she made her way down, they stopped right by his chair.

She looked down at him in the seat and said, come on, you’re walking down too. And he gets on the other side, the biological father’s on and they walk in together. And the tears that came from this man’s face and the look of how honored he was. Was. Again, it gives me chicken skin thinking about it.

So, in moments like that, that really warms my heart. Oh, you gave me goosebumps there too. Well, and I think that those personal moments that couples do that’s what really makes the difference. The moments and makes the weddings. And, I understand it’s the wedding couples day, but it’s also family and friends day too.

So if you can have those moments, I think that that’s just extra special. Yeah, it does. It just kind of brings everyone together even more and gets people involved in the wedding. It’s, it’s really nice to see. So if you could just please introduce yourself and your company to the listeners.

Meet Geoff Pusko

Yeah, my name is Geoff Pusko. I am one of the owners of Local Motion Entertainment out of Wallingford, Connecticut. We’re in the greater New Haven area and we work between Westchester County in New York and Rhode Island and sometimes up in Massachusetts as well. Pretty much southern New England and northeast.

I’ve been doing this for 25 years this April. So, yeah, a little bit of experience under my belt. What percentage would you say that weddings are your focal point? At this point in my career, I would say 98 percent of what I do are weddings. I have four other team members who specialize.

One guy’s great with the proms. Another one is good with the quinceaneras. so we have some specialists within my crew. I’m lucky to have, but for me, my specialty is weddings. It’s really where I shine, where I enjoy it, it’s the most positive work environment possible. It’s somebody’s wedding. You help. Facilitate that happiness, so I think it’s a special thing. I love that too. Speaking of weddings let’s get into what we’re going to talk about today.

Photo Booth Company vs. DJ

Let’s start with photo booths and I’m going to really hit your heart on this one because I know this is a little bit controversial, but how do you respond as a DJ that, somebody’s hiring you for a photo booth?

How do you contradict that with, leaving photo booths to real photo booth companies? it’s funny you ask that because, when my company, first bought our first photo booth, I think it was 2011 when the trend was starting to emerge. And this photo booth was, a PC-based, it’s a 250-pound unit that should be in a mall somewhere.

My partner had gotten it. So it was my nemesis for a long time. And I, I stuck with this idea that, Hey, I’m a DJ. I should be sticking with being a DJ.

Over time, technology has gotten better. And what I ended up learning was as long as you have a great team that’s working in that photo booth, I think that you’re not diluting your DJ product by spreading yourself too thin with other offerings. As long as you have a good team that can take care of any troubleshooting, anything that would normally take you away from a dizzy dance floor in the middle of a set, which could be, A really tough thing.

So, I think if the DJ is comfortable and has the acumen to handle both DJing and emceeing a wedding and doing a photo booth, I see there’s nothing wrong with that. I actually sell my photo booth quite a bit. because my wife comes with me, she runs the photo booth and I know she’s rock solid and, can handle any troubleshooting.

So I feel confident offering that. If I wasn’t confident. I don’t think I would be selling a photo booth as much as I do. I think that’s really two great points that you made. One is to make sure you have a photo booth attendant because then you can just have them focus on their job and you can focus on your job and being the entertainment for the night.

The other thing is technology. I’ll never forget the first time I saw a roaming photo booth thinking, my gosh, this is awesome. You’re carrying this around in the palm of your hand, taking everybody’s pictures, that’s unbelievable. It’s wild, wild. we just purchased a new one in August and this thing is amazing.

Our couple’s going nuts for it. The live galleries that you can host for all the captures indefinitely. And, it’s, it’s pretty incredible what you can do, and, that, ease of use really makes me more confident in being able to offer. A photo booth with my clients in addition to my DJ services.

Location for Photo Booths

So then now let’s say a couple is booking you for the DJ and also the photo booth. What is the ideal location for the photo booth at weddings? very good point because I see a lot of venues just don’t look at it from that side. They look about. Layouts and people are not thinking about the flow of the party and what works best.

I think ideally, I always try to get my couples to get the photo booth in the ballroom. With the party, that way people can jump in if they hear a song that they love and they want to jump out, they can get back in. I think that’s not the case because it’s not always the case. You might have a full room packed with tables and it’s just not feasible.

The 2nd, best place would be if the bar is outside in a foyer area, for instance, having that photo booth by the bar. So every time. They go out for a drink, and they might swing back into the photo booth, and it makes it kind of a natural flow from the dance floor, photo booth, bar, and back. My first choice would be in the ballroom. The second would be by the bar.

Photo Booth Near the Dance Floor

Do you think that you should have the photo booth near the dance floor, just so it’s a gradual transition too? I think it should be on the other end of the room, to be honest with you, or off to the side. but not right by the area, just to give people some time to get into that, photo booth and really delve into it and not be focusing so much on the dancing at that point in time. If there’s a great song that comes out, I want them to be able to shoot across the room and hit the dance floor pretty quickly as well. Going off of that, do you guide your, photo booth attendants to say, okay, now you have your pictures done head on over to the dance floor. You know, that’s a good point.

So my wife, Grace, she runs our photo booth and, she’s really good about, getting people in, taking care of it, seeing if they want to do any more. And then again, like you said, gesturing back, go have fun on the dance floor for the rest of the night. We’re still here. If you want to come back out for more pictures.

Please feel free, but also, have a wild time on the dance floor as well. Speaking of the DJ perspective, then I can see everybody out getting their photos, taking them, got their props. They’re, they’re really excited. I think as an ego for the DJ, nobody’s dancing because now everybody’s getting their pictures taken.

Photo Booth Taking Dancers

I just want to throw that out there to say, Hey, sometimes it’s not the DJ’s fault that nobody’s dancing because you’re at a photo booth. It’s a detractor from the dance floor, but you know, at the same time, I also kind of like to think of it as another draw of energy at the same time. but again, with that being the case of having it. Detract from your dance floor. I think it should be in a location that makes it easy for them to hop back on. If you’re, playing a song, that they were crazy for or whatever it may be. I love that tip.

Booking a Photo Booth Tips

Speaking of tips for couples, booking photo booths, do you have any tips for them? I do, in my days doing this, I’ve seen some, We are horrific setups. a shower curtain on a little pipe and drape, set up with a 35-millimeter camera and a tripod. And this is their photo booth. I think it’s really important for couples to know exactly what the features are on their photo booth, and what they should expect it to look like. what they will receive in the end, whether it’s a scrapbook full of photo strips, or if it’s a, you know, digital gallery of the photos. I think that should all be very clear because photo booths range in quality, as we know, from, bare bones to, luxury 360, photo booths that are $20,000.

So, yeah, I would definitely recommend that they know exactly what they’re getting just so there are no disappointments. If they’re expecting something, I always like to communicate exactly what my couples are going to get beforehand at our final details meetings and just so there are, expectations are set and met and exceeded.

Out of your couples, what do couples get with the end product? Are they getting the strips and all of the pictures that are taken or I offer two packages with that photo booth? One is digital only. So our photo booth will airdrop the photos to your phone. It’ll text, email, or Whatever it needs to do in that case, you really don’t need an attendant.

You could set up a table with props. You can have it unattended and basically let it run all night. If it is run by an attendant, we typically do about three hours there. again, just making sure that these people know exactly what they’re going to get.

It’s important. So are there things that you’ve seen? I know you mentioned the shower curtains, and you want to have an attendant.

Don’t Do’s

Are there things that you, shouldn’t be done well, for me personally, one of my no-nos that I won’t do is outdoor photo booths. I just, there’s parties that are outdoors and they want to have a photo booth unless it’s, And even then I’m a little uncomfortable unless it’s a tented event, you have expensive electronics that are risking possible rainstorms. So that’s really 1 of my only no-no-nos.

I was the thing I love about the photo booths is that people can get wild in there. They can capture a side of the night that is completely candid. It’s not going to be what’s on the video or your videographer. It won’t be in your photo album. It’s going to be the funner, wilder side of the night being captured there.

So pretty much anything goes in our photo booth. We always just like to let people cut loose and enjoy themselves. I remember a few weddings. I’ve DJ’d where guests are on the tables dancing and, going crazy now they can do that at least at the photo booth with the props and exactly.

It gives them an outlet to just totally get crazy. and we would like to get your videos on our photo booth. So it’s a nice interactive experience as well.


One last thing I want to talk about in the photo booth is the backgrounds. you know, there are so many different backgrounds that they can have. Are there any that are popular or any tips for that? We used to have a closed enclosure that was a pipe, this amazingly, incredibly, large, sheer fabric cover to it. And it looked like a black Lily or a vase almost so you would step into this little door and into this cool little space with the photo. It was nice that people liked it when they were in there, but as time has gone by, and using, a backdrop that’s more of just a sheer, design behind us. I’d like that because the guests that are queued up to go in next get to see what these people are doing. They’re laughing. These guests that they’re not even in the photos because they’re getting silly and goofy.

So I, I honestly, I like the open, open-air backdrops, better than the closed ones, because I’ve tried both and I, I just think it adds more to the party when you look over there and just see people having a blast out in the open. it just puts out better vibes. I feel. And maybe, as you said, with technology, they’re able to get quality pictures, even if it’s very well-lit.

You’re able to get that, exactly. Yeah. Before it was essential to have that dark booth to get those good photos, but with technology now, it’s just unbelievable what they can take and the quality I know you have a background in hotel management.

Cold Sparklers

What are your thoughts on cold sparklers? Wow. Cold sparklers. Yeah. Very cool effect. No pun intended, but it’s a controversial one as well, with a facility with the venues, and even at the jurisdiction level that you’re in, if, every DJ should make sure that a, if they are going to do, Cold sparklers that it’s allowed in their district.

There aren’t countries that ban them outright. There are states like Rhode Island. I don’t know if you remember in 2003, there was the nightclub fire at the great white show. 100 people died and 200 plus were, injured. You can’t even have a grill on your deck in Rhode Island anymore. You can’t have a grill on a wooden deck next to your house.

So they’ve gone so far in that direction. so I would always consider that 1st and make sure it’s illegal. and then. If it’s something that, you’re looking to incorporate with your DJ, I would certainly clear it with the venue. the venue might, even though these are what I quote cold sparklers, I believe they run off powdered titanium or something like that.

And it does burn, you’ll see these, social media videos where they’ll put their hand in there and the sparks will hit if you were to put a piece of paper. Or a lace wedding dress above that you would have a much different outcome than what it does in your hand because they still do put off heat and, there’s definitely a safety factor around that.

So, it’s something I would definitely also clear with the venue just to make sure that they would allow that in place. Again, there’s such a cool feature. love how they look. and the fact that they are not true pyrotechnics is really neat. but it’s limiting. I think as far as where you can if it’s at a venue that you work at a lot and staff asking you to come back if they were unhappy and didn’t clear it with them ahead of time, confetti cannons.

I know places. Absolutely for those. the cleanup is monumental. but just due to the, down to a low level if it’s legal or not. that’s something to take into some serious consideration. I wouldn’t just add that on as a willy-nilly add-on. Thanks for your opinion on that.

Cause I, I’m even thinking that as a DJ, I wouldn’t do anything like that without even insurance, just the fact that something could go wrong. Yeah. You have people drinking alcohol, and getting wild by these, machines, it could be a malfunction, something you just never know. And I think it’s the risk to reward that is, not worth it.

Something for a lot of couples to think about. I think about that for myself when I had this paper that you could blow up and then it would shoot like fire up and I saw that get really close. I remember this. The fabric would blow the thing that looked like a moving flame.

And, as I was looking up, I was at a school cafeteria. I’m thinking, yeah, I could have burned the place down. I’m never doing this again. You know, at the end of the day, I feel like it isn’t worth that risk. even though it’s, it’s a beautiful effect and there are other things now that are really starting to take off.

I don’t know if you offer them, but CO2 canons and there are just so many, you have the glow sticks. there are other effects that you can have at your reception or, you know, the sparkler send-offs that are outdoors at the end with the photographer. I think that’s a really nice way to end the wedding.

CO2 Cannons

But you’re right, there are other options to, add some pizazz to the wedding without, necessarily going that way. The CO2 cannons are pretty neat that you bring that up. I’ve been taking a look at them. I’ve had some couples asking me and I’m not seriously considering purchasing 1, but again, it’s something I also would want to check with the venue before I go there and use this and, you know, I’m sure I don’t set the fire detection system off or whatever it may be. I agree. A lot of things to think about. Yeah, it is.

DJ Lighting

Speaking of add-ons, I just have to ask at least about lighting. Is it something that you include in your DJ packages or how do you work lighting? The way that I’ve approached this, and this has been a long time, and I’ve had many marketers tell me to do something different, to create packages that are inclusive of certain things, but I’ve always gone to the a la carte approach of add ons, and only selling people what they really need.

I tell them off the bat, that I’m not a pushy salesman. We have these. Available for your wedding. but we’re not going to force you to buy something that you just don’t want at your wedding. So, I offer that as, an add-on at the same time. I don’t like to nickel and dime people, but. When they pay for my DJ service, they pay for the travel setup breakdown.

There’s no nickel and dime. It’s a flat rate. For me to be your DJ for the day. same with the lighting. If you want that, I can get it for you. We’ll make the place look beautiful. so. I always try to, you know, book my DJ services 1st and then, kind of start to approach the add-ons. Some couples already have it in their mind that they know they want that upload.

So, it’s just an easy, easy sell with that. but again, I like to go with that a la carte approach, and with couples customizing their wedding more and more lately. I think that’s an important thing to offer them that choice. Instead of packages, like, I’ve seen, when you’re talking to couples, I’m just trying to think about this on my end, if I’m talking to you, I’m trying to book you.

Booking DJs and Add-ons

Are you trying to book the DJ services and then the add-ons? How does that process work? That’s a really good point, Matt. I like to just stick with my DJ services first because I know. If they develop trust with me we could have a great relationship and they feel comfortable with me DJing their wedding.

At that point, you can start to introduce other ideas. photo booth, say, Hey, we have a fantastic photo booth. If you’re interested, if you’re interested, we have uplighting. If you think it’s going to add that extra oomph to your ambiance in the room. so I am a firm believer that you should book your basic service first, get your foot in the door, and create a relationship with them.

And then from there. You can go to, upsell on other items. What is your philosophy then of when should couples book their DJ? I have a great saying for that, that I always use. I say, you know, it’s good that you have a headstart because at least that way you won’t be left with the scraps.

They get to choose exactly who they want to work with when they get a leg up on planning over a year and put. I’m looking solid for 2025 at this point if the best dates always go first. and I, I think if somebody is a couple is really, finding a DJ or a photographer or whatever it may be, whatever vendor that they really like, and this person is credible within the industry, hop on it.

Don’t drag your feet because you don’t want to not have the people available that you really want to work with. That’s kind of my philosophy on that. Get a headstart. You’ll thank yourself later. I agree. If you like a DJ book them now, not later. That’s it. I have so many times where I’ll meet with a couple, they’ll drag their feet and I just forget about it.

I haven’t heard from them for a month. I book a couple in the meantime. and they come back a month later. Are you, are you available? And I typically give a two-week window. I’m making a decision because I don’t want to rush people. I’m not a high-pressure salesman. I don’t want to lock the door, turn off the heat take their credit card from them put them in a high-pressure situation because I’m not a person who likes to be in high-pressure situations. so, I would definitely get, get a leg up on the people that you really want to work with. A good point. This is a left-field question just because you brought it up.

Hot Dates in New England

What dates in 2025 are you experiencing that are very hot right now? Right now? Memorial Day weekend is booked solid right now, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

Right. I’ll possibly get a Monday as well, to do is already booked. I have four other DJs that I also book with my business partner as well. and that date just keeps popping up May 25th, May 24th, and May 26th. so, I keep seeing those over and over again. my wife and I were married on Columbus Day weekend, back in 2008.

But that’s a big time here in New England because you have the foliage. October and September dates here in this part of the country go very quickly because it’s honestly the best weather we get all year. The humidity is down from the summer. It’s not too cold yet. We had that gorgeous foliage. So, we find that those October and September dates fill in right away, and then the holiday dates as well. Now I know if I ever make it up that way, I’m going to be visiting in October. Yeah, you bet. You bet. You have a, you have a place to stay here, man. Cool.

Wedding Music Tips

We are called the wedding songs podcast. I have to at least ask some wedding music questions. So what is one tip you would give to couples planning their wedding music?

I kind of mentioned how customization is really big right now, but then you have some couples that just don’t know much about music and they say, well, we’re hiring a professional. So you take care of it. That’s great. I love being able to have free reign, but I also want to be able to dial in some of the stuff they love.

So I tell them, you know, at the very least, I’d love to get like maybe five must-play songs that you really want to hear a couple of your favorite artists. And maybe some of your favorite genres and a do not playlist of a few things that you definitely don’t want to hear. That gives me a pretty good framework of at least an idea now of what it is they’re willing to work within and where I can go throughout the night.

I think not getting any of that information, you could be shooting darts in the dark and completely missing what it is they like because they didn’t communicate that to me as a DJ. So I always try to get like just a couple of indicators from them. As to what they would want to hear if, it came to it.

So, at the very least provide, that for your DJ, if you can, the more, the better I always feel, as long as you can give me a little wiggle room to mix from there, because every song they give me, I can think of five, six, seven to follow that I can. Read the crowd with and go from there. And I think that’s where the magic happens for the DJ when, you’re given a framework of how they want the night to sound and feel, and you kind of do your thing within that reading the crowd.

One tip that I was talking to one DJ about, and he mentioned is to get a list of concerts they’ve been to. They can’t think of any music, get a list of concerts. Cause if you know, they’ve been to Taylor Swift, they’ve been to Katy Perry. Oh, okay. And then they’re into that pop era.

So fantastic. If I’m going to have to steal that from, whoever was kind enough to provide that. so, that’s great. I had a couple that was huge music fans and, instead of, table cards with the number they had tickets to the shows, that they went to and a little on the backside of a picture of what the artists looked like and that was you at the Prince’s table. You’re, at the Guns and Roses table over here. It was just a cool play, I’ve also seen that done with movies as well.

Popular Music

Speaking of the Northeast, then what type of music is popular? Every DJ right now says the nineties 2000s and early 2010s. Are you seeing the same thing I see the classics, the stuff that, has been tried and true, for a while now. I just feel that the world has gotten a bit dark lately. People, it’s a wonderful thing to be able to take people out of their days for a bit and maybe give them a little bit of nostalgia and take them back to a time were happy and had great memories.

I think that’s where the connection lies and that’s where you really start to connect with your crowd as a DJ. So those Throwbacks that people might not have heard in the last 5, 10, 15 years that they just don’t play on the radio anymore. I find that that just blows people’s minds, far more than anything else going on today.

Another thing in the Northeast right now that’s, quite popular is Afrobeats. That’s an area that I really had to dig in and start learning. it’s, it’s become very popular, I think at every wedding I have somebody come up and play some Afro beats. so that’s one genre that I think a lot of DJs might overlook.

It’s quite foreign to a lot of people, but, it’s great music to dance to. It’s a lot of fun if your crowd’s into it. So that’s been another, one that’s popped up, and as I’ve seen a lot of requests for that at weddings. And it’s newer music too. So you can mix that in for all the younger crowd anyway.

I agree too, with the older ones where maybe it’s not songs they hear all the time. I’ve spoken to several DJs in the last couple of weeks who are saying that the nineties before is really out, but not every bride and groom or every wedding couple is 25-30. If you have an older couple, that’s maybe fifties or sixties, you can really give yourself a chance to play.

Like, everybody plays Etta James at last. Well, maybe if you switch that up to Sunday, kind of love, man, just during dinner or cocktail hour, it just has that, goosebumps. Exactly. The ones that aren’t the expected songs from those artists, but they had some great other hits.

That you still remember somewhere in your, in your memory. And then when that gets pulled out, you can just see that look on people’s faces. Like, Oh, yes. Like I love this song. And just, yeah, I feel like there’s so much other music out there that is not your typical wedding music. You know, music’s my passion.

I absolutely love it. I’m a pianist of 37 years. I, I just love music and, I’m so lucky to be a DJ. You know, I really feel that way. so having that knowledge of music is, you know, really important to, be able to go back in time if it’s an older crowd and, and nail that. And I see that as almost like a barrier for a lot of younger DJs that are getting onto the scene.

They want to know the new stuff, but you gotta have the foundation. And the oldies you gotta know your fifties, sixties, seventies, eighties, you need to, cause it’s the basis of where we came from. And, to me, the best weddings are when everybody’s out there having a great time, from your aunts and uncles having a great time with your friends from college or, you know, whatever it may be, I think those are the funnest weddings.

Unexpected Hits

That is a great transition. Are you seeing any songs that may be unexpected? That’s really bringing everybody out on the dance floor. That’s not that quote-unquote top 200 song. Yeah. A lot of times I like to open out with a sign sealed, deliver, celebration can be like a little too obvious in your face, but sign sealed, I’ll speed that up about 10 percent on my, my dial.

And, boogie shoes is another one that, it’s just fantastic, it’ll get everybody in the room going. And it’s not an expected, one at a wedding, I feel. so, certain songs like that were, you’re pulling out known songs that are great, but are not expected and just not are the standard at every wedding, and you put out some great lists for that.

I love that when you do the, well, there’s this, well then try this alternative instead, those lists that you put out, I think those are fantastic because it gets people thinking about, again, all the other great music that’s out there. That’s not, used all the time. You can really set yourself apart as a DJ and start to specialize in that.

And, connecting on that nostalgic level with people. Well, I think that’s all started with couples saying, don’t want my wedding the same as every other wedding. Don’t be playing, Uptown Funk or Justin Timberlake. I don’t want that played at my wedding or the line dances, of course.

So then, yeah, you’re having to create those lists and figure out what, what’s going to work. Yeah. You know, one of the things I always do is I always ask what my couple’s ages are. Okay. I say, so I want to know when you were in high school when you might’ve been in college if you went.

I want to know when I can throwback to these nostalgic songs for those couples. So that’s another thing I always do is I always ask how old they are so I can dial back to their nostalgic times. and really kind of dig in unexpectedly for them. it’s definitely the music that’s in middle school and high school.

That’s the most influential for sure. Absolutely. And it gets people flying out of the photo booth. You know, that’s one of the ways, my wife always gives me great feedback is, you know, she’s watching these people. And when I throw on these nostalgic songs or, a song that’s special to a group that from 10 years ago, they’ll zip out of that photo booth and get right on the dance floor.

I don’t see that same reaction with a lot of today’s music unless it’s sweet Caroline, because you’re, near the Boston area. That’s right. We love it. You know, being in Connecticut. It’s also, New York, New York. You could have a fight start in the room if you play the song,

but, no, it’s all good. all good rivalry. They’re friendly, friendly, right? Just to kind of close it out, are you seeing any area-specific songs that maybe somebody in the Midwest or in Arizona wouldn’t actually know about that’s popular in your area? I just did this wedding, an Irish wedding, so shipping up to Boston obviously came out with the drop in Murphy. that’s a great question, man. It’s a very ethnic part of the country. We have a lot of Italian weddings, we do a lot of Greek weddings. We do, you know, some ethnicities that might not be as prevalent in the Midwest. so I think it would be eye-opening for DJs from the Midwest or out in the Southwest, and Northwest to come out because it is always different in each part of the country. And when I talk with DJs from all over the country, certain, ceremonies are a must, whereas they’re not done in other places.

And I always like to see culturally how they do weddings and in certain locations. that’s cool. So is there something that we missed out on that you think we should? Share with everybody. This is really fun to talk about. to be honest with you. I think it’s fun to educate these couples.

The Wedding Experience

I always say you shouldn’t be a pro at getting married. You’ve been married way too many times. If you are, you know, Elizabeth Taylor here. so let us help you. Let us guide you. And, I, I think what you’re doing and putting this information out is really helpful, because it’s an intimidating process and, It’s always in hindsight that you wish you did this, this, this, and this.

So you really want to try to help your couples to introduce these ideas that they might regret later if we miss, I think it’s a good reminder that every, or I should say, a lot of the couples that you’re dealing with, this is their 1st time getting married, even though this could be your 2000th wedding.

That’s right. I’ve done over 2200 weddings in my day. You know, I love what I do. I’m passionate. And so I care about what I do. And I think any great DJ should care about what they do and be a little nervous before every wedding. I always am even after 25 years of doing this.

But I think if you’re nervous, it just shows that you care about what you do. Absolutely. I think it all starts there for sure.

Find Geoff Online

So, Geoff, where can listeners connect with you and follow along with you? Yeah, you could find me, on Facebook. We have a Facebook page for Local Motion Entertainment LLC. We’re the one in Connecticut. There, just so happens to be one in Pennsylvania as well. So don’t get us confused with them. we’re on, Instagram at Local Motion E N T as in entertainment. we put stuff out on those, platforms and please feel free to reach out.

If you have questions, I’m always happy to help couples people, or anybody. and, I think it’s just a fantastic thing to be a part of weddings. We need more happiness and love and joy in this world and it’s a platform for us to be able to spread that. I love that. That’s a great way to close it out.

Well, thanks, Geoff, for being on the show and helping us walk through the photo booth and music and the Northeast. Stay tuned for next week for another episode of the wedding songs podcast.

New episodes are coming out every Thursday morning. If you would just give us a five-star review on your favorite platform, like Apple Music and Spotify. Thanks for listening and have a great day.

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