Molly Lovette Releases New Wedding Song Flower Girl – E100

On this episode, country music artist Molly Lovette and Matthew Campbell of My Wedding Songs chat about her new song “Flower Girl” and her career.

The song would make for a beautiful first dance song. The wedding version of the song would be a great song to play while walking down the aisle.



Show Notes:

  • Flower Girl Backstory
  • Song Lyrics
  • Response to Song
  • Flower Girl in Weddings
  • Song Release
  • Music Video
  • Influential Artists
  • Who and Where Would You Play
  • Upcoming Projects
  • Proudest Moment
  • Follow Molly Lovette

Listen to the song now!

Welcome everybody to the 100th episode of the Wedding Songs Podcast. I am Matthew Campbell and today we have a very special episode with country music artist Molly Lovette. She is based in Nashville, Tennessee right now.

Welcome to the show, Molly.

Hello. Thanks so much for having me.

So I definitely wanted to have you on the show today because you recently released the song Flower Girl.

Flower Girl Backstory

Can you tell me the backstory of the song?

Yeah. So I got this idea for Flower Girl, actually from my roommate. She started dating this guy and he was awesome.

Just so good to her. So sweet. And he would bring her flowers literally all the time. And so at one point, I said to her, I was like, you’re such a flower girl these days. And as soon as I said it, I was like, Oh, that’s a song. I, I’m going to go write that song. And so I brought it to a couple of my friends here in Nashville and we ended up writing this whole love story starting from when flowers may not be.

The greatest thing you get them when someone apologizes, or it’s always kind of a negative thing to where you meet somebody who makes flowers special and really great. And then, you know, we tell a whole love story to where it turns into a wedding and there’s a flower girl and all of that.

I love that.

It reminds me of a movie. They had all the money in the world, but they wanted to deliver flowers. Because everybody loves getting flowers. So I love that story of, being that flower girl and, making it special.

Song Lyrics

Do you have special lyrics that are your favorites?

Yes. I actually, kind of like the sad lyrics at the beginning. I feel like they’re the most poetic, of the song. One of the lines is self-incrimination displayed in a vase. I don’t know how we, we came up with that line, but I think about that one a lot and I’m like, that was a, that was a cool way of saying that.

And one of the other ones at the beginning is. Sorry’s real pretty when it comes wrapped in a bouquet. Those were kind of the beginning ones where you’re in that stage of life where you just haven’t found your person yet. And I think we, we told that part of the story in kind of a cool way.

I love that. That’s very meaningful lyrics. Thanks.

Response to Song

What has been the response to the song?

It’s been really cool. It was my first song that I put out that immediately I feel like people really started listening to a ton and, and grabbed onto, you know, within the first couple of weeks we had 30,000 streams on Spotify, which was the quickest that’s happened for any of my songs.

I was really excited about that. And, I actually got to play at CMA Fest here in Nashville this year. I had so many people come up to me after we played that song and just said like, that’s your song. That’s the song. Like that’s, that’s going to really take you to the next level or do something. And, yeah, I think a lot of people can relate to this song for sure.

I love that. It’s funny. I’ve had many conversations with artists in the past and I always tell them, you just have to have the right love song. You could be the hardest rocking band, but if you have the right love song, it seems like you always take off.

Flower Girl in Weddings

Totally. Flower Girl, of course, makes for a great wedding song. Do you have any expectations of when couples will play it during their wedding ceremony or reception?

Yeah, I think it’d be a really pretty first dance song. I know one of my co-writers, actually, her name’s Haley Payne.

She has a friend who’s getting married next year and has already asked her if she could sing it at their wedding. So I think it’d be really pretty. We’re actually putting out, a wedding version of the song. that is just a more stripped-down piano strings, really pretty version of it. So there are a couple of options for people.

I think it’d be really pretty even walking down the aisle, as well.

Song Release

Yes, wedding versions are very popular and when do you think that’s going to be released? Actually, it is coming out on November 3rd., Right now.

Just so everybody knows the time of this recording is November 2nd, and this is probably going to be released near the end of November.

You definitely have to check out the song Flower Girl.

Music Video

A little birdie told me that you also produced a music video for this song and it’s very special to you. Can you tell everybody why it’s so special to you?

Yes. The music video, I was so excited to do it. I really haven’t done too many music videos, but my cousin is the one who does all of my pictures, videos, and anything we do.

She, she does it Lauren Hayes Media. She’s awesome. So it was really cool getting to kind of talk through the concept with her and figure out what we were doing. But then we also had a bunch of our family and friends and everybody involved too, I kind of tricked, one of my good family friends into being in the video.

I just asked him if he wanted to be in a video and he was like, yeah, sure. He showed up and had no idea that he was going to be the main character, my love interest. He was like, oh, I didn’t sign up for this. So, he did a great job, but he was not. Not super thrilled to have to do that.

But it turned out really, really cute. And, one of my good friends, who’s another artist, Mark Perkins, who was in the video is kind of the bad boyfriend, the guy before. Then we had the literal cutest thing ever. My little cousin. Was the flower girl at the end of the video, and it’s been so cool watching her watch herself in the video. Her mom texted me and sent some videos and she keeps asking to watch herself on TV. She just keeps wanting to watch the video. It’s really, really sweet.

Then we also had. My cousin’s wedding dress is in the video. We have my parents’ wedding rings and my mom’s veil. We had a lot of different aspects of my family there, which made it even more special.

I think that’s really going to help the video grow just because it is so special to you and there’s so much sentimental. It’s definitely going to be a family treasure, at least.

Oh, for sure. Yeah. It’s been cool. We sent it to, my grandma and grandpa too, who are almost 90, but are always excited about my music and everything. And they were crying. And that’s what a lot of people who I sent it to, they were like, Oh, I’m crying now that it’s over, like at the end. I’m like, I know it’s, it’s, yeah, it’s a really cute video.

You’ve made it a moment. I love it. Yes. At least in your family’s eyes. Right? Yeah, exactly.

Influential Artists

So who are some of the artists that have influenced you as a music artist?

One of my greatest influences is Taylor Swift since I was little, little, like is just who I always looked up to and wanted to be. I even have as you can see behind me, a lot of the dazzled guitars that were inspired by her. I kind of took it upon myself to just make a bunch of them. So I have quite a few colors and, I’m hoping to make a whole bunch more. But yeah, Taylor, I’ve always, always loved her.

I appreciate her. As a songwriter, a businesswoman, everything she’s done, I think is really, really smart and cool. and then honestly a lot of the female country artists, Carrie Underwood, Kelsea Ballerini, I really love right now. Tim McGraw was a big one. I actually went to Tim McGraw and Faith Hill when I was five years old.

That was the first concert that my parents took me to.

That’s a fantastic concert to be your first. I love it. I know. Yeah. Tough bar to set there.

I’m going to show my age, but my first concert was the Judds with Charlie Daniels.

Oh, that’s so cool. Oh my gosh. That’s awesome.

Who and Where Would You Play

So if you could play with any current music artists, cause, because I know you’ve opened up for Dierks Bentley, who would they be and where would you play?

Ooh, good question. Getting to open for Dierks was a dream come true, that was just earlier this year, just a couple of months ago.

And, I actually decided while I was at the show, ’cause I was like, you know what? The worst he can say is no. We were hanging out before the show in the green room. And I asked him if I could sing a duet with him during the show. And he said, yes. So we got to sing his song differently for girls together.

I still can’t believe that happened. Like, I just look back at videos and I’m like, that’s me in Dierks. I’ve been listening to him since I was little. It’s so crazy. so that was definitely a dream come true to get to sing with him. I got to open for Priscilla Block earlier this year as well, which I’m a big fan of and she was awesome. Really, really cool. But the ultimate dream would be to sing with Taylor. That would make my life honestly. But I’d love Tim McGraw. I’m a big fan of it as well. I would love to get to go on tour with him. Especially like somewhere in St. Louis in my hometown. St. Louis is very special to me. So getting to do that back home would be really cool.

Those are some big shoes to fill and very well-known artists. Taylor is probably the biggest in the music industry right now, most streamed on Spotify, and exactly what you said what she’s doing, just re-releasing her music under her own, label.

I think that that’s very commendable. Yes, for sure.

Upcoming Projects

Do you have any upcoming projects that you can share with everybody?

So next year I’m wanting to put out just more and more music. That’s kind of the age we’re in is everybody wants things quick. So I’m going to try to put out, quite a few more singles than usual.

I usually put out about three songs a year, but I already actually have three. songs ready to go for next year. So we’ll just keep on hitting the studio and recording. I’m excited for that. Hopefully some more music videos too. I would love that. And then, I’ll be on the road just like I was this year.

So hopefully we’ll do some more opening acts and, yeah, just playing a bunch of shows all over the country with my band.

I’m guessing you’re going to be clipping those songs onto social media as well.

Yes, there is one that I have already been teasing a little bit. That’ll be my first single of the new year.

It’s a song called Clean Break. So if you stalk my TikTok or Instagram, I’m sure you could find that song.

Thank you. That’s awesome.

Proudest Moment

Just one more question here for you. What’s the proudest moment that you’ve had? Maybe it’s with Dierks. I’m not sure, but what’s your proudest moment and what’s your goal?

I think my proudest moment probably is the Dierks show, especially just because it wasn’t really in the cards for us to get to sing together. And it was something that I just. Really hoped that would happen and I even hired a videographer just in case because in my head I was like, I’m going to plan to to ask him and just see what he says.

S that, yeah, that that was really, really special and I’ll, I’ll never ever forget that for as long as I live. But another cool moment for me was getting some radio play, in my hometown like our big country station that I grew up listening to. They played one of my songs, One Woman’s Show it’s called.

They played that for a little while and it was so cool cause I was living in Nashville, but I would wake up early cause it’d be on people’s drive to work that they would hear the song. So I’d wake up and be sitting in bed and listening to, you know, my song come on. And I have so many people sending me videos and posting all about it.

And that was really, really cool. and then some goals. Yeah, definitely more opening acts. I would love to do it, especially after this year. This is my first year where I got to open for Dierks and Priscilla Block, Kyle Morgan, Brian White, and Brady Seals. So I finally got to kind of take it to the next level a little bit, so I hope that we’ll just keep doing that next year, and eventually, you know, I’ll be the one that gets to headline and sell out stadiums and do all of that.

Yeah, the fun part of putting in the work, becomes a challenge, but it also makes it worthwhile. Just like you said doing those opening acts.

Totally. Yeah. I even, I said to Dierks, I was like, I hope that you know, someday down the line I’ll get to do the same thing you’re doing now for me and I’ll get to let somebody sing with me and it’s going to make their day.

Check Out Flower Girl

I love it. So is there anything else that you would like to share with everybody today?

I would love for you guys to check out Flower Girl, obviously. especially the wedding version. We had so much fun just kind of re-imagining that song. and stripping it down a little bit and it’s, I don’t, I honestly don’t even know which version I like better, so I’ll let you guys decide.

Let me know what you think. and I think it’s really, really pretty. wedding song, first dance song. I actually got to sing, at my cousin’s wedding, two years ago I sang their first dance song and they said like, Oh, I wish you had written Flower Girl back then because that would have been our song.

So I hope that, you know, a lot of people find this song and, can, can make it theirs.

Follow Molly Lovette

So if people want to follow you on social media or listen to your music, where can they find you?

I am all over social media. my website is

All my tour dates are on my site. Then on Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, all the things, Spotify, and Apple Music. It’s just Molly Lovette.

What are some upcoming tour dates that you’re looking forward to?

Luckily and unluckily, the tour kind of slows down a little bit in the winter.

So December we are only going to St. Louis for a weekend, which will be really nice because I’ll get to see my family and all of that. but once the new year hits, we are heading to Orlando and Maryland. I think we’re heading to Iowa. We’re getting all around the country. So, yeah, I’m excited to kind of get to some new places.

I’ve never played in Florida, so I’m probably most excited for that one in January.

Well, you know, right now it’s, it’s still warm in Vegas. It’s going to be about 77 today.

I’m so jealous. So jealous. I actually got to play in Vegas last year. and it was so much fun. Vegas is one of my favorite places.

It’s literally ever. So I’m, I’m jealous that that’s where you get to be all the time.

Yes. It’s especially one of our favorite shows every year is the iHeartRadio Festival. We get so many different artists. We saw Tim McGraw this year, through the years, Zach Brown Band, just so many great artists that, and then mixed in with Alicia Keys.

It’s just unbelievable. Thank you very much Molly for being on the show today and everybody make sure that you pull out your phones however, you’re listening on Spotify, YouTube, and even on. TikTok and listen to the new song Flower Girl by Molly Lovette.

Thanks for listening and have a great day. Thank you.

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