Hot 50 Cumbia Songs for Latin Music Playlist

Have you danced to Cumbia yet? Cumbia is a musical genre (and national dance of Columbia) that beautifully combines three cultures: African, Indigenous, and European.

The layering of percussion instruments and emphasis on the backbeat brings an irresistible call to dance. Regardless of the tempo, Cumbia will make any party a dance party!

Hot 50 Cumbia Songs

Hot 50 Cumbia Songs

I put together a collection of popular Cumbia songs being downloaded on Amazon. Enjoy our list of Hot 50 Cumbia songs for your wedding or party.

  1. Baila Esta Cumbia – Selena, 1990
  2. Con Esta Cumbia – Ramon Ayala Y Sus Bravos Del Norte, 2018
  3. Cowboy Cumbia – La Energia Norteña, 2021
  4. Cowboy Cumbia (Bilingual) – Javier Molina, 1998
  5. Cumbia A La Gente – Guaynaa & Los Ángeles Azules, 2021
  6. Cumbia Cienaguera – Aniceto Molina, 2015
  7. Cumbia Cienaguera – La Delio Valdez, 2017
  8. Cumbia De Los Ferrocarriles El Trenecito – Grupo Ju-juy, 2020
  9. Cumbia de los Pajaritos – Nelson Kanzela, 2020
  10. Cumbia de Nadia – Grupo Quintanna, 2020
  11. Cumbia de Nery, Pt. 2 – Nery Pedraza, Los Guraperos de la Cumbia, 2016
  12. Cumbia Del Cholo – Los Chavalos De La Montaña, 2021
  13. Cumbia del Sol – Los Caminantes, 2002
  14. Cumbia En Llamas – Grupo Varonil, 2021
  15. Cumbia Gabacha – Alberto Pedraza Islas, 2006
  16. Cumbia Medley (Live) – Selena, 2008
  17. Cumbia poder – Celso Piña y su Ronda Bogotá, 2009
  18. Cumbia Sabrosa – Clímaco Sarmiento, 2017
  19. Cumbia Sampuesana – Aniceto Molina, 2015
  20. Cumbia Sampuesana – Celso Piña y su Ronda Bogotá, 2017
  21. Cumbia Sobre El Río – Celso Piña y su Ronda Bogotá, 2017
  22. Cumbia Tribalera – El Pelon Del Mikrophone, 2018
  23. Cumbiana – Carlos Vives, 2020
  24. Cumbias Mix – Ramon Ayala, 2014
  25. El Juego del Calamar, Squid Game (Version Cumbia) – Cumbia Drive, 2021
  26. En Brujo De Cumbia – Sonido La Conga, 2005
  27. Fiesta Cumbiambera – Aniceto Molina, 2002
  28. La Cumbia Buena – Mister Cumbia, 2019
  29. La Cumbia Cachonda – La Nueva Orquesta Sonidera, 2021
  30. La Cumbia de la Cerveza – Grupo Soñador, 2003
  31. La Cumbia De Los Barrios – La Nueva Orquesta Sonidera, 2021
  32. La Cumbia de Los Ferrocarriles – La Nueva Orquesta Sonidera, 2021
  33. La Cumbia de los Monjes – Grupo G, 2017
  34. La Cumbia De Los Monjes – Los Acaboy’S, 2005
  35. La Cumbia de los Trapos – Yerba Brava, 2018
  36. La Cumbia De Tilín – GrupoLosDelGrande, 2021
  37. La Cumbia del Río (Album Version) – Los Pikadientes De Caborca, 2009
  38. La Cumbia Rebajá – Aniceto Molina, 2010
  39. La Cumbia Secreta – Secretto, 2021
  40. La Cumbia Tribalera – El Pelon Del Mikrophone, 2018
  41. Luz De Cumbia – Anibal Velasquez Y Su Conjunto, 2013
  42. Mi Trokita Cumbia – Obzesion, 2020
  43. Opening Popurri Cumbias: Tita / El Mudo / La Cumbia Del Torero / Sombrita De Cocales (En Vivo) – Sonora Santanera, 2018
  44. Pao Pao Cumbia – Jerry Ltj, 2020
  45. Pinche Cumbia – El Dusty, Morenito de Fuego & DJ Kane feat. Ozomatli, Itawe & El Gran Silencio, 2020
  46. Porque Le Gusta Bailar Cumbia – Los Texicans, 2021
  47. Rumor de Cumbia – Conjunto Rio Grande, 2015
  48. Si Veo a Tu Mamá (Versión Cumbia) – Chiky Dee Jay and DJ Kelo, 2020
  49. Techno Cumbia – Selena, 1994
  50. Techno Cumbia (Remix) – Selena, 2015

If you think a Cumbia song should be on our list, be sure to comment on it below so that we can add it.


Cumbia originated in the coastal area of Columbia. It is the blend of African, Indigenous, and European influences on the Colombian people. It used to be only heard in Columbia but is now popular throughout Latin America.

The African influence is heard in the rhythm of the drums while the Indigenous-based flute highlights the melody. The European influence provides variations in the melodies, choreography, and costumes of the dancers.

You can learn more about the history of Cumbia music here.

If you are thinking about shaking up your next birthday party why not make it a Cumbia party? Host it in the evening and use this playlist. You can even have flameless candles and handkerchiefs for the women.

The Cumbia dance is easy to learn combining a back-step shuffle with cross-body turns.

Of course, you can play Cumbia at your wedding reception! We love any type of cultural song that gets people to dance.

And again, the steps to the Cumbia are relatively easy to learn. We’re all about getting everyone involved — young and old.

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Jose Gutierrez
Jose Gutierrez
2 years ago

No offense but this list seems like someone searched the word cumbia in Spotify and found the songs. There’s a lot more songs just to name a few examples oye mujer by raymix, suavecito by Laura Leon, Mil Horas by Sonora Dinamita.

My Wedding Songs
My Wedding Songs
2 years ago
Reply to  Jose Gutierrez

Hi Jose. I agree that is exactly what Amazon is doing in their list. Thanks for the suggestions and I will be sure to add them!