Groom’s Personal Checklist – Needed Wedding Day Stuff

Grooms are typically forgotten about the day of the wedding. The main focus is and should be on the bride. However, there is more for the groom than just showing up. The day of the wedding is very stressful and full of to-dos. We suggest that the grooms put together an overnight bag and stuff it in the car that will be at the wedding (if the scenario permits). This way, all of the groom’s personal items will be at the wedding and reception.

Groom’s Personal Checklist

Groom’s Personal Checklist

  • Wedding bands
  • Vows – What the groom says to the bride during the ceremony if the bridal couple will say your own. This is more than saying ‘I Do’ or ‘I Will’
  • Toasts – If the groom wants to offer a toast to his bride or to the bridal couple’s guests at the wedding reception.
  • Wallet (Driver’s license, Credit Cards)
  • Cologne
  • Toothbrush, toothpaste, mouthwash, breath mints
  • Tuxedo or suit (with all components such as a tie, jacket, vest, shirt, pants, cummerbund, belt, etc)
  • Shoes, socks, underwear (with extra pairs)
  • Deodorant
  • Razor (or electric shaver) and shaving cream
  • Medications (Tums is also nice to have as a backup)
  • contact lenses or glasses (spare sets also recommended)
  • Cash (don’t forget about tipping wedding services)
  • Hair products such as gel, comb, hair spray

Weddings are primarily planned by brides.  However, our list of items not to forget for the wedding day may just save the day for the groom.

It is not uncommon for the groom to have his own processional song to accent his personality.  Check out some of the best groom entrance songs.

Just to make the day a little more special, the Groom can send his bride a special dedication while getting ready.  Here are a few songs to dedicate from a groom to his bride.

Do you still need some inspiration?  Check out these other manly websites for grooms.

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