Hot 50 Bachata Songs For Your Latin Playlist

Are you looking to spice up your party or wedding reception? Then you need our list of bachata songs. It is all the rage and will make any party a fiesta.

top bachata songs

In our list of the hot 50 bachata songs, you will enjoy the most popular songs ranked by the number of downloads on Amazon.

  1. A Traves del Vaso (Bachata Version) – Grupo Extra, 2019
  2. Ahora Que Te Vas (Bachata) – Christian Daniel, 2015
  3. Alejate de Mi (Versión Bachata) – Camila, 2010
  4. Bachata 130 BPM – T Swift, 2021
  5. Bachata a Lo Loco – Dustin richie, 2016
  6. Bachata Con Guaracha – DJ Morphius, DJ Hazel Mty & Muzik Junkies, 2021
  7. Bachata En Fukuoka – Juan Luis Guerra 4.40, 2010
  8. Bachata Mix Rumbera Tropical – Rumbera Tropical, 2021
  9. Bachata Rosa – Gepe & Alex Cuba, 2021
  10. Bachata Rosa – Juan Luis Guerra, 2020
  11. Bachata Sensual – Dani J feat. Korke y Judith, 2019
  12. Baila Conmigo (Bachata) – La Época feat. Joan Soriano, 2017
  13. Bailando Dos Corazones (Bachata Remix) – Chayanne, 2015
  14. Billie Bossa Nova (Bachata Version) – Dj Venot, 2021
  15. Caramelo (Bachata Version) – DJ Tronky, 2020
  16. Déjame Conmigo (Bachata Remix) – Cristian Castro, 2014
  17. Dime, Dime (Bachata) – La Época feat. Joan Soriano, 2017
  18. Dividimos (Bachata Version) – Nio Garcia & Flow La Movie, 2021
  19. Drama (Bachata Remix) – Kewin Cosmos, 2018
  20. Easy On Me (Bachata Version) – Dj Venot, 2021
  21. El Ángel del Merengue y Bachata – Jackie Cruz feat. Gabardina, 2021
  22. El Perdedor (Bachata) – Enrique Iglesia feat. Marco Antonio Solís, 2013
  23. Esto es amor – Bachata – Bachata Hits, 2011
  24. Eterna danza (Bachata) – Riccardo Petrucci, 2021
  25. Fica Tudo Bem (Bachata Version) – Riccardo & Federica, 2021
  26. Hookah & Sheridan’s (Bachata Version) – Dj Khalid, 2019
  27. Hoy Se Bebe (Bachata Version) – Grupo Extra, 2018
  28. La Bachata – Lenier, 2021
  29. La Historia (Bachata Version) – DJ Tony Pecino, DJ Husky & Mario Baro, 2021
  30. Let Me Love You (Bachata Remix) – Sasha X, 2017
  31. Mariposa (Versión Bachata) – Proyecto Iris, 2020
  32. Me Emborracharè (Bachata Version) – Grupo Extra, 2021
  33. Me Voy (Bachata) – Héctor Acosta “El Torito”, 2014
  34. Mia (Bachata Version) – Grupo Extra, 2018
  35. Nadie (Bachata Version) – Mr. Don & DerekVinci, 2021
  36. No Me Llames (Bachata Version) – Chantel & DJ Tony Pecino, 2021
  37. No Pude Quitarte Las Espinas (Bachata) – Los Toros Band, 2012
  38. Noche Pasajera (Bachata) – Raulin Rodriguez, 2021
  39. Pepas (Bachata) – Andre Veloz & Dery Gracito, 2021
  40. Pepas Bachata – Jarxiel, 2021
  41. Que Sufra, Que Chupe y Que Llore (Bachata Version) – Grupo Extra, 2021
  42. Sabrás (Versión Bachata) – Dj Khalid, Manny Rod, and Frank Santos, 2020
  43. Save your tears (bachata cover) – Rodrigo Ace, 2021
  44. Si Esta Casa Hablara (Bachata Version) – Joel Santos, 2016
  45. Si Me Dices Que Si (Bachata Version) – Vinny Rivera, Jhonny Evidence & Johandy, 2021
  46. Sigo aquí (Bachata) – El Joey, 2014
  47. Some Say (Bachata Version) – Ryan Miles & Laura Krliu, 2021
  48. Te Extraño (Bachata Version) – Xtreme, 2005
  49. Una Vez Más (Bachata Version) – DJ Husky, Manny Rod & Frank Santos, 2021
  50. Vuelve a Mi (Bachata Version) – King of Love feat. El Kasanova, 2020

It will definitely be difficult to choose the right ones, so you can also check out our playlist on Spotify, too, and listen to them for a while. We’d love to know which are your favorites!


Bachata is a subgenre of Latin Music. Bachata is both a dance and a genre of music. It originated in the Dominican Republic in the first half of the 20th century with Indigenous, African, and European musical elements.

A standard bachata group consists of seven instruments: Requinto (lead guitar), Segunda (rhythm guitar), electric guitar, guitar, bass guitar, bongos, and güira.

Who doesn’t love a passionate dance at a wedding? You know we do! Give everyone a chance to learn this great dance and embrace the passion and get everyone involved. We’re with the Reddit user who suggested the DJ Khalid remix of Cásate Conmigo, which literally means “Marry Me”. It’s perfect for the first dance at your wedding, too.

Of course, you can learn to dance the bachata. As you may notice in our blog posts, we’re always encouraging party and wedding receptions to include a group class. People love them and they make excellent photo opportunities. If you don’t know an instructor, YouTube is an excellent resource for learning the bachata. Remember, that you’re dancing on an imaginary line. Don’t pick up your feet too high (or your knees) and you’ll be just fine!

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Charles D
Charles D
6 months ago

What a nice recap of songs, only for that I would consider getting married hahaha. I love them. Cheers .

My Wedding Songs
My Wedding Songs
6 months ago
Reply to  Charles D

Thanks for stopping by Charles and the kind words.