Free Printable Wedding Planning Checklists

Every bride planning a wedding needs a few tools to make the process a little easier.  This is why My Wedding Songs created checklists to help with the wedding planning journey.  All checklists are free to use and download into your own Google Drive account for future editing, printing, and saving.

free wedding worksheets

In the past, we made the checklists available to only members.  Now, the checklistsare available to anyone visiting this website!  And did we mention that they are FREE?

Wedding Checklists in PDF and Google Sheets

Guest List:  A great way to keep track who is or isn’t able to attend your wedding.  We include such fields as addresses, emails, and contact phone.  We also included whether you have sent the proper stationery like save-the-date, invitation, RSVP and Thank You.

Budget Calculator: A great way to keep track of how much money is going out the door and stay on budget.

DJ Reception Checklist: A great planning tool to plan the events of a wedding reception.  Do you know the order of introductions?  Have you planned all the formal dance songs?  This tool can help!

Vendor Contact List – Keep track of all vendors that you have hired with their contact information and location.

Carbon Footprint Calculator: Clearsky Climate Solutions and My Wedding Songs have teamed up to offer a tool to calculate how many carbons offsets your wedding will generate.  Then, purchase the offsets through Clearsky Climate Solutions. We do not have a PDF version as calculations are required.

Google Docs
Google Docs

We are offering our wedding checklists for free for everyone to use. Utilize our wedding checklists and save them to your own Google Drive account to save, edit, and print for future use. All you need to save the checklists is your own Google account. All printable checklists can be accessed on any Internet device including smartphones, tablets, or desktop computers.

View all the Wedding Planning Checklists in Google Docs.

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When the wedding day finally comes, most brides and grooms are trying to think of all of the last-minute details.  However, the bridal couple should be thinking about the most important event of the day – getting married and exchanging vows.  We’ll help memory loss by proving a wedding day checklist.

day of wedding checklist

Day Of Wedding Checklist

Rings – Who is keeping the groom’s and bride’s rings for the wedding ceremony?  Be sure the rings are handy at the ceremony.

Marriage License – The bride, groom and witnesses must sign the paperwork.  Be sure the paperwork is at the wedding ceremony.

Bride’s dress and all accessories must be in the dressing room for wedding preparations.

Bride’s emergency kit present at there dressing room and handy throughout the day.

Groom’s attire with all accessories including shoes, cufflinks, hair gel, and dress socks.

Favors, guest book, and pen(s) must be placed on the entrance table before guests start to arrive.

Unity candle and holder for the wedding ceremony.

Cake knife, serving knife, and toasting flutes should be placed on the cake table before guests arrive at the reception facility.

Wedding programs for when guest arrive at the wedding ceremony.

Ring bearer pillow to hold the wedding rings.

Gift table attendant to be security for all the wedding gifts at the gift table.

Have all wedding day payments ready in envelopes for final payments required from vendors.  Be sure to also prepare any pre-estimated tips.

Personal wedding party flowers including boutonnieres and corsages.

Be sure to have matches or a lighter available for the lighting of candles at both the ceremony and reception in any emergency kit.

Transportation of guests to and from the wedding day facilities.

Do you want to keep the top layer of the wedding cake for your first anniversary?  If yes, assign someone to the task!

Clean up?  Is it part of the rental hall fee or do you need to designate helpers?

Collection of all rental items and their return including all attire and tables/chairs.

Finally, it would be best if vendors are verified by the wedding planner or a responsible person from the wedding party.  Vendors must be confirmed as early as possible that they will meet their obligations on the wedding day.

Vendors include:

  • Photographer
  • Hair/Make-up
  • Flowers
  • Cake
  • Transportation
  • Entertainment
  • Videographer
  • Catering
  • Facilities Contact(s)
  • Officiant