Instrumental Wedding Songs: Serenade Your Ceremony with Love

Updated November 2, 2023 | Author: Matthew Campbell

Make your wedding ceremony just a little classier with instrumental songs.

It doesn’t have to be boring songs that put guests to sleep. You’d be surprised at some of the cover songs of popular hits.

best instrumental wedding songs

When selecting instrumental songs for your wedding ceremony, you must consider the following 3 factors:

  1. What is the song tempo to determine if it fits with the moment?
  2. What is the meaning of the song and is it appropriate for your wedding?
  3. Is the song special to you?

Let’s start with the new and trending rock songs right now.

Top New Instrumental Wedding Songs

  1. “Enchanted (The Wedding Violin Version)” by Ana Done
  2. “All of Us” by SYML (2023)
  3. “Perfect” by Jim Well Tempered (2023)
  4. “Along Came You” by Michael Lavigne (2023)
  5. “Wedding Entrance X Can’t Help Falling In Love” by James Wong (2023)
  6. “golden hour” by Brooklyn Duo (2023)
  7. “Until I Found You (Wedding Piano Version)” by Paul Hankinson Covers (2023)
  8. “Here, There and Everywhere” by David Leinweber (2023)
  9. “Every Day I Do” by Lance Allen (2023)
  10. “I’m Yours (Guitar Version)” by Mount Hayes (2023)
  11. “Faithfully (Instrumental Piano Version)” by Laura Sullivan (2023)
  12. “A Sky Full of Stars (Piano Version)” by Linneo (2023)
  13. “Every Little Thing She Does is Magic” by Midnite String Quartet (2023)
  14. “Aint No Mountain High Enough” by Instrumental Music From TraxLab (2023)
  1. “Handel: Water Music Suite – Air” by London Symphony Orchestra & George Szell (Classical)
  2. “Clair de lune” by Claude Debussy Piano Music Players (Classical)
  3. “Beauty and the Beast” by Disney Peaceful Guitar & Disney (2020)
  4. “Ode To Joy” by The Piano Guys (2021)
  5. “Can You Feel the Love Tonight” by Disney Peaceful Guitar & Disney (2020)
  6. “Shallow” by 2Cellos (2021)
  7. “Handel: Water Music Suite in D Major, HWV 349 – Hornpipe” by Academy of St. Martin in the Fields (Classical)
  8. “A Thousand Years” by The Piano Guys (2012)
  9. “Love Theme from The Godfather” by Peter Nero (1974)
  10. “Rewrite the Stars” by The Piano Guys (2018)
  11. “What a Wonderful World” by Tingstad & Rumbel (2005)
  12. “Unchained Melody” by The O’Neill Brothers Group (2013)
  13. “You Are My Sunshine” by Instrumental Songs Music (2010)
  14. “Isn’t She Lovely (Acoustic Version)” by Mount Hayes (2022)

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As an experienced wedding DJ, I’ve assembled a list of instrumental wedding songs. Songs are selected by the meaning of the song and popular hits by today’s couples. Besides new and trending, additional lists are grouped by decades.

2020s Instrumental Modern Tunes

  1. Golden Hour – The Piano Guys
  2. Top Gun: Maverick (Theme Music) – The Theme System
  3. One Sweet Day – Midnite String Quartet
  4. Top Gun Anthem (Felted Piano Version) – Kris Baines
  5. You Are The Reason – Brooklyn Duo
  6. Yellow – Virgo Rising
  7. All Too Well – Virgo Rising
  8. Feels Like Home – Bridesmaids Quartet
  9. Beautiful Thing – Old Foes
  10. Young and Beautiful – Ashot Dumanyan
  11. Watermelon Sugar – UNSECRET, Unsecret String Quartet
  12. Sign of the Times (Stripped) – Steve Horner
  13. First Day of My Life – Brooklyn Duo
  14. Wildest Dreams (Cover) – Dallas String Quartet
  15. A Whole New World – Disney Ukulele & Disney
  16. My Gift Is My Song – HAUSER
  17. Livin’ on a Prayer – 2Cellos
  18. Ashitaka and San (from Princess Mononoke) – CelloKat
  19. The Luckiest (arr. Nicholas Buc) – Benaud Trio
  20. You Are The Reason – The Piano Guys & Dallas String Quartet
  21. Say You Won’t Let Go (Instrumental) – Ariella Zeitlin
  22. Air on a G String – Hauser
  23. Thinking Out Loud – The Piano Guys
  24. Canon in D Major (Violin & Guitar Duo) – Stringspace


Another genre that has many instrumentals is jazz. See our list of jazz music for a wedding ceremony and reception.


2010s Instrumental Favorites

  1. I See the Light – Disney Peaceful Strings
  2. Star Wars (Epic Main Theme) – Samuel Kim
  3. Disney Medley – 40 Fingers
  4. Meant To Be (Instrumental Version) – Steve Petrunak
  5. Canon in D – Brooklyn Duo
  6. Nothing Else Matters – Golden Salt
  7. River Flows in You – Hauser
  8. Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge Symphonic Suite – John Williams
  9. Perfect (Instrumental) – Riya Jane “Arjay” Yulde
  10. Wildest Dreams – Duomo
  11. Can’t Help Falling In Love – Daniel Jang
  12. Let It Be Me – Roberto Dalla Vecchia
  13. Moon River – 2Cellos
  14. All I Want Is You – Bridesmaids Quartet
  15. All Of Me – O’Neill Brothers Group
  16. Have I Told You Lately That I Love You – United Guitar Players
  17. Marry Me – United Guitar Players
  18. Stay With Me – Vitamin String Quartet
  19. Your Song (Instrumental Version) – United Guitar Players
  20. Wedding March: Recessional – London Philharmonic Orchestra
  21. God Bless the Broken Road – O’Neill Brothers Group
  22. I Won’t Give Up – O’Neill Brothers Group
  23. Begin Again – The Piano Guys
  24. Claire De Lune – Claude Debussy
  25. Just the Way You Are – The Piano Guys
  26. Without You – Josh Vietti
  27. André Campra: Rigaudon – Massimo Nosetti
  28. Somewhere Over the Rainbow – What a Wonderful World – Relaxation Guitar Maestro
  29. A Thousand Years – The Piano Guys
  30. Over the Rainbow / Simple Gifts – The Piano Guys
  31. The Cello Song – The Piano Guys
  32. Secrets – Dallas String Quartet
  33. River Flows In You – Yiruma
  34. Here Comes the Sun – Instrumental Songs Music
  35. Bitter Sweet Symphony (Instrumental) – The Verve
  36. 1,2,3,4 – Vitamin String Quartet


Another popular genre that commonly has no vocals is EDM. See a list of EDM songs at wedding.


2000s Instrumental Hits

  1. I’m Yours – Guitar Tribute Players
  2. Can’t Help Falling in Love – Vitamin String Quartet
  3. Such Great Heights – Section Quartet
  4. Nothing Else Matters – Scott D. Davis
  5. The Prayer – O’Neill Brothers
  6. Glasgow Love Theme – Craig Armstrong
  7. Pachelbel’s Canon in D – Barrymore Chamber Orchestra
  8. It’s Your Day – Yiruma
  9. Kiss The Rain – Yiruma
  10. Only Time – Enya


When selecting your instrumental wedding song, think about how you will incorporate it into your Big Day. Instrumental songs are commonly used in a wedding ceremony playlist including:
* Prelude songs as guests arrive at the ceremony
* Processional songs for the wedding party to walk down the * aisle to
* Unity songs to signify two becoming one
* Instrumental wedding recessional songs

1990s Instrumental Tunes

  1. Unchained Melody – Mantovani & His Orchestra
  2. Mission Impossible Theme – Danny Elfman
  3. Forever In Love – Kenny G
  4. The Wedding Song – Kenny G
  5. Book Of Days – Enya
  6. Caribbean Blue – Enya

1980s Instrumental Music

  1. Fairytale – Enya
  2. Once Upon a Time… Storybook Love – Mark Knopfler
  3. Gabriel’s Oboe – Ennio Morricone
  4. Sirius – Alan Parsons Project
  5. Chicken Dance aka The Bird Dance – The Emeralds
  6. Joy – George Winston
  7. Highland Cathedral – Royal Scots Dragoon Guards


You can also have instrumental songs accent moments of your reception. See our wedding reception playlist.

1970s Instrumental Tracks

  1. (Gonna Fly Now) Rocky Theme – Bill Conti/Cincinnati Pops Orchestra
  2. Star Wars Theme – John Williams
  3. Jaws Theme – John Williams

1960s & 1950s Instrumental Chart Toppers

  1. Green Onions – Booker T. & The MG’s
  2. Jeopardy Theme – Gamers
  3. Pink Panther Theme – Henry Mancini
  4. Rebel Rouser – Duane Eddy


Instrumental songs can highlight moments during your reception such as music for when guests arrive at the reception and hits to listen to during dinner.


1800s & 1700s Classic Instrumentals

  1. Wedding March – Felix Mendelssohn
  2. Ode To Joy – Ludwig van Beethoven
  3. Coronation March – Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky
  4. Romeo And Juliet Love Theme – Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky
  5. Bridal Chorus – Richard Wagner / Otto Sieben
  6. Autumn – Antonio Vivaldi
  7. Spring – Antonio Vivaldi
  8. Air – George F Handel
  9. Allegro Maestoso – George F Handel
  10. Hallelujah Chorus – George F Handel
  11. Hornpipe – George F Handel
  12. Overture – George F Handel
  13. The Arrival Of The Queen Of Sheba – George F Handel
  14. Trumpet Tune – Henry Purcell
  15. The Prince of Denmark’s March “Trumpet Voluntary” – Jeremiah Clarke
  16. Air On A G String – Johann S Bach
  17. Jesu, Joy Of Man’s Desiring – Johann S Bach

Did I neglect to mention your favorite? Let us know in the comments!



Instrumental songs are simply songs sung without lyrics or verbiage. Instrumental songs can be used during events in the wedding ceremony such as the processional, recessional, unity candle lighting, and more. Instrumental songs can also be played during a wedding reception including during the cocktail and dinner hours, cake cutting, grand entrance, or introductions.

Instrumental music is simple to the listener, allowing for conversation. We get distracted by lyrics. What’s more, instrumental music is completely appropriate for small venues.

Not only can you play instrumental songs during cocktail hour and mealtime, but during the unity candle, processional, recessional, and while guests arrive at the venue. Depending on your type of event and the music you like, The Piano Guys’ version of “A Thousand Years” would make for a fantastic first dance song.

Along with The Piano Guys, another popular instrumental music artist is Vitamin String Quartet. With instrumental versions of hit songs “Stay With Me” and “Can’t Help Falling in Love,” Vitamin String Quartet will remain on wedding playlists for years to come. Brooklyn Duo (piano and cello) “All of Me” by John Legend. (I’m not crying; you’re crying.)

When considering instrumental music for your wedding, live music during the wedding gives intimacy to your special day. For example, bagpipes can play as a grand entrance, a harpist can play during a wedding ceremony, and a three-piece band (lead singer, guitarist, drummer, etc.) can perform at a wedding reception to encourage dancing.

Wedding couples who want to have current songs on the radio incorporated into their weddings definitely can. This is where hiring a musician can help out. However, not every radio hit is perfect for every event a wedding. This is when it is great to have pre-recorded versions. We wouldn’t recommend “Creep” by Radiohead for your wedding, maybe, but this version is amazing.

You may be thinking of Bach and Beethoven. But according to the Dictionary, instrumental is music written for or performed on musical instruments and doesn’t include a song. Instrumental songs are typically written for solo instruments like the piano, violin, or guitar. But can also include trumpet, saxophone, and even string quartets (commonly two violin players, a viola player, and a cellist).

We tend to categorize this type of instrumentation as stuffy chamber music. It doesn’t have to be. If you haven’t heard a string quartet play The Beatles, you have missed out!

Covers of mainstream songs are commonplace in the jazz genre. They choose a strong melody, play it, and each instrument has a turn riffing on it. When selecting instrumental music for your wedding, consider different types of instrumental songs such as recorded music artists of the piano, guitar, sax, and harpists.

Wedding planners can also consider popular classical music composers like Mozart and Bach. In addition, you can include many big band musicians of today and yesteryear.

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Matthew (Matt) Campbell is the founder/editor of My Wedding Songs from his experience as a wedding DJ. He is the author of two wedding planners: ‘Wedding Songs Planner’ and ‘The Wedding Music Toolkit’. Matt is the host of the ‘Wedding Songs Podcast’. He shares music inspiration in his weekly newsletter the ‘Wedding MusicLetter’. His articles have been published on Rolling Stone, DJ Life Magazine, and DJ Times. Matt resides in the wedding capital of the world – Las Vegas.

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