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Indie Wedding Artist Song Submission

Q. What is an indie artist?

A. An indie artist is a musician not signed with a major commercial record label or subsidiary. Indie is short for independent.

Q. How can an indie artist be featured on My Wedding Songs?

A. First and foremost, any musician featured on My Wedding Songs has taken the steps to promote their music on To learn more about promoting your music on Amazon, read Advantage for Music.

Second, you must produce a song suitable for a wedding micro-moment.

Q. I am an indie artist and I want to promote my wedding song on My Wedding Songs!

A. You must submit your wedding song here for us to review.

Important Submission FAQs

  • We do not publish every submission.
  • We only consider submissions sent to us from the submission form on this page.
  • We only publish submissions that are sold on the website.
  • We only accept songs from musicians located in the Unites States at this time.
  • We only accept songs performed in English at this time.

Any music submission sent to us outside the stated timeframes below will be deleted.

Any Day of the Week 6 am to 10 pm (Las Vegas PST)
See what time it is in Las Vegas right now

Good Luck!

Indie Wedding Song Submission