23 Best Dad-themed Songs to Celebrate Him

Updated November 26, 2023 | Written by Matthew Campbell

What better way to celebrate Father’s Day than a list of the top 10 Dad songs? We included many different music genres including Christian, Rock, Country, Vocal, Hip Hop, and Folk. We also included a vast length of music eras from 1962 through today.

Is your Dad an entrepreneur? Play him Dad songs on Mom & Pop Business Owners Day on March 29.

Best Dad Songs in Title

Dad-themed songs include a song about dad’s life, a feeling that dad is going to kill their child because of bad behavior, a special waltz for mom and dad, a song for my dad (or yours), a letter by daddy, a song about how dad has gone crazy, a song about how much I have grown up to be like my dad, a song that is just for my dad, and finally just a song for dad.

Just because it is not Father’s Day, it is great to dedicate a song just to him. You could also celebrate his birthday with a song. If you have a dad song that you think we should add, be sure to comment on it at the bottom of the web page.

  1. “Dad” by Tyler Wood (Country – 2018)
  2. “Dylan’s Dad” by Geena Fontanella (Alternative – 2023)
  3. “Dad Vibes” by Limp Bizkit (Rock – 2021)
  4. “I’m Yer Dad” by GRLwood (Alternative – 2018)
  5. “dad song” by Abbie Gamboa, UPPERROOM (Christian – 2023)
  6. “DadBod” by Logic (Hip Hop – 2020)
  7. “Goodnight Dad I Love You” by Wishing (Alternative – 2020)
  8. “Dad Rock” by TRSH (Alternative – 2022)
  9. “This One Is For You (Rip Dad)” by Yung City (Alternative – 2020)
  10. “Mom & Dad” by Darren Kiely (Alternative – 2023)
  11. “My Dad’s Gone Crazy” by Eminem and Hailie Jade (Hip Hop – 2002)
  12. “Oilfield Dad” by Bryan Martin (Country – 2019)
  13. “Brian Wilson Is My Dad” by Breakup Shoes (Alternative – 2018)
  14. “Steely Dad” by Drug Cabin (Alternative – 2014)
  15. “Dad’s Old Number” by Cole Swindell (Country – 2018)

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Dads and Daughters – MaRynn Taylor
Released in 2020 on the album Dads and Daughters

Most Meaningful Lyrics:

Dads and daughters
They go together
Like boats and water
They’re meant for each other
Through wind and the waves
They’ll sail away from the storm

My Dad Is Rich – Danny Gonzalez
Released in 2020 on the album My Dad Is Rich

Most Meaningful Lyrics:

Me and dad at the ball park, hittin’ balls with a bat
If you bully me, you’re gonna brawl with a bat
Who needs a sugar daddy when you got a sugar dad?

Call My Dad – AJR
Released in 2019 on the album The Click

Most Meaningful Lyrics:

And now after it all, I just really wanna call
My dad, my dad
I feel so broke up, I wanna go home
No, I feel so broke up, I wanna go home

Dad’s Old Number – Cole Swindell
Released in 2018 on the album All of It

Most Meaningful Lyrics:

Sorry about the one ring hang-ups
Early morning and late night wake-ups
It was me, in case you wonder
You’ve got dad’s old number

Dad – Tyler Wood
Released in 2018 on the album Who I Am

Most Meaningful Lyrics:

You carried the weight so we’d have a good life
Raised us with love
So we could fly
Anyone else would call you Superman
But I just call you Dad


I’m Yer Dad – GRLwood
Released in 2018 on the album I’m Yer Da

Most Meaningful Lyrics:

Oh, I’m your dad
I’m your dad
I’m your dad
Call me daddy

Hey Dad – Matt Stillwell
Released in 2015 on the album Hey Da

Most Meaningful Lyrics:

Hey dad, it’s me dad
Just wanted to tell you that I miss you bad
He’d make me laugh like he always did
Before he said goodbye he’d leave me with this
Go on boy, be strong boy, don’t you shed a tear for me boy

Calls Me Dad – Jelly Roll
Released in 2015 on the album Therapeutic Music 5

Most Meaningful Lyrics:

I’ve been called an a****e by the woman I love
Said things I shouldn’t have
But that shit don’t matter no more
‘Cause the one I love just calls me dad

Even My Dad Does Sometimes – Ed Sheeran
Released in 2014 on the album X

Most Meaningful Lyrics:

So live life like you’re giving up
‘Cause you act like you are
Go ahead and just live it up
Go on and tear me apart

Oilfield Dad – Bryan Martin
Released in 2014 on the album Oilfield Dad

Most Meaningful Lyrics:

But I know someday
I’ll tell ’em some way
I missed half their life to give ’em one I never had
It ain’t easy bein’ an oilfield dad


Dad’s Letter – Tyga
Released in 2013 on the album Hotel California
Genre: Hip Hop

Most Meaningful Lyrics:

If I sent my dad letters
This what it sound like if I sent my dad letters
One day I hope you hear this I pray you doin’ better

Mom & Dad’s Waltz – Patty Griffin
Released in 2013 on the album American Kid

Most Meaningful Lyrics:

And each night
I’d walk for miles
Cry or smile
For my mama and daddy
I want them to know
I love them so

Had a Dad – Jane’s Addiction
Released in 2012 on the album Nothing’s Shocking

Most Meaningful Lyrics:

Had a dad, bug and strong
Turned around, found my daddy gone
He was the one made me what I am today
It’s up to me now, my daddy has gone away

My Dad – Potluck
Released in 2009 on the album Pipe Dreams
Genre: Hip-Hop

Most Meaningful Lyrics:

That’s my dad
The only one I had
And when I looked around alotta kids didn’t have
Hell yeah we had our differences but now they seem small

Dad’s Gonna Kill Me – Richard Thompson
Released in 2007 on the album Sweet Warrior
Genre: Rock

Most Meaningful Lyrics:

I hit the road block, somehow I never hit the mine
The dice rolled and I got lucky this time
And dad’s gonna kill me


Thank You For Being Dad – Jon Barker
Released in 2006 on the album Songs To Strike A Chord
Genre: Folk

Most Meaningful Lyrics:

Even though the years drift away, I
never took the time just to say,
‘I love you, and I always have,
And thank you for being my Dad.’

My Dad’s Gone Crazy – Eminem
Released in 2002 on the album The Eminem Show
Genre: Hip Hop

Most Meaningful Lyrics:

There’s really nothin’ else to say, I, I can’t explain it
I think my dad’s gone crazy!
A little help from Hailie Jade, won’t you tell ’em, maybe?
I think my dad’s gone crazy!

Song For Dad – Keith Urban
Released in 2002 on the album Golden Road
Genre: Country

Most Meaningful Lyrics:

In everything he ever did, he always did with love
And I’m proud today to say I’m his son
When somebody says I hope I get to meet your dad
I just smile and say you already have

Dear Dad – Ky-mani Marley
Released in 2000 on the album The Journey

Most Meaningful Lyrics:

The thoughts all erase my fears and drive my tears
Im just writing to let you know someone cares
Daddy I love you, I Love you, really really love you
Daddy I miss you, I miss you and I know my brothers and sisters do too

So Much Like My Dad – George Strait
Released in 1992 on the album Holding My Own
Genre: Country

Most Meaningful Lyrics:

I can’t live without her, momma
But this time you can’t kiss the hurt away
But if I’m so much like my dad


Mom and Dad’s Waltz – Willie Nelson & Merle Haggard
Released in 1977 on the album To Lefty from Willie
Genre: Country

Most Meaningful Lyrics:

I’d walk for miles
Cry or smile
For my mama and daddy
I want them
To know I love them so

It’s For My Dad – Nancy Sinatra
Released in 1975 on the album It’s for My Dad
Genre: Rock

Most Meaningful Lyrics:

I want you to know that when It’s said and done
He’s one of the best friends I ever had… I ever had
This song’s not for you folks
It’s for my dad

Dad’s Old Fiddle – Merle Haggard
Released in 1972 on the album It’s Not Love (But It’s Not Bad)

Most Meaningful Lyrics:

Daddy never left us any will telling us what he’d give
But everybody knew his fiddle was mine
But the fiddle was all he left so I had to teach myself
And I bet I played his song a million times
And I would play.

My Dad – Paul Peterson
Released in 1962 on the album Lollipops and Roses
Genre: Vocal

Most Meaningful Lyrics:

My dad, now here is a man
To me he is ev’rything strong no he can’t do wrong, my dad
My dad, now he understands when I bring him troubles to share
Oh, he’s always there, my dad


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