Wedding Venue Dos and Donts

As anyone who has even planned the smallest of registry office weddings will tell you, getting everything arranged for your big day can be extremely stressful. After deciding on what you are going to wear, the venue is perhaps the most important part of the planning phase.

Wedding Venue Dos and Donts

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Key do’s and don’ts for choosing the perfect wedding venue

DO: Shop Around

It is understandable that some people have their perfect wedding venue; the place that they always dreamed of getting married in. While this may be the case, it is always worth having a look at several venues in order to decide which one best suits your needs. A castle, for example, might be a venue you and your partner always dreamed of, however, if there is a lack of other facilities and it is in the middle of nowhere is it really that practical?

DON’T: Take Their Word For It

As part of the “shopping around” process, take the time to attend a function that is taking place in each venue, if possible. We are not for a moment suggesting you begin to gate crash other people’s weddings, however by arranging convenient times to visit with the venue management you will be able to see what you are likely to get for your money.

This also means you can assess things like the “house DJ” and food for yourself, and decide whether you will need to hire your own and the additional cost.

DO: List Guests First

If there are certain people that you definitely want to invite to your wedding, then you should write the guest list out first. If you know you want to invite 100 people, then immediately you can eliminate any smaller venues from your choices. You will be surprised how many venues are actually aimed towards smaller groups, so could find your choices limited and your budget-challenged should you be thinking of inviting 100 plus guests.

DON’T: Go Over The Top

By this, we mean in terms of space. If you want to go over the top in terms of decorations, pomp, and circumstance, then that is of course up to you. However, having settled on numbers of guests do not then hire somewhere twice the size of what you really need, unless they offer a fabulous package that you simply cannot refuse.

DO: Negotiate on Costs

How you do this will depend on where you are holding the wedding. If you are hiring a public venue then you will be, in effect, subsidizing what the venue would ordinarily make during that day so there will likely be little room for discussion. Should you be hiring a private hall or venue, then you will be much more likely to be able to do a deal.

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