wedding songs tell love story

Choosing the perfect songs for your special day can be a challenge. When it comes to your special day, the last thing you want to worry about is the music. From choosing the right décor to the invitations to the glassware and stationery, sometimes the most overlooked but just as important element that adds that special touch to your special day is the music!

wedding songs tell love story

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In many ways, a song can say things you can never truly express with words or speeches. If you’re not a crafted wordsmith or you just get choked up when it comes to love, having the right songs planned with the perfect lyrics can create an atmosphere that delivers the message.

Finding Common Ground: Music Taste

It’s like they say; sometimes opposites attract. If this is true in your case, then your interest in music might be just as different as your personality. If the husband is a die-hard metal fan and you’re more of a top-40 kind of girl, finding a common musical interest is the first step in choosing the perfect songs that showcase your love to your dearest family and friends.

The idea is to choose songs based on lyrics and how they speak directly to your relationship; don’t be afraid to be a little unconventional, either! Even if it’s meeting somewhere in the middle, crossing off the playlist is just one more stress off your shoulders!

Picking a Band

Whether you opt for a live band that plays classic love songs or you’re looking for someone with a fresher take, live bands can offer a sonic and visual cornucopia that most DJs can’t offer. The hardest part of hiring a band is making sure they’re the right fit.

Choosing the perfect artist to sing all those love ballads is up to you. Many people choose to do their own online search to find live production companies that cater to their tastes.

first dance song love story

Picking the Perfect First-Dance Love Songs

Probably one of the most important songs during your wedding reception is the first song played as the bride and groom. To create the right atmosphere, you want the perfect song that will evoke the deep and everlasting love you have for each other. Remember, it’s your first dance together as life partners, so you want your special song to be emotional, uplifting, and beautiful.

The idea is to choose music that shows everyone how proud you are to be with your other half.

While it all comes down to specific taste and the mood you’re looking to set, classic tunes like “At Last” by Etta James or “Falling in Love with You” by Elvis Presley, and even “It Had to Be You” by legendary singer Frank Sinatra all fall in line with beautifully crafted songs that really hit the sweet spot.

Choosing the Right DJ

While the wrong DJ can be an outright disaster, the right one can be heaven-send. If you’re looking to make your wedding a night to remember for everyone, enlisting the help of a talented DJ that understands your vision can help make your special day more special.

It’s also important to ask questions like what clubs, lounges, and corporate events have they performed in the past? Are they well-rounded as performers? What kind of entertainers are they and what kind of clients are they specialized in service? If you have a special list of songs, you should walk him through it to make sure everyone is on the same page.

Ideally, you’re looking for a DJ who is flexible and willing to take your instruction. DJs who play a mixture of the lovey-dovey songs and dance favorites to get the guests moving will make your special night even more memorable!

funky wedding song story

Funky or Heartfelt—It’s Up to You!

Many couples follow the traditional route of taking to the dance floor with a slow, deep ballad or love song, but for other couples find it uncomfortable.

If Whitney Houston’s “I Will Always Love You” is not your speed, try something upbeat and a little unconventional like “Jump Around” by House of Pain. A hard-hitting hip-hop beat or a cheesy 80s synth love-ballad by the late George Michael can take the edge off. Ultimately, it’s up to you.

For those who don’t feel inclined towards a traditional song, you can share the connection you have with your spouse by choosing a funny light-hearted song instead. Even if the song plays for just thirty seconds and progresses into something more formal, having fun with your partner and your guests is one of the best gifts you can receive on your special day!

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