Wedding Songs August 2019

As summer is coming to a close for most of the USA, it also draws near the end of summer weddings. However, our list of August 2019 wedding songs will keep the party going through fall and winter with the love they will create. Our list includes superstars Taylor Swift, Johnny Gill, and Bruce Springsteen. You will also enjoy lesser-known songs to add to your wedding playlist. Enjoy!

Wedding Songs August 2019

New Wedding Songs August 2019

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In Love
Brandon Williams
(August 31, 2019)
R&B fans will love this slow groove for a special wedding moment.

Love You Anyway
Trisha Yearwood feat. Don Henley
(August 30, 2019)
Listening to this song for the first time gave me goosebumps. Two music megastars with a perfect duet that can accent any wedding.

All My Life
(August 30, 2019)
Sailr is a singer-songwriter creating beautiful love songs made for weddings. You can use this song as a processional song.

You Changed Everything
This Wild Life
(August 28, 2019)
Very rarely do we mention videos, so be sure to check it out below as it will have you laughing. A great song to play while dinner is being served.

Slow Dance
AJ Mitchell feat. Ava Max
(August 23, 2019)
A great song if the wedding couple wants to have a special moment to themselves on the dance floor.

For Now, Forever
(August 23, 2019)
If you are looking for a mid-tempo alternative rock song to add to your wedding playlist, take a listen to Augustana.

Saturday (The Wedding Song)
Sammy Wilk
(August 23, 2019)
Saturday is a midtempo song that could be played as a first dance song or as a background tune.

Down to Earth
Cole Swindell
(August 23, 2019)
A Country song made for weddings with the love story made from heaven.

You Know That I Want You
Salaam Remi & Jimmy Cozier
(August 23, 2019)
An R&B song that will have you reminiscing of the 90s while looking at your lover on your wedding day.

Lyfe Jennings
(August 23, 2019)
A great slow groove R&B wedding love song that will fit great as a slow song or accent any wedding micro-moment.

What Am I
Why Don’t We
(August 23, 2019)
A Pop song for the younger crowd that likes boy band love ballads.

Jake Scott
(August 21, 2019)
A midtempo feel-good song made popular on the TV show Songland.

Trey Healy
(August 19, 2019)
Trey is an unsigned Country artist. He wrote this beautiful wedding song that would make for the perfect first dance song.

Johnny Gill and Ralph Tresvant
(August 16, 2019)
New Edition members join forces for a beautiful R&B love song that is perfect for the bride’s walk to the altar or first dance song.

Through That Door (The Cabin Sessions)
Kane Miller
(August 16, 2019)
A singer-songwriter song that makes for the perfect sentiment for a processional song. You can include this love song in any playlist.

All My Sweetest Dreams
(August 16, 2019)
A smooth jazzy R&B wedding song that could fit perfectly as a cocktail hour or dinner background song.

Thomas Finchum
(August 16, 2019)
If you are looking for a unique Country Mother-Son dance song, you will strike gold with this song.

Make These Colors Real
Hush Kids
(August 16, 2019)
A beautiful ballad that works perfectly as guests are arriving at the wedding ceremony venue.

Taylor Swift
(August 16, 2019)
The most mainstream song on our list this month that every guest will know and tap their toes to and sing along.

(August 16, 2019)
This song just wants to make you want to get out of your seat and dance.

All I Want
(August 16, 2019)
I midtempo R&B love song that can accent any cocktail hour or cutting of the cake.

Like the Way I Do
(August 16, 2019)
If you and your love like EDM, you can fill the dance floor with your friends to this dance hit.

Just What I Needed
Modern Monet
(August 16, 2019)
If cover songs are your thing, enjoy this remake of The Cars hit.

The Only One
Music Travel Love
(August 14, 2019)
The perfect wedding song that fits great into any wedding ceremony. The acoustic guitars and rhythm will make your guest fall in love with you.

Make You Mine
(August 9, 2019)
A great background uptempo song for cocktails or mealtime.

You Look Good in That Smile
Matt Dylan
(August 9, 2019)
If you are looking for a current Country two-step song, play this song and it will make you smile.

Salice Rose & Glenn Travis
(August 9, 2019)
A soulful R&B song you can add to your wedding playlist during dinner.

I’ll Stand By You
Bruce Springsteen
(August 9, 2019)
The Boss continues to produce great music. This balled reminds you of his Jerry McGuire‘s Secret Garden.

I Will Always Love You
Kristin Chenoweth & Dolly Parton
(August 9, 2019)
Kristin joins Dolly on her original wedding mega-hit.

Pj Morton
(August 9, 2019)
Just love Pj around here and his music. Makes for a great last dance song with all guests circling around the new married couple.

Claudia Oshry
(August 2, 2019)
Toast is not for the formal toast from the wedding couple. However, it can be used in conjunction with this dance-pop song.

I hope you enjoyed our eclectic list of wedding songs released in August 2019.  If you have a song not on our list, be sure to comment on it below so that we can add it to the list. Don’t forget to check out the latest new wedding songs.

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