Wedding Day Bride’s Mother

Wedding Day Bride’s Mother

So, your daughter is getting married and you’re about to find out just what goes into making her perfect wedding day. Of course, almost all the decisions will be hers, but she’ll probably need some motherly advice and wisdom along the way. A bride’s mother can help a bride with a wedding.

Here are just a few of the items that you’ll be helping her with:

Wedding Invitations – compiling the list of wedding guests, for both the bride and groom and sending out invitations

Choosing Her Gown – she may or may not want your help with this if she has sisters or close friends

Flowers & Centerpieces – this is where your experience may be most useful, in helping to choose appropriate flowers and plan arrangements

Who Pays for What – you, and her father, are usually expected to pick up the majority of wedding expenses.

On The Day – you’ll probably be a whirl of activity, picking up flowers & corsages, visiting the hair salon, helping the bride with her hair and dress, as well as those all-important final touches

So, that’s all very well, and, as a mother, you’ll probably feel delighted and privileged to help your daughter is preparing for her special day. But what about you?

Mums often forget that they’ll also be a focus of attention as the mother of the bride, so it’s important to consider your own preparations and plan in some stress-free time for yourself too.

Here are a few tips to help keep the stress levels down and the enjoyment levels at maximum:

Choosing Your Outfit – don’t leave this enjoyable task to the last minute, instead go shopping with a friend and take time to get the perfect style for you.

Delegate – if you have good friends who can help, don’t be afraid to ask them. After all, you’ll someday have the opportunity to return the favor.

Chat or Blog – it can really help to share the load if you can spend time talking through your anxieties with a friend. Or why not start a blog of your experiences leading up to the day, at least that way, when your wedding florist cancels in the week before the wedding, you’ll have somewhere to share it and get some helpful tips. It can also help you regain a sense of humor when you’re sharing a story with others.

Pamper Yourself – book in regular facials in the months leading up to the wedding. In the week before the actual wedding day, book in for a pedicure and manicure, as well as a relaxing massage and facial – by this time, you’ll be needing some stress-busting techniques and will appreciate the pampering!

One of the hardest moments for any mom is to see her little girl leave for her honeymoon, even though this is, of course, also a very happy occasion. Why not plan something special for yourself to do in the week after the wedding, perhaps a short break or holiday, a treat out with friends and family, so that you can not only have a well-earned break but begin to focus on building your life after months spent planning a wedding.

Best wishes for a wonderful day for both you and your daughter!

You can celebrate too with a special Mother-Daughter dedication song.

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