Shotgun Wedding Destinations

Can’t face the hassle of organizing a large scale wedding at home? Does the thought of both your families in the same room make you shudder? If so, why not pack a suitcase for you and your beloved and head off to get hitched at one of these five top ‘quickie’ wedding destinations.

Shotgun Wedding Destinations

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Shotgun Wedding Destinations

Las Vegas

It may be a cliche, but every year, thousands of loved-up couples book flights to Las Vegas to get hitched in a hurry. Las Vegas remains the quickie wedding capital of the world for a very good reason – it’s easy, quick, and most importantly of all, fun, fun, fun. You’ll need a $60 marriage license issued by the State of Nevada (procured after an hour’s wait at the courthouse), and you’re set to get married at the wedding chapel or hotel of your choice. The whole thing can be achieved in two hours flat, so you’ll have plenty of time to try your luck at the casino or take in a show.


If your spouse-to-be makes you feel like you’re walking on air, perhaps the idea of getting married in a hot air balloon appeals to you. Balloon weddings are offered in the Masai Mara, a large game reserve in Kenya featuring wildlife such as big cats, zebra, gazelles, and wildebeest. Everything is arranged for you, and there is space for up to nine guests in the basket, should you want to share the magic moment with a few friends or family. The hour-long flight is followed by a champagne breakfast.


How about having a pair of friendly dolphins as your witnesses? Then take the ferry to Blue Lagoon Island from Nassau or Paradise Island, where you can get married after being resident for just 24 hours.


The sinister-sounding Bled Castle in Slovenia is in actual fact a castle that looks like it belongs in a fairytale. For those looking for something less grand, a short boat trip out to Bled Island gets you to a little church famous for its wishing bell. However, the groom is advised to do his push-ups in preparation for the big day – tradition demands that he carry the bride up all 99 steps to the church!


If your passion for your partner is hot, hot, hot, why not choose the coolest location of them all for your quickie wedding by tying the knot at the famous Iglu Dorf Hotel in Gstaad, carved entirely out of snow and kept at a constant temperature of zero degrees. Steamy saunas, a private whirlpool bath, sheepskin rugs, mulled wine and thermal mattresses ensure that the romance doesn’t cool off during the honeymoon.

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