Creating a Successful Winter Wedding

Creating a Successful Winter Wedding

The majority of weddings occur in spring and summer, so if you’re planning a winter wedding, then you’re already making a statement. Even though winter offers some of the most picturesque scenery of the entire year, couples often avoid it because of its temperatures. Fortunately, the temperatures can be overcome with some creative ideas, all of which can be incorporated into the wedding itself.

winter wedding ideas

Warm Winter Wedding Ideas

Indoor or Outdoor? That is the question.

If you live in a warmer climate, it’s a great idea to have an outdoor winter wedding and take advantage of Mother Nature’s aesthetic. An outdoor ceremony and reception will save you money because of the natural backdrop, so fewer decorations will be needed. However, this option increases the need for warm drinks and food.

Indoor winter weddings are a great idea for anyone who lives where cold and wet winters are common. An indoor reception and ceremony can still retain that Winter Wonderland vibe by bringing the outdoors inside, literally and figuratively. Branches can be painted, or left bare, and used for decoration to line the aisle; pinecones can be painted and used as seat cardholders, and lighting should be kept dim to mimic the gray winter sky, so considering relying mostly on battery-operated candles and white holiday lights.

winter wedding attire

Bridal Party Attire

Don’t let the cold weather keep you from wearing the dress of your dreams. To keep warm, while staying fashionable, consider wearing a faux fur shawl or a full-length cape. You can choose for the outer attire to match the shade of your dress or pick a color from your wedding palette. The colorful option will create a vibrant and striking contrast from the dress, and it will look fantastic in your outdoor portraits.

Not even ballet flats will provide foot comfort if the temperature is low. There are many types of boots that will keep your feet warm without taking away from style. Western-style boots have increased in popularity over recent years, but they are quickly being replaced with fleece-lined rain boots. Choose boots in a shade that either matches or accents your wedding colors.

winter wedding hot drinks

Toasty Drinks

Whether the venue is indoor or outdoor, guests are going to need to warm up from the inside out. Accomplish this by having multiple warm drink options. Portable espresso and cappuccino bars are becoming increasingly popular items at weddings. You can also consider keeping it simple with readily available hot chocolate but don’t forget the miniature marshmallows. Make your set-up unique with personalized coffee cups that also serve as wedding favors.

If you’re having an open bar for your reception, consider serving one of the following warm cocktails:

  • Hot Toddy
  • Hot Gin Punch
  • Hot Buttered Rum
  • Mulled Wine
  • Hot (Adult) Cider

Get creative and give these brews new names based on your wedding theme and party, then list them on your bar’s menu as an extra bit of personalized decoration.

Hot Eats

Offer your guests warm food and you’ll never hear them complain. While they’re waiting for the ceremony to begin, offer warm donuts and cookies with your warm drinks. Both items can be personalized with your wedding colors so that they don’t appear out of place.

Consider offering hot soup and a sandwich as an appetizer, such as tomato soup and grilled cheese. This timeless pairing can be updated by using mozzarella cheese topped with spinach and diced tomatoes that have been cooked in garlic and olive oil. There will be no disappointed guests with this comfort food item.

Take your dessert options to the next level with smores. Yes, those delicious, melted treats from your childhood can definitely make an appearance at your winter wedding. Set up a smores station on your desserts table with an indoor flame, or create a fire pit outside to allow your guests to take in the beauty of the winter landscape while roasting their marshmallows.

Favors for Your Guests

To keep your guests cozy and warm, offer them blankets at the entrance to the ceremony. This is another opportunity to personalize a favor, so have your wedding date or initials monogrammed onto a corner of the blanket. Try displaying them in something that follows the theme of your wedding, like a vintage suitcase or a tree branch decorated basket.

Send your guests home with ready-to-make hot chocolate favors. Fill up a mason jar half of the way full with hot chocolate mix, then fill the rest of the jar up with a mixture of marshmallows and dark chocolate chips. These favors are extremely simple to make and everyone will enjoy them. Make a special version for adults by attaching a shot-size bottle of any creamy or chocolaty flavored liquor.

Twinkle Toes

Remember: the easiest way to keep warm is to keep moving, so get on the dance floor. Request the DJ to play a lot of high-tempo, popular tracks to entice your guests to join. This will keep everybody warm, as well as happy.

A winter wedding doesn’t have to result in everyone leaving early because they’re too cold. With a little creativity, you can guarantee that your guests will remember your wedding for decades with warm hearts and a smile on their faces.

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