Chillsner Review

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What exactly is a Chillsner?  Well, we have heard about it in the past with much intrigue but this is our first time actually seeing it and ultimately using it.  Yes, we did use the Chillsner as we do write a review on anything we do not actually use ourselves.  Matt is an avid beer advocate and is very knowledgable on beer.  Craft beers have grown in each of the past several years and now surpasses 7% of American beer sales.  For more information about choosing craft beer for a wedding, be sure to read our article Selecting the right beer for your wedding.

Chillsner Review

The Chillsner

Plain and simple, the Chillsner is a way to keep your beer cold.  Most Americans like their beer cold.  Particularly Lager beers are better cold as they are fermented cold.  The device is a “bottle chiller”.  Upon opening the package, beer enthusiasts must first wash the Chillsner with dish soap and either had dry or air dry.  Then, place the device into the freezer, not in the ice maker, for 45 minutes.  Before placing the rod into a beer, be sure to take a couple of drinks from the beer to make room for the rod.  Next, push the rod into the beer all the way into the bottle.  This will take some force.  Lastly, enjoy the taste of chilled beer to the last drop.  Set aside from the use of keeping the beer chilled, they make great gifts too.  It makes a great wedding gift!  Check it out all wedding gifts here.


Chillsner Review  the chilsner package  keep beer cold


Well, now that we’ve given you the details, here are the pros and cons.  Want to see the Chillsner official specs?  Check out this link.


  • The Chillsner does keep your beer chilled throughout the time I drank my beer(s).
  • The stainless steel material is easy to clean.
  • The stainless steel material has a sense of cleanliness while drinking a beer.  You are guaranteed to touch a clean surface on the device whereas who knows where the actual bottle has been in the past.
  • It makes for a great gift for men who have everything or for a special occasion such as a wedding or anniversary.  Visit the following site for more information 
  • You not only get one but you get a two-pack with your purchase so the beers are always chilled.

chillsner in bottle  chillsner two pack



  • The rod does fit the 93 percent of beers sold in America from the major brands from Budweiser, Miller, and Coors.  However, not all bottles are made the same.  The Chillser comes in one size and the rod is not retractible.  This means you can not use it in a Full Sail Sessions Beer (short and stout), and Pyramid Brewery (short stature) style bottles.  The only thing that really concerns me is that I had a microbrew of the 22 oz style and the rod did not fit into the bottle.  The bottle was too narrow at the top for the rod.

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