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Podcast Episode 88

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Matt talks about R&B first dance songs to play as a married couple.

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R&B music is soulful, it’s romantic, and I think it makes for some of the best wedding songs you can play as a married couple. Today I am going to be focusing on more of the newer songs so of course, these are not the tried and true classics that you can find. Examples like Sam Cook and Nat King Cole. I just want to give you some ideas that are outside of the box that maybe you haven’t thought of, that maybe describe your relationship and your love for each other. Now, if you prefer to read the list, or listen to the list (as you know we cannot play the list legally), you can do so on the website MyWeddingSongs.com and just search for First Dance songs and it will come up. While you are on the website, make sure you sign up for our monthly newsletter of all the new wedding songs released in the previous month, plus what is trending.

Let us go ahead and get started with the first song on the list. It is by Veto and is called “Forever”. Released in 2022 it is a brand new song but it is quickly becoming very popular. Lyrics include…You have all the leverage, girl, I’m yours if you want it, Let’s make it forever, girl. Another great new song is by Selah Sue called “You (Rework)” with the lyrics…All I need is time in your embrace, It’s always so much better, Never in my life I’ve felt this way, Yes, you are all I need. Another one of my recent favorites is by Ric Hassani and is called “Angel (Acoustic Version)” You may not have heard of him yet, but this is a fantastic first dance song with the lyrics…I might lose sleep tonight, ‘Cause finally my dream has come true, I was created for you, You are my angel. As I said, the lyrics fit very nicely into a first dance song.
Now, this next song was on top of the R&B adult chart, and it is by the popular Kem with his song “Stuck On You”. It was released in 2022 with the lyrics…And your love, Is all I needed, To be fearless, Baby, I’m stuck on you. And, the last song I have, released in 2022, is by an artist probably most well known for his song “Down”. It is Jay Sean with his song “Incomplete” with the lyrics (I should say the lover lyrics)…Never know when it could be different, If there was no you, I’d be, I’d be incomplete. Probably my favorite song on the whole list is by the artists Jose James and Taali with the song “I Found A Love”. Lyrics include…I found a love, The kind to hold, The kind that lifts you from the bottom of your soul, The kind that makes, The broken whole. Next up is Leela James in 2021 with the song “You’re The One” with romantic lyrics…You’re the one that treats me right, Just the way I like, You’re the one. I like the connotations of this next song, “At My Worst” by Pink Sweat$ and Kehlani with the lyrics…If you stay forever, let me hold your hand, I can fill those places in your heart no one else can, Let me show you, love, oh, I don’t pretend.

Next up is actually a popular first dance song, “Conversations In The Dark” by John Legend, released in 2020. Lyrics include…You get hung up on your flaws, Well, in my eyes, you are perfect, As you are. Another duet is “Anything For You” by Ledisi and PJ Morton. It was released in 2020 with the lyrics…I will do anything for you, You are my life, one means us two, Anything, anything for you. Rahsaan Patterson released “Sent From Heaven” in 2019 with the lyrics…Thoughts of you rise like the sun, and, My days are much brighter Because you’re sent from heaven. Another popular first dance song is by Snoh Aalegra “Find Someone Like You” released in 2019 with the lyrics…I’ve been waitin’ my whole life, to find someone like you, Find someone like you. Here is another song that is not going to be on everybody’s radar. Derran Day’s song “My Word” was released in 2018 with the lyrics…Cross every star, Swim the ocean so far, Just to get to you, I’ll be there for you.

Of course, I am skipping over those songs you absolutely know by John Legend and Alicia Keys. As I said, if you want to check out the list you can do so on our website but one of the songs I definitely want to mention is “Need To Love You” by Gerald Levert released in 2001 with the lyrics…My time, to spend with you forever, My life, together I was made, Made to love you. Another popular first dance song, released in 2001, is Jaheim’s “Forever” with the lyrics…Forever, The love I have for you will last, Forever, Loving you always. Sade’s song “By Your Side” has been a very popular wedding song since first being released in 2000. Lyrics include…Oh, when you’re cold, I’ll be there, hold you tight to me, Oh, when you’re low, I’ll be there by your side. Now a lot of us may think of “The Thong Song” by Sisqo, but he also had a very romantic song in 2000 called “Incomplete” with the lyrics…I can make believe I have everything, but I can’t pretend that I don’t see, That without you girl my life is incomplete. Of course, I have to mention K-Ci & JoJo. We all know “All My Life” and “Angel Of Mine” by Monica, two great wedding songs to play throughout the years. Even Babyface’s “Every Time I Close My Eyes” in 1987. Lyrics include…And every time I close my eyes, I thank the Lord that I’ve got you, yeah, And you’ve got me too.

If you are looking for a Boy Band vibe there is a Boyz II Men song on the list, but I am going to mention Shai’s song “If I Ever Fall In Love” with the lyrics…I just wanna be the one who serves you, Sometimes I feel as if I don’t deserve you, I cherish every moment that we share. Definitely a great first dance song. Other artists on the list include Luther Vandross and Anita Baker. I am going to mention Freddie Jackson’s “You Are My Lady”, released in 1985 for those 80s fans. Lyrics include…Just say that you’ll stay with me, ’cause our love was meant to be, I promise to love you, More each day. Now there are tons of Stevie Wonder songs I could have mentioned on this list. If you are a Stevie Wonder fan, check out his list of great songs throughout the years. For now, I am going to mention “Overjoyed” with lyrics…For did my dreams Come true when I looked at you, And maybe too, if you would believe You too might be, Overjoyed.

Finally, I am going to close out with two classic first dance songs. Lionel Richie and Diana Ross with “Endless Love”, and Heatwave’s “Always And Forever”. Released in 1977, lyrics include…Every day, love me your own special way, Melt all my heart away with a smile, Take time to tell me, you really care, And we’ll share tomorrow, together, I’ll always love you forever. So there you have it, a few R&B first dance songs you may want to check out. If you want to check out the list you can do so on the website MyWeddingSongs.com. You can play the list as well. While you are there make sure you sign up for our monthly newsletter with all of the new songs being released, and all the trending songs as well. This is the third podcast and will be dropping on the last day of December 2022. I want to wish everyone a very Happy and Healthy 2023. We are hopefully going to be doing some interviews in 2023. Changing it up and exploring new wedding songs as well so make sure you stay tuned. Thanks for listening and have a great day!

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