questions to ask a wedding dj

When it comes to planning a wedding, no detail is too small. They are all valuable and can impact whether your wedding is memorable or not. One huge detail that many couples do not put enough thought into is music for their big day. Do you know how important music and having the right wedding DJ playlist can be? If not, consider our 10 most important questions to ask a wedding DJ before hiring them.  

questions to ask a wedding dj

Why Choosing the Right DJ Matters?

Before we discuss asking the right questions, you need to understand why it matters. The truth is, the DJ has a very important role in a wedding reception. Their job is to keep the guests happy and amped up for your wedding. They are the ones who will encourage pure fun, which is great for brides and grooms, family videos, and more. They want to see grandma on the dance floor laughing and showing her dance skills. They need fathers to dance with daughters.

The reason for this is simple. After the wedding, it will be those moments that make you smile the most when you think about them. It will be those moments, those songs, those people on the dance floor, that will fill you with joy. It is not a choice that should be made without plenty of thought. These questions can help you make the right choice in a DJ so that you will know happy memories will be made on your special day. 

Questions to Ask Before You Hire a Wedding DJ

10. Are They Available for Your Wedding Date?

You need to first make sure that they are going to be available for the amount of time that you need on your wedding day. Otherwise, you could end up with a DJ that has to bow out before you are done celebrating your wedding day to the fullest.  If you find a DJ you like, sign a contract as quickly as possible.  Great DJs are booked well in advance.

9. Have They Performed at Your Chosen Venue Before?

This is important because different venues will have different needs. They will all have a different pre-existing sound system and may require a specific acoustic set up to ensure the music sounds as good as it should. This does not mean that you should avoid them if they have never been set up in that venue. It just means that you may need to ask, “How will they prepare for that venue?” If they have performed there, ask if you can see how they performed while there to make sure that it is what you want. 

8. How Many Weddings/Receptions Have They Performed At?

We know that all DJs have to get started somewhere. However, for your wedding day, you want a DJ that has some experience with weddings and receptions. You need to know that they understand the wedding-goers. What the happy couple wants to see and hear on their special day. 

7. Ask About Their Social Media Profiles

This includes YouTube videos that may show what they do to keep people involved with your wedding day celebration. Their personality in the videos and social media content should be a match for what you want or your personality. 

You want to make sure that their social media accounts are active. Read their Facebook profile reviews and see how popular their past clients have been.  Check Google reviews too!

6. Can You See Wedding Sets on SoundCloud or Other Platforms?

You can learn a lot about a DJ by their wedding DJ playlists. Ask if you can glimpse what they have to offer as far as a playlist. You may also tell them what types of music you want to be played and see if they have playlists that can match your personal style. 

5. Pricing, Deposits, and How Much Advance Booking Do They Need?

Every DJ will have different requirements. They may offer different pricing packages (hours) or require you to put a down payment toward their services. Many may also prefer to be booked well in advance of the date. You have to make sure that they are available, within your price range, and with terms that you feel comfortable with. 

4. Are They Members of an Association with Insurance?

Most DJs have some type of liability insurance. This is designed to cover them in the event of damages to themselves or their equipment. Many venues require DJs to have this insurance so that it protects the venue from potential cost. It is best if you know ahead of time that everything is good between the DJ and the venue to avoid potential “hiccups” on your special day.  Being a member of a professional DJ Association or frequently attend DJ conventions means that they are serious about their trade.

3. What Is Their M.C. Style?

Their M.C. style is what they are willing to do at your wedding. Will they make announcements and play music? Or, will they go above and beyond to make sure that everyone gets and stays excited? You want to know that they interact with the crowd, will dress to blend in with your wedding party, and anything else that you feel is important. You may also ask why they feel that you should consider them for your wedding. This can give you more insight into their personality. 

2. Do They Provide Other Services? (Lighting or Video Screens)

Weddings have a certain atmosphere. The DJ that you choose should be able to enhance it through music, but sometimes having other services can further the overall “feel” of the ceremony. Before the big day, you will want to ask what else they can bring to the stage.

Video screens can be awesome because they allow videos or photographs to be shown at the reception. Lighting can enhance the mood of the moment as well. Strobes and muted colors can make the music that is playing feel more special. 

1. What Type of Equipment Will Do They Use?

Will wireless microphones be available for use? Do they have lighting and a quality speaker system that can be used? Video recording or the ability to show a couple’s photographs on video screens? Many DJs bring everything they need to every event that they are a part of. You will want to know ahead of time in case their equipment may need a different type of outlet than what the venue has available. 

How to Hire a Wedding DJ You Will Love

There are so many questions you can ask a DJ before hiring them. All are important. You should add other questions as you see fit to make sure that their style can match your views of what you want your wedding day to be. Mostly, their personality and yours must match up well. After all, you wouldn’t want a DJ showing up wearing jeans and tee-shirt when your guests are wearing their tuxedos and sequins. You also wouldn’t want them to show up, play music, and go home. You need them to be a part of the day. A part of your family and friends, for that day at least. 

Wedding music is a big deal. We can help you decide what type of music you want to hear on your special day. We can provide guidance so that the right song choices are available to your DJ. 

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    You made a great point about asking for social media so you can see how they present themselves and any music they have. My daughter is getting married this spring and we are looking for live wedding music to hire so that we get an authentic feel. We will keep these tips in mind as we search for a professional that can help us best.


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