Planning An Eco-friendly Wedding

Planning An Eco-friendly WeddingLiving in a new environmentally conscious age, we try to incorporate being “green” in every part of our life. You can make eco-friendly choices while planning your wedding, too. Now if you have not currently pursued green alternatives, the idea of introducing “green” elements on your special day might be scary. Fear not for going green is not only easy but it is elegant and affordable. When creating a “green” wedding you want to keep a certain principle in mind, how to create an elegant affair with the least amount of impact on the environment. This principle can help direct your every step as you plan a great, elegant, and eco-friendly event. There are several areas in which you can incorporate environmentally friendly elements.

Wedding Dress

One of the most important parts of your wedding is your wedding dress, you can go “green” in this area. There are many options that will allow you to combine eco-friendly choices with your wedding dress style to choose a beautiful dress with minimal impact on the environment.

Choosing an eco-friendly wedding dress consist of finding a dress that is made from natural and organic fibers that are no animal byproducts. The dress has been made using eco-friendly options, such as eco-friendly dyes. A dress that uses recycled fabrics will qualify as an eco-friendly dress. Or simply your dress can be reused. Sustainable, recycled, and reused are characteristics to look for when shopping for a “green” wedding dress.

An eco-friendly wedding dress should be made of sustainable materials. There are many choices for wedding dress fabrics which include cotton, peace silk, hemp, bamboo, lyocell, soy, and milk. Various styles can be found on the Internet and various wedding publications.

Designers like Adele Wechsler and Jessica Iverson with her Terra Amore line have combined couture with eco-friendly materials. Jessica Iverson’s line consists of earth-friendly silk fabrics. They are vegan-friendly and uses eco-friendly dyes. 100% sweatshop free. The company also plants a tree for every purchase made.

You can also make an eco-friendly decision to purchase a gently used gown instead of buying a new one. You can visit local consignment stores and organizations, vintage boutiques that can also be found online. Choosing to wear your mother’s or grandmother‘s gown is another eco-friendly decision.


There are many options for eco-friendly invitations. You can consider 100% recycled paper, partially recycled paper, or completely tree-free paper for your wedding invitations and other stationery.

Earthly Affair is a company who grew out of the lack of environmentally friendly invitations that were also stylish. This company is “green” not only in the finished product but also in their production methods, shipping methods, and other recycling efforts. They offer two options for their invitations. One is a 100% PCW, which means it uses no new trees and averts waste from landfills. The second is a cotton paper, FSC certified for responsible forest management and consists of partially recycled content.

Sweet Invitations offers an elegant line of handmade papers, made entirely from tree-free and recycled materials. These handmade papers are made from discarded cotton cloth. Visit their site for additional recycling fun facts. Primarily they are a handmade paper supplier, however, they will provide printed invitations at an additional cost.

Bella Figura has an exquisite line of invitations. They use environmental papers, either tree-free or high recycled content and soy inks. 100% cotton paper made from reclaimed fibers is used for their invitations and envelope liners are made from 30% recycled paper. They also support various environmental causes, they donate 1% of sales to environmental organizations.

Botanical Paperworks creates plantable paper (called Garden Greetings™) that is “tree-free” so that no trees were cut down to make this plantable paper. The base fiber is cotton or 100% post-consumer waste. And the paper is made with pure North American wildflower seeds by skilled papermakers. Not only will you send off a wonderful eco-friendly invitation but, you’re giving your guests a lasting memento of the event. As the flowers bloom in their garden, they’ll remember you and the special day of which they were apart.

Your wedding announcement or invitation can set the tone for your environmentally friendly wedding. There are many options for you and you do not have to compromise on style. Be inspired to create an elegant affair while minimizing your impact on the environment.


Did you know that your jewelry can be eco-friendly too? According to, the production of one gold ring produces 20 tons of mine waste. That can’t be very good. The waste can contaminate drinking water, destroy traditional livelihoods, and displaces indigenous communities. Diamond jewelry can come from conflict plagued areas, where war and smuggling surround the diamond trade.

To buy eco-friendly jewelry look for websites and retailers that specify an eco-friendly process for their jewelry. They should have a mission to provide ecologically and socially responsible jewelry alternatives. is committed to offering alternatives by using recycled precious metals in jewelry. aims to source all its precious metals and gemstones from small-scale artisan mining communities that have a concern for the biodiversity of their local region. They have a policy in place to help ensure that they have eco-friendly jewelry. In order to achieve this, we aim to fulfill the following criteria with our primary source partners.

Sumiche Jewelry Company offers both recycled and sustainably mined, fair trade gold and platinum, recycled silver, conflict-free diamonds, and certified Goose diamonds and fair trade gems.

If you are looking for something unique as well as eco-friendly take a look at Wood Rings are a socially just and environmentally sustainable alternative to precious metals and gemstones. David’s wooden rings are meticulously handcrafted, durable, warm to the touch & light to wear. Even in their use of wood, they consider their environment by using birch bark which is discarded after the tree has been used for paper production and bamboo which matures in 6 to 7 years.

Remember the policy in eco-friendly living is Reuse, Reduce, Recycle. Keep the three “r’s” in mind when planning your big event.

Be inspired to protect our environment!

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