Picking A Flower Girl

Picking A Flower Girl
Is the role of the flower girl purely ceremonial? Sure it is! She’s an important part of an important ceremony and the latest member of a long and proud wedding tradition. Picking a flower girl is an important part of the wedding planning process.

What does the flower girl do?

The flower girl carries a basket of flowers down the aisle, ahead of the maid of honor, and escorted by the ring bearer. As she goes, she’ll strew flowers, blow bubbles, or just look pretty for the guests. Upon reaching the aisle, she returns to sit with her parents in the front rows.

Who can be a flower girl?

Tradition calls for a girl between the ages of four and eight to serve as a flower girl. This goes back to an ancient custom when the flower girl was required to be a virgin. Today, the part has become a means of including a favorite niece, cousin, or even daughter into the event.

For very large or very formal weddings, it’s also acceptable to have more than one flower girl.

What should the flower girl wear?

Flower girls’ ideal attire is something to complement or match the bridesmaids. Wedding etiquette suggests the bride pay for the flower girl dress, though this is not a hard and fast regulation.

Little girls grow up fast, especially during the flower girl years, so any dress fitting should take place as soon as reasonably possible to the wedding date.

How much should the flower girl participate?

The flower girl should be treated as a full-fledged member of the wedding party. This means inviting her to the rehearsal dinner and bridal shower and also to the fittings for gowns.

It’s also very important she attend all the rehearsals. In fact, time permitting you should schedule extra rehearsal time to help her get ready for the big performance. The ring bearer should attend these rehearsals, too, so the two can get used to working with one another.

Who else can help the flower girl?

Wedding experts recommend choosing a buddy from among the bridesmaids, someone who won’t mind looking after the flower girl before the ceremony. This buddy can help the flower girl through any last-minute stage fright and offer praise once the ceremony concludes.

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