pick wedding introduction songs

pick wedding introduction songs

Playing music that sets the mood is an important role for a wedding DJ. We all associate music with memories. For many of us, the sound of a special song takes us back to the place where we made the memory. Your wedding is one of the most memorable days of your life and the music played for key moments will not only set the mood for that day but will inspire reflecting back in the future. When it comes time to choose the songs that will be played during the wedding introductions, there are a few important suggestions or tips to keep in mind. Don’t be afraid to mix the songs up and choose different songs for members of the bridal party. In the end, the wedding introduction needs to fit you, your spouse, and the mood of the wedding.

Step 1. Decide your Personality

We have all seen the viral videos where there are choreographed entries or a bold dance that the wedding party worked on. However, what matters more is that the songs used in your wedding introduction should suit you and your wedding party. Some people will want to make a more quiet entrance while others will literally want to rock the house down.

Step 2. Deciding how Many Songs

Now you know it is okay to have more than one song for the wedding party. You need to decide how many songs. This can range from simple where every group within the wedding party gets one song or complex where the wedding DJ will be switching between several songs in a medley.

Step 3. Making the Song Fit the Role

The wedding party will probably consist of some fashion of yourself, your spouse, your bridal party, and your parents. To get the guests ready to party and dance, the bride and groom normally pick something that is upbeat and fun. This should put the guests at ease and excited to be there.
For the parents of the wedding couple, you should ask them what kind of entrance they want! Some parents are still the life of the party while others will want a toned-down entrance. Many parents like to pick a song that they danced to when they were younger.

The wedding party might want a song that is fun and upbeat, a comedic song, or a song that speaks to a hopeful future for the wedding couple. It is definitely a decision that the bride and groom should not make without talking to the wedding party.

Step 4. Don’t Worry about the Other Music

Obviously, the wedding introduction music is not the only music that will be played at your wedding. You might have specific genres in mind that you prefer to be played for the rest of the night. Do not worry if the music used in your introduction is in the same genre as what you have requested to be played in other parts of the night.

Step 5. Sample Lots of Music

There are literally thousands of songs that might suit the introduction of the wedding party. Make sure to spend time browsing and listening to several songs. It can be a good idea to use a radio playing service that recommends similar songs to discover new music you might not have heard before.

Check out these song lists to help out:

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