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September 8 is designated as Pardon Day. What exactly brought upon having a Pardon Day? We have to go back to the year 1974. The world becomes privy to the fact that President Richard Nixon did partake in illegal activities and then tried to cover it up. President Nixon later resigned and Vice President Gerald R. Ford became President.

pardon songs

Then, on September 8, 1974, President Ford did pardon former President Nixon of all illegal activity while in office – also known as Watergate. The pardon offered means President Nixon cannot ever be tried for his illegal activities while in office – free and clear.

So, how should you celebrate the day? We think you should celebrate by playing one of our Pardon songs! What makes them so special? Well. each pardon song has the word pardon in the song title.

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Pardon Songs List

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10. Pardon Me – Staind
Released 2008, Rock
Album: The Illusion of Progress

9. I Beg Your Pardon (I Never Promised You A Rose Garden) – Kon Kan
Released 1989, Hip Hop
Album Move to Move

8. Pardon My Heart – Neil Young
Released 1975, Rock
Album Zuma

7. Please Pardon Me (You Remind Me Of A Friend) – Rufus featuring Chaka Khan
Released 1975, Soul/R&B
Album Rufusized

6. Pardon My Dust – Chris Rice
Released 2007, Christian
Album What a Heart Is Beating For

5. Pardon – The Robert Cray Band
Released 1999, Blues
Album Take Your Shoes Off

4. Please Pardon Yourself – The Avett Brothers
Released 2006, Rock
Album FestivaLink presents The Avett Brothers at MerleFest

3. Pardon Me – Weezer
Released 2005, Rock
Album Make Believe

2. I Beg Your Pardon (I Never Promised You A Rose Garden) – Lynn Anderson
Released 1970, Country
Album Rose Garden

1. Pardon Me – Incubus
Released 1999, Rock
Album Make Yourself

Other Top Pardon Songs

Pardon My French – Pat Lok
2021, Magic Tape 100

Pardon Me – Shekinah Keys
2021, Pardon Me

Pardon Me – Chrystian Lehr
2020, Offline II

Pardon – T.I. feat. Lil Baby
2020, The L.I.B.R.A.

Pardon Me – Lil Yachty feat. Future & Mike WiLL Made-It
2020, Lil Boat 3

Pardon My Ego – Logic
2019, Confessions of a Dangerous Mind

Pardon – Blu
2010, Her Favorite Colo(u)r

Pardon Me – The Blow
2006, Paper Television

Pardon Me Sir – Joe Cocker
1972, Joe Cocker

Pardon (Perdoname) – Dean Martin
1962, Dino: Italian Love Songs

What exactly does pardon mean? To pardon someone, such as President Nixon, means to forgive or excuse all illegal activities. So, when a person is walking by another person in small confinements, it is proper etiquette to say “Pardon Me” – also meaning excuse me.

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