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top wedding movies of all-time

Wedding movies have created many moments of laughter and tears throughout the years. They invoke many emotions as weddings are thought to convey an eternal love between two people. “Hollywood” has created many wedding-themed movies throughout the years. In addition, many people have created a list of the best wedding all-time movies. However, we are […]

Wedding Dates How Important

How important is a wedding date to get married on?  Well, think about the date of December 13th, 2014. It doesn’t look like much all spelled out. However, when you see the sequential numbers, you know why thousands of weddings took place on the wedding date 12-13-14. If you want to get married in sequential […]

Dancing with the Stars Styles of Dances

It’s hard to believe Dancing with the Stars has been on TV since 2005. Celebrities have been paired with professional dancers for nineteen seasons. During the show’s many paired dances, dance moves have been performed to many different dance styles. We do not list all of the dances but the below infographic lists the most […]