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songs with plane in the title

Aviation Day is celebrated on the birthday of Orville Wright, August 19. Orville and his brother Wilbur were two American inventors credited to inventing the world’s the first successful airplane. They also had the first controlled, powered, and sustained heavier-than-air human flight. The Wright brothers were the first to invent aircraft controls that made the […]

top beyonce songs

Beyoncé Knowles became known to the masses as a member of Destiny’s Child. Destiny’s Child accumulated four number one hits on top of the Billboard Hot 100. The songs include “Bills, Bills, Bills”, “Say My Name”, “Independent Women” and “Bootylicious”. Other big hits include “No, No, No”, “Lose My Breath”, “Soldier” and “Jumpin’, Jumpin’”. The […]

girlfriend songs

August 1 is designated as Girlfriends Day. A special day to celebrate all friends that are girls and also girls in which you are dating or romantically involved. Girls can also have female companions to share their lives with but not in a romantic way. In 2010, a movie released with the title of Girlfriend. […]

Sex songs in the title

Sex is commonly thought about and discussed surrounding weddings because this is when couples traditionally consummate their marriage. Yes, this means making their marriage complete by having sexual intercourse. So, we thought we would create a list of songs with the word sex in the song title. We include many different music styles including Hip […]

fried chicken songs

Sorry Vegetarians but July 6 is Fried Chicken Day. Yes, the day is so much more than going to your local Kentucky Fried Chicken fast-food restaurant. You can have your choice of white meat (breast and wing), and dark meat (leg and thigh). However, when frying chicken, there’s so much more than just cooking the […]