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violin wedding songs

25 Violin Wedding Songs To Play During Your Ceremony

Violin music is considered under the classical music genre. Many violin wedding songs are played during the ceremony for walking down the aisle, unity ceremony, readings, and recessional. Violin songs are not only by single artists but also part of groups such as quartets. Violins commonly are accompanied by other instruments such as guitars, pianos, […]

1990s Rock Songs

100 Most Iconic Rock Songs Of The 1990s

It’s no secret that rock music has changed over the years, from the beachy anthems of the 60s to the glam movement of the 80s. But how much did the music genre change in the 90s? During this decade, rock music would change several times, with the movement becoming associated with rebellious fans and alternative […]

matthew mole wedding songs

Matthew Mole The Wedding Song & Other Hits

Matthew Mole is a singer-songwriter from South Africa. He is the winner of the South African Music Awards record of the year 2021. View Mole’s profile on Wikipedia for a more in-depth profile. Matthew Mole’s most popular wedding song is obviously titled “The Wedding Song”. However, he has many other great hits. Read on. Matthew […]

Fire Songs

The Greatest Songs About Fire

In songs, fire can represent a plethora of emotions. The most prominent being that of love and passion. Fire represents the burning desire within for other people. While it can be as innocent as romance and affection, most songwriters use fire as a symbol of lust and hunger. Due to the dangerous nature of fire, […]

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