New Wedding Songs October 2020

October exemplifies the fall wedding season.  Many new wedding songs were released including veteran singers Smokey Robinson (The Miracles) with Charlie Wilson (The Gap Band).  Better Than Ezra released a movie song as one of the most iconic love songs from the 1980s movies.

Ariana Grande released a new album as a resemblance to her new love relationship with Dalton Gomez.  Plus, Miley Cyrus covers a classic Blondie song that will make everyone stop and listen.

EDM artists continue to make great background songs including covers to Fleetwood Mac and Sixpence None The Richer.

New Wedding Songs October 2020

New Wedding Songs October 2020

Dance With Me
Caleb and Kelsey
(October 30, 2020)
A great acoustic Pop duet that would fit great into any wedding ceremony or reception.

Bomb Love
Felicia Temple
(October 30, 2020)
A new contemporary R&B love song you could play while cutting your wedding cake or as a first dance.

Scatman (Love Me Loud)
DAZZ & Ellie Sax & Jessica Chertock
(October 30, 2020)
The song samples Scatman John’s Scatman song but with an EDM twist with a story of love.

Safety Dance
(October 30, 2020)
A cover to the song by Men Without Hats that the EDM fans will enjoy along with 80s music fans.

Forever After All
Luke Combs
(October 23, 2020)
Combs keeps rolling out Country love songs that you can add to your wedding day playlist.

Anything For Boo
(October 28, 2020)
This song has a Halloween love song feel to it particularly with the video. However, the message is spot on for couples on their wedding day.

All Of My Love
Charlie Wilson feat. Smokey Robinson
(October 23, 2020)
Two veteran R&B superstars join forces for an ultimate love song to play on your wedding day!

Phil Soda and GoodLuck
(October 23, 2020)
The original by Fleetwood Mac has seen a resurgence because of a viral TikTok video. This EDM cover would make for a great dinner background song.

Ariana Grande
(October 23, 2020)
A mid-tempo song that will make the younger wedding guests happy. Ariana has one of the largest social media followings and all Pop fans will recognize her voice.

Lil Bit
Nelly & Florida Georgia Line
(October 23, 2020)
A mid-tempo party song as a follow-up collaboration of “Cruise”. The song could be used as an exit song!

Here Goes Nothing
Muscadine Bloodline feat. Jordan Fletcher
(October 22, 2020)
A beautiful love song story for any wedding. This acoustic song can be played as a processional song or as a first dance song.

More of You
Emeli Sandé, Stonebwoy, Nana Rogues
(October 21, 2020)
A mid-tempo reggae song that would be great to play as a background song or even a playful first dance.

Pumped Up Kicks
Madism, MKJ, Felix Samuel
(October 20, 2020)
An EDM cover to the song by Foster The People that will have guests singing along.

this is love
Walk Off the Earth
(October 20, 2020)
I mid-tempo Indie love song you can play during your wedding ceremony or reception at your choosing.

Look at Me Now
Matt Stell
(October 16, 2020)
A love song to follow-up Stell’s song “Prayed For You” that could be played at weddings for Country music fans.

We’re Gonna Miss These Days
Dave Barnes
(October 16, 2020)
Fathers dancing with their daughters on her wedding day will appreciate this song as a Father-Daughter dance song.

In Your Eyes
Better Than Ezra
(October 16, 2020)
First released by Peter Gabriel for the movie Say Anything. The song makes for a great introduction song.

Kelly Rowland
(October 14, 2020)
This dance song has a love story message to tell and wedding guests can get their groove on to this song.

Crazy, Crazy
Dale Drinkard Jr.
(October 15, 2020)
Dale reminds a bit of Leon Bridges. This song melds R&B and Jazz to make for a great background song or accent any reception moment like cutting the wedding cake.

Stars In The Sky
Phora feat. Jhené Aiko
(October 9, 2020)
A romantic R&B love song to play as first dance while the spotlight is on you!

Kiss Me
Lucas Estrada & AJ Salvatore
(October 9, 2020)
A cover to the original song released by Sixpence None The Richer.  As an EDM cover, it makes for a great background song during the cocktail hour.

So Much More
Xavier Omär
(October 8, 2020)
A great R&B love songs perfect for a first dance.

Shot In The Dark
(October 7, 2020)
Just for the rockers! Raise your fists as it’s time to get the party started! A great party song.

Just the Way You Are (Acoustic)
Music Travel Love
(October 7, 2020)
If you are looking for an acoustic cover to Bruno Mars’ original song, this is a beautiful song to play as a processional or recessional song.

Can You Stand the Rain
Desmond Dennis
(October 6, 2020)
Desmond sang this song at his wedding and would be a perfect R&B song for yours too.

Your Love’s Everything
Tracy Cruz
(October 6, 2020)
A contemporary R&B love song to add to your wedding day playlist!

All Love Everything
Aloe Blacc
(October 2, 2020)
Aloe released a full-length album under the same name. A mid-tempo song that tells a love story.

Still Into You (Remastered)
Gareth Bush
(October 1, 2020)
An awesome cover to a Paramore song. A great love song for weddings!

Dua Lipa feat. DaBaby
(October 1, 2020)
A true dance hit that can get wedding guests to the dance floor. This song has a disco feel it with an added Hip Hop vibe.

Heart of Glass
Miley Cyrus
(October 1, 2020)
I think even Blondie fans will appreciate this cover that you can save for your 70s and 80s dance mix.

If you have a new wedding song released in October 2020, not on our list, please share your song below so that we can add it!

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