new wedding songs November 2019

A Great Big World & Christina Aguilera first worked together on the song “Say Something” in 2013. 6 years later, they released a new love song titled “Fall On Me” in November 2019. You will also find new wedding songs by Country star Kane Brown, R&B star Jon B, and Rock star Beck. You will also enjoy new songs from indie artists Jon Danforth and Donovan Woods. You will be pleasantly surprised to see a K-pop song by IU.

new wedding songs November 2019

Wedding Songs November 2019

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10,000 Hours (Piano Remix)
Dan + Shay & Justin Bieber
(November 27, 2019)
A slower piano version of their popular wedding hit song. It will be played at many upcoming weddings!

Lover (First Dance Remix)
Taylor Swift
(November 26, 2019)
Taylor offers a remix of her popular song that is appropriately labeled for a first dance as a married couple.

Fall On Me
A Great Big World & Christina Aguilera
(November 22, 2019)
The iconic Aguilera returns with another collaboration creating a love story made for weddings. You could incorporate this song into a processional song.

Two Wrongs
Ken Yates
(November 22, 2019)
If you have been through many troubles in your relationship, consider this Indie song in your wedding playlist.

River Flows in You
(November 22, 2019)
A cover of Yiruma’s song that would be perfect for any wedding ceremony song before the I Do’s.

Something Real
Summer Walker, London On Da Track & Chris Brown
(November 22, 2019)
If you are looking for a slower R&B groove with a sensual meaning, check out this song.

Maggie May Dreams
David “Ace” Cannon
(November 21, 2019)
David created a song for his daughter that every Father would love on his daughter’s wedding day. Consider it for your father-daughter dance too.

Love You For A Long Time
Maggie Rogers
(November 21, 2019)
Not your stereotypical wedding song but an Indie song that would be perfect as a background song during cocktails or dinner.

Show You I Do
Evan Stewart & Carlin Stewart
(November 21, 2019)
This is the perfect Pop wedding song you could incorporate into your wedding ceremony.

Take You There
(November 20, 2019)
Another sensual R&B jam to get your groove on the dance floor near the end of the evening.

Can’t Fight This Feeling
Bastille feat. London Contemporary Orchestra
(November 19, 2019)
A cover of REO Speedwagon’s hit love song you can add to your wedding playlist.

Jon B
(November 17, 2019)
The message of this R&B song is that your lover is priceless which makes this song #priceless.

MILLIONAIRE (jz + bncé)
(November 15, 2019)
Just for Electronic music fans, “MILLIONAIRE” would fit right into your wedding playlist that everyone would enjoy.

As Time Goes By
Anna Nalick
(November 15, 2019)
Hard to believe the original was in the movie Casablanca in 1942. Anna creates her own rendition that we absolutely love as an Anniversary dance song for the longest-married couple.

Without You
(November 15, 2019)
This Irish pop vocal group creates a mid-tempo song perfect for a background song for any wedding celebration.

Disney Medley
40 Fingers, Emanuele Grafitti, Enrico Maria Milanesi, Andrea Vittori, and Matteo Brenci
(November 13, 2019)
Just for Disney lovers, enjoy this acoustic medley while guests are taking their seats.

The Paisley Experience
(November 11, 2019)
Prince fans may not like the cover but I like the mix of some of his most popular hits on one song. Beck will have your wedding guests singing along!

Better Together
Luke Combs
(November 8, 2019)
If you think “Beautiful Crazy” is over-played, you can make this song yours on your wedding day as your first dance.

To Whatever Comes After
Jon Danforth
(November 8, 2019)
Some Folk songs have the perfect message and emotion for a wedding. Check out Jon’s song to add to your wedding playlist.

Clean Slate
Donovan Woods
(November 8, 2019)
Just a man and his guitar singing about how he wants to start his new journey with his new wife on a clean slate.

New Axe
Jack Johnson
(November 8, 2019)
The instant recognition of Jack’s voice and the song will have everyone tapping their toes and enjoying this feel-good song.

Fall Girl (Acoustic)
Jason Maxwell
(November 8, 2019)
The perfect dedication song from a husband to his new wife on their wedding day.

Slow Down
Skip Marley & H.E.R.
(November 7, 2019)
Bob Marley’s grandson and modern R&B star H.E.R. collaborate on a Reggae song describing a love on your wedding day.

Stronger Than a Diamond
Lynsay Ryan
(November 5, 2019)
A very personal selection for your first dance song that will give couples and guests goosebumps.

I Feel Love
Sam Smith
(November 1, 2019)
A dance remix of Donna Summer’s song that is also featured in a Target commercial. The DJ can mix in this song during party time.

Chelsea Cutler & Alexander 23
(November 1, 2019)
One of my favorite Pop love songs that has a perfect story for your wedding day.

Love Poem
(November 1, 2019)
K-pop song IU makes for a great wedding song no matter your background.

For My Daughter
Kane Brown
(November 1, 2019)
The words may not describe every parent-child relationship but a special dedication from Kane to his daughter and could be used as a father-daughter dance song.

I hope you enjoyed our eclectic list of newly released wedding songs from November 2019. If you think we missed a song, please comment it below so we can add it to our list. IF you want to see what songs are released currently, check out our list of new wedding songs.

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