Wedding Playlist App to Plan All of Your Wedding Songs

Planning the songs for one of the most important days of your life – your wedding day – can be extremely time-consuming.

Many wedding couples, wedding planners, and DJs scan music sites to find the perfect songs like Spotify, Pandora, Apple Music, Amazon Music, iHeartRadio, SoundCloud,, 8tracks, TuneIn, and so on, and so on.

Let’s not forget music charts to stay current on new music too.  Popular music charts include YouTube, Billboard, Amazon, iTunes, Shazam, American Top 40, and charts from popular streaming music services.

The problem that many discover is that there isn’t a single platform or website dedicated to weddings – until now.  The My Wedding Songs music app will help you with your wedding playlist creation.

wedding music app
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If this is your first time to My Wedding Songs – welcome.  You already know about our vast list of hundreds of curated wedding playlists. But what about an app?  Well, this week you can enjoy a newly redesigned My Wedding Songs app.  What is included in the redesign?

  • All song lists are in a table format for easy readability.
  • You have the ability to sort song lists by artist and song title.
  • A new chart category was added. Hot 50, Newly Released and Today’s Playlist will be updated regularly to stay up-to-date on new releases.
  • You can easily navigate between categories with a menu at the top of each song list.
  • We also updated the App description and screenshots.

Ok, now you know what we updated but what is all included in your music app?

We can discover wedding songs in 5 music categories:

  • Charts
  • Ceremony
  • Reception
  • Era
  • Genre


  • Available in English only.
  • Song lists are updated regularly.
  • Thousands of song suggestions are grouped by category.

Chart Song Lists:

  • Best New Songs (Updated weekly)
  • Hot 50 Picks (Updated monthly)
  • Top 100 All-time
  • Wedding Day Playlist (Updated monthly)

Wedding Ceremony Song Lists:

  • Processional Songs
  • Unity Songs
  • Recessional Songs

Wedding Reception Song Lists:

  • Anniversary Dance Songs
  • Bouquet Toss Songs
  • Cake Cutting Songs
  • Dinner Music
  • Entrance/Introduction Songs
  • Father-Daughter Dance Songs
  • First Dance Songs
  • Garter Toss Songs
  • Last Dance Songs
  • Money Dance Songs
  • Mother-Son Dance Songs
  • Party Songs
  • Wedding Party Dance Songs

Wedding Songs By Era:

  • 2010s Music
  • 2000s Music
  • 1990s Music
  • 1980s Music
  • 1970s Music
  • 1960s Music

Wedding Songs By Genre:

  • Christian Songs
  • Country Songs
  • Dance/EDM Songs
  • Folk Songs
  • Hip Hop Songs
  • Indie Songs
  • Latin Songs
  • Pop Songs
  • R&B Songs
  • Reggae Songs
  • Rock Songs

You need the perfect songs for your wedding. But how do you select from an infinite number of songs? The good news is we have narrowed that list down for you!

The My Wedding Songs App features curated song lists for every part of the wedding ceremony and reception! Whether you are looking to find popular songs or unique songs, we have you covered!

Create the perfect soundtrack for the wedding of your dreams. What will be your first dance song? How will you get the guests out of their seats and onto the dance floor?

We promise not to overwhelm you. Instead, we give you a variety of choices for selecting the perfect songs.

Want to stay current on newly released wedding songs? Our Hot 50 Picks, New Releases, and Wedding Day Playlist are regularly updated so you’re not in the dark.

Chart Song Lists: Newly Released (Updated Weekly), Hot 50 Picks (Updated Monthly), Top 100 All-time, Wedding Day Playlist (Updated Monthly), Amazon Music Songs, Apple Music Songs, Billboard Songs, iHeartRadio Songs, Pandora Songs, Spotify Songs, TikTok Songs, YouTube Songs

Wedding Ceremony Song Lists: Processional Songs, Unity Songs, Memorial Songs, Recessional Songs

Wedding Reception Song Lists: Anniversary Songs, Bouquet Toss Songs, Cake Cutting Songs, Dinner Music, Entrance/Introduction Songs, Father-Daughter Dance Songs, First Dance Songs, Garter Removal Songs, Garter Toss Songs, Garter Placement Songs, Group Dance Songs, In-Law Songs, Last Dance Songs, Money Dance Songs, Mother Daughter Songs, Mother-Son Dance Songs, Party Songs, Sister Brother Songs, Sister Songs, Wedding Party Dance Songs

Wedding Songs By Era: 2010s Music, 2000s Music, 1990s Music, 1980s Music, 1970s Music, 1960s Music

Wedding Songs By Genre: Christian Songs, Country Songs, Dance/EDM Songs, Folk Songs, Hip Hop Songs, Indie Songs, Latin Songs, Pop Songs, R&B Songs, Reggae Songs, Rock Songs, Swing Songs

The My Wedding Songs App helps you find songs, sample songs, and create your wedding playlist. Each song list offers you the artist, song title, and link to sample the song. You can also sort each song list by artist and song title.

The best part is it is absolutely FREE!, the top source for wedding song selections nationally for millions of wedding couples, has created an app so you can easily orchestrate the music for your entire wedding day.  Try it today – totally free.

Sounds all good but what is the user experience using the app?

Here are a few screenshots of the My Wedding Songs App.

music app screenshots
music app screenshot

Great, but how do you download the wedding music app?

Our wedding music app is available for Android devices through Google Play and on the Amazon website.

Download My Wedding Songs App on Google Play Store

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