Carrie Underwood’s song “Blown Away” topped the Country charts the week of October 15, 2012.  It stayed at the top of the chart for two consecutive weeks.

The next time a female topped the chart as a solo artist was on March 14, 2020, with Maren Morris’ hit “The Bones”. The time between is almost EIGHT YEARS!

We are huge Country fans but this fact puts a rock in my stomach. Women are not represented in Country music as much as they should.

Our goal is to help spread the work of females in the Country music industry.

Here is a list of modern female singers and groups you should know about in your music listening. Consider adding them to your wedding playlists too!

Modern Female Country Artists USA

Modern Female County Singers Need More Attention!

We are determined to share them with you…

Top modern female Country singers include:

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Abby Anderson

Visit the Official Abby Anderson website.

Abby Anderson – I’ll Still Love You
2020, I’ll Still Love You

Abby Anderson – We Go Together Like
2020, We Go Together Like

Abby Anderson – Make Him Wait
2018, I’m Good

Alana Springsteen

Visit the Official Alana Springsteen website.

Alana Springsteen – Always Gonna Love You
2020, Always Gonna Love You

Alexandra Kay

Visit the Official Alexandra Kay website.

Alexandra Kay – We Wouldn’t Be Us
2021, We Wouldn’t Be Us

Alyssa Trahan

Visit the Official Alyssa Trahan website.

Alyssa Trahan – We Used to Be Happy

Ashley Cooke

Ashley Cooke – Sunday Morning Kinda Saturday Night
2021, Sunday Morning Kinda Saturday Night

Ashley McBryde

Visit the Official Ashley McBryde website.

Ashley McBryde – A Little Dive Bar in Dahlonega
2017, Girl Going Nowhere

Ashley McBryde – One Night Standards
2020, Never Will

Aubrie Sellers

Visit the Official Aubrie Sellers website.

Aubrie Sellers – Something Special
2016, New City Blues

Brandy Clark

Brandy Clark – Remember Me Beautiful
2021, Your Life is a Record

Brooke Eden

Brooke Eden – No Shade
2021, No Shade

Calamity Jane

Visit the Official Calamity Jane website.

Calamity Jane – The Most
2021, The Most

Callista Clark

Callista Clark – It’s ‘Cause I Am
2021, Real To Me


Visit the Official Cam website.

Cam – Burning House
2015, Untamed

Cam – Mayday
2015, Untamed

Carly Pearce

Visit the Official Carly Pearce website.

Carly Pearce – Should’ve Known Better
2021, 29

Carly Pearce – Closer To You
2020, Carly Pearce

Carly Pearce – Every Little Thing
2017, Every Little Thing

Carrie Underwood

Visit the Official Carrie Underwood website.

Carrie Underwood – Softly And Tenderly
2021, My Savior

Carrie Underwood – Love Wins
2018, Cry Pretty

Cassadee Pope

Visit the Official Cassadee Pope website.

Cassadee Pope – Take You Home
2019, Take You Home

Cassadee Pope – Wasting All These Tears
2013, Wasting All These Tears

Charlotte Ave

Charlotte Ave – Holy / H.O.L.Y.
2020, Holy / H.O.L.Y.

Clare Dunn

Visit the Official Clare Dunn website.

Clare Dunn – No Reservations

Clare Dunn – More
2018, More

Clare Dunn – Put You Into Words
2018, Put You Into Words

Dani Taylor

Visit the Official Dani Taylor website.

Dani Taylor – Man of Few Words
2020, Man of Few Words

Gabby Barrett

Visit the Official Gabby Barrett website.

Gabby Barrett – The Good Ones
2020, Goldmine

Gabby Barrett – Hall Of Fame
2020, Goldmine

Hailey Whitters

Visit the Official Hailey Whitters website.

Hailey Whitters – Heartland
2020, The Dream

Hillary Scott

Visit the Official Lady A website.

Hillary Scott & Scott Family – Thy Will
2016, Love Remains

Lady A (Hillary Scott) – Just A Kiss
2011, Own The Night

Hollie Shearer

Hollie Shearer – Unlucky In Love
2021, Unlucky In Love

Ingrid Andress

Visit the Official Ingrid Andress website.

Ingrid Andress – Lady Like
2019, Lady Like

Ingrid Andress – More Hearts Than Mine
2019, Lady Like

Jennifer Nettles

Visit the Official Jennifer Nettles website.
Visit the Official Sugarland website.

Jennifer Nettles – Unlove You
2015, Playing With Fire

Sugarland (Jennifer Nettles) – Stuck Like Glue
2010, The Incredible Machine

Kacey Musgraves

Visit the Official Kacey Musgraves website.

Kacey Musgraves – Butterflies
2018, Golden Hour

Kacey Musgraves – Rainbow
2018, Golden Hour

Kaitlin Butts

Kaitlin Butts – How Lucky Am I
2021, How Lucky Am I

Kalie Shorr

Kalie Shorr – Fight Like A Girl
2016, Fight Like a Girl

Kelsea Ballerini

Visit the Official Kelsea Ballerini website.

Kelsea Ballerini – hole in the bottle
2020, kelsea

Kelsea Ballerini – I Think I Fell In Love Today
2017, Unapologetically

Lainey Wilson

Visit the Official Lainey Wilson website.

Lainey Wilson – WWDD
2021, Sayin’ What I’m Thinkin’

Lauren Alaina

Visit the Official Lauren Alaina website.

Lauren Alaina – Road Less Traveled
2016, Road Less Traveled

Lauren Duski

Lauren Duski – I Would For You
2021, I Would For You

Lauren Weintraub

Visit the Official Lauren Weintraub website.

Lauren Weintraub – She’s Mine
2021, She’s Mine

Leah Marie Mason

Leah Marie Mason – Far Boy
2021, Far Boy


Visit the Official Lexanna website.

Lexanna – Parachute (Acoustic)
2019, Parachute

Lily Rose

Visit the Official Lily Rose website.

Lily Rose – Villain
2020, Villain

Lindsay Ell

Visit the Official Lindsay Ell website.

Lindsay Ell – Criminal
2017, The Project

Lindsay Ell – wAnt me back
2020, heart theory

Maddie & Tae

Visit the Official Maddie & Tae website.

Maddie & Tae – Die From A Broken Heart
2020, The Way It Feels

Maddie & Tae – Girl In A Country Song
2014, Start Here

Mae Estes

Visit the Official Mae Estes website.

Mae Estes – Roses
2021, Roses

Maren Morris

Visit the Official Maren Morris website.

Maren Morris – I Could Use A Love Song
2016, HERO

Maren Morris – The Bones
2019, GIRL

Mickey Guyton

Visit the Official Mickey Guyton website.

Mickey Guyton – Better Than You Left Me
2015, Mickey Guyton

Mickey Guyton – Black Like Me
2020, Bridges

Miranda Lambert

Visit the Official Miranda Lambert website.

Miranda Lambert – Bluebird
2019, Wildcard

Miranda Lambert – Settling Down
2019, Wildcard

Miranda Lambert feat. Maren Morris, Elle King, Ashley McBryde, Tenille Townes & Caylee Hammack – Fooled Around and Fell in Love
2019, Fooled Around and Fell in Love

Morgan Wade

Visit the Official Morgan Wade website.

Morgan Wade – Wilder Days
2021, Reckless

Priscilla Block

Visit the Official Priscilla Block website.

Priscilla Block – I Bet You Wanna Know
2021, I Bet You Wanna Know

Priscilla Block – Just About Over You
2020, Just About Over You


Visit the Official RaeLynn website.

RaeLynn – God Made Girls
2018, Origins

RaeLynn – Queens Don’t
2018, Queens Don’t

Runaway June

Visit the Official Runaway June website.

Runaway June – Buy My Own Drinks
2019, Blue Roses

Runaway June – Head Over Heels
2019, Blue Roses

Sarahbeth Taite

Visit the Official Sarahbeth Taite website.

Sarahbeth Taite – Hometown Girl
2021, Hometown Girl

Shannon McNally

Shannon McNally – I Ain’t Living Long Like This
2021, The Waylon Sessions

Taylor Austin Dye

Taylor Austin Dye – Good Time Girl
2021, Good Time Girl

Tenille Arts

Visit the Official Tenille Arts website.

Tenille Arts – I Hate This
2018, Love, Heartbreak, & Everything in Between

Tenille Arts – Somebody Like That
2019, Love, Heartbreak, & Everything in Between

Tenille Townes

Visit the Official Tenille Townes website.

Tenille Townes – Holding Out for the One
2020, The Lemonade Stand

Tenille Townes – Somebody’s Daughter
2018, The Lemonade Stand


Visit the Official Tiera website.

Tiera ft. BRELAND – Miles
2021, Miles

The Chicks

Visit the Official The Chicks website.

The Chicks – March March
2020, Gaslighter

The Chicks – Godspeed (Sweet Dreams)
2002, Home

The Highwomen

(Brandi Carlile, Natalie Hemby, Maren Morris, and Amanda Shires)
Visit the Official The Highwomen website.

The Highwomen – Crowded Table
2019, The Highwomen

Tyra Madison

Visit the Official Tyra Madison website.

Tyra Madison – Right Girl Wrong Time
2020, Right Girl Wrong Time


Visit the Official Yola website.

Yola – I Don’t Wanna Lie
2019, Walk Through Fire

If you have a favorite female Country artist, please share below. We do read and respond to all comments. So, if you have a Country singer, not on our list, please sure to mention her below so that she can be added!

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