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MaRynn Taylor is busting onto the music scene with her new song “Dads and Daughters” released in June 2020.  She is a rising star and definitely one to keep an eye on!  I was fortunate for MaRynn to answer a few questions about her music career, “Dads and Daughters” song meaning, and a little about her personal life.

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MaRynn Taylor Interview with My Wedding Songs

Can you tell me any of your goals in the music industry? Proudest moment?

I’m just starting out, so I have so many goals it’s hard to narrow them down. Since everything begins with music, my initial goals are to keep writing and recording songs and then to get out and play them for people, especially at the Grand Ole Opry. It’s a huge goal for me to make my artist debut there one day. My proudest moment so far was when my label Black River Entertainment and Bill Cody surprised me during an interview on 650 WSM AM’s “Coffee Country and Cody,” and I actually signed my record deal right there, on the air!

Can you tell me a bit about your musical journey?

I grew up in a household surrounded by music. My Dad was a guitar player who played in church. He got me my first guitar when I was ten, and I have been singing ever since I could remember. At the age of 12, I began to sing at open mic nights, festivals, and school talent shows. That same year, I had made my first trip to Nashville as a family vacation. I was so inspired by the place that I knew one day I wanted to move there. I was 17 when I moved to Nashville with my family. Two months into living there, my Mom and I decided to go to the 2019 CMA festival. After spending the morning and afternoon seeing all the talented artists, we got handed a flier that said, “Black River’s 60 Second Spotlight”, and we thought we must find where this event was being held! When we got there, they were packing up to leave because they were done for the day. We struck up a conversation with some of the Black River staff and must to my excitement, they decided to let me in and sing for them! I sang two songs that day for the staff. I guess they liked me because they wanted to know if I wanted to go to the CMA festival at Nissan stadium that night!

Since that happened, I’ve always felt it was a God thing. Later that year, in November, the same day as the CMA Awards, they surprised me with my record deal! I’m so thankful that I get to make music, and I can’t wait for the future of my musical journey!

So, what are some of the things you have been doing to keep busy while in quarantine?

I’ve been trying to stay positive throughout my days of being in quarantine! I’m very thankful I get to be a recording artist because I’ve been writing more songs; I’ve been in the studio a few times, and at home, I’ve even been learning how to grow my own cucumbers because I love pickles!

Your song “Dads and Daughters” is spot on to play at weddings. Can you tell me the backstory of the song?

“Dads and Daughters” is a special song that I wrote with my friend Jason Earley. My Dad loves songwriting too and actually wrote a song about me when I was a baby called “The Greatest Gift.” He has always been there for me and loved me. When we wrote “Dads and Daughters” that day, it was like my gift of music back to him because he taught me everything I know. I wrote “Dads and Daughters” as a way to tell my story, and if other dads and daughters relate to the song, it’s just icing on the cake!

Do you have a favorite lyric from “Dads and Daughters”?

Well, I guess I love all the lyrics, ha! Each verse is a snapshot of my life from a baby to a teen and then looks ahead to someday when I get married. But if I had to pick one lyric, I’d probably say it’s the third verse, “He’ll try not to cry when he sees her in white.” Every time I sing those words, I can picture what that day will look like, and the thought of that sometimes brings me to tears.

What was the inspiration for the “Dads and Daughters” video?

The “Dads and Daughters” music video was special to create because I actually made it to show to my parents. Going through my old photos and videos was a more emotional experience than I expected it to be. I cried, making the video and showing it to my parents. Yes, they cried too!

Later, when I showed the video to the president and CEO of my label Gordon Kerr, he and the label loved it so much that we all decided to recreate it at a higher quality and have it be the official music video for “Dads and Daughters.”

Check out the song’s video here:

Who are some of the artists that you idolized growing up and influenced your music style?

Growing up, I listened to all kinds of music. I gravitated towards James Taylor, John Denver, and Hal Ketchum because that’s what my Dad would play me every night before bed. As I grew older, I became interested in the women in country music like Taylor Swift, Carrie Underwood, and The Dixie Chicks. I would stay up late nights learning their songs and then perform them at open mic nights or even little concerts in my living room for my family and friends. I learned so much from listening to those artists, and I continue to learn from them now.

If we were to look at the artists you are listening to, who would be on your playlist?

There’s so much new music coming out nowadays! I’m obsessed with the new Brett Eldredge album’ Sunday Drive.’ I’ve also started to listen to Maggie Rogers.

What are your favorite ways to discover new music?

I really enjoy trying to find all the new music that comes out each week. I love to listen to the radio; I also like to keep up with social media to see who my friends and family are liking. That’s the great part about music these days, you can really discover it in many ways.

When live events start rolling out again, do you have any “must-play” venues or places?

I’m so excited to be able to perform again. I’ve always dreamt of playing the Grand Ole Opry, The Ryman, and The Blue Bird Cafe. There are many venues I’m excited to play once they open, but those would be my must plays!

What are your plans for any future releases?

I’ve been writing and recording new music. Some of the songs I’ve written, some of the songs I haven’t, but all of the songs are me! I can’t wait to share them with the world.

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Thank you MaRynn for taking the time to answer my questions.  I wish you the best of luck in the future with a huge music career and performing in front of sold-out crowds!

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