Last Minute Wedding Favor Ideas

Last Minute Wedding Favor Ideas

For some, preparing wedding favors is one of the most exciting things when planning the event. For others, however, it’s something that might be forgotten while deciding on other major details. If you find yourself being one of the latter, don’t panic. Take a deep breath as here are some quick fixes you can come up with for your big day’s giveaway presents.

Other wedding favor ideas:

Last-Minute Wedding Favor Ideas

Chocolate Bars

Who doesn’t love chocolates? Guests both young and old will surely enjoy this sweet indulgence. It doesn’t hurt too that it’s an easy-to-purchase item. Hoard bars of chocolate from your favorite shop for an easy yet delightful wedding favor. This one requires only a quick preparation. Simply tie a ribbon around it and attach a tag with the couple’s names and the wedding date. Be mindful of how you transport the chocolate bars though. You wouldn’t want to send your guests home with sticky, melted, or broken bars after all.

Regional Gift

This is perfect for destination weddings or ones that are held in the groom or bride’s hometown faraway. People who travel to a new place always take pleasure in delving into local practices and experiencing its delicacies. Give your guests something that will not only remind them of your wedding but of the place as well. Regional gifts are easy to purchase in the area and you can even get a good bargain if you buy them in bulk. Prepare a paper bag, basket, or box that matches your color motif to pack edible or collectible souvenirs for your guests.


Whether it’s for display or for use, this one will be a practical gift for many guests. Aside from the fact that you can easily find candles to purchase, these items are also fun to decorate and personalize. Votive candles, for instance, can be wrapped in sheer fabric and tied with a satin ribbon. Lace, ribbons, even twigs can quickly do the trick in transforming simple-looking candles into elegant wedding favors. You can choose to have scented ones and you can even conveniently pick colors to match your theme.


Just like chocolates, you can certainly never go wrong with pastries. Whether it’s brownies, mini pies, macarons, or cookies, sweet treats are always appreciated as wedding favors. As well, it’s something that many suppliers are willing to take even if you order at a week’s notice. Pack 2-3 pieces of these in tiny cans, jars, boxes, or even simple brown paper bags. A playful ribbon and homemade printed tag will surely create a shabby chic look to this giveaway.


Sounds cliche for a gift but pens will always be classic items that are practical and useful at the same time. Add a personal touch to these items by customizing them with the couple’s names and the wedding date. Customized pens like that from National Pen and others allow you to choose the print you want on the pen. You can also simply tie a tag on the pens with a written appreciation for the guests.


Yep, this tiny yummy treat can be your lifesaver too! Colorful jellybeans add a fun twist to your wedding. Simply group them into small packs using clear jars or even fancy little plastic bags. Tie them with a ribbon and don’t forget the thank you tag!

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