Las Vegas Wedding Packages

Las Vegas Wedding Packages

When planning a destination wedding in Las Vegas, the easiest way to pay for and plan the wedding is to purchase a Las Vegas Wedding Package. Wedding packages can vary from an all-inclusive round trip to all-inclusive packages offered by venues. Before purchasing a wedding package there are items you may want to negotiate into the final package price. Do not sign on the dotted line before reviewing our list.

20 things to ask for in Las Vegas wedding packages

  1. Transportation to and from the airport. The mega Strip resorts have free airport shuttles. However, maybe you want a chauffeur with your name on a sign waiting for you at the baggage claim to whisk you away in a limo with champagne and strawberries. What about limo service to the wedding venue and errands around town.
  2. Attire rentals can be included in the wedding package. You can rent your wedding dress and the groom’s tuxedo. Just go to your local dress shop and tuxedo shop for measurements and give that to your wedding planner to have everything ready for you upon arrival.
  3. Travel expenses to Vegas and back home. Traveling may include car rental, airline tickets, parking fees, and gas money.
  4. Room reservations are a must. Do you want a master suite or a cozy bungalow? In Vegas, you can spend as much or as little as the budget allows.
  5. Wedding locations – where will the ceremony and reception be held? You can have a Harley-Davidson motorcycle wedding or married by Elvis with your name in lights.
  6. Don’t forget the wedding vendors like photographers, videographers, food providers, music entertainment, wedding cake supplier, and flower shop. Check out our wedding budget for a list of standard expenses for your reference.
  7. Transportation to and from the marriage bureau as marriage licenses must be purchased in person!
  8. Transportation to photography hot spots on your wedding night! Vegas never sleeps and neither should you the day of your wedding. Get your wedding party pictures in from of the Bellagio fountains, the world-famous Las Vegas sign, and during the day with Red Rock mountains in the background.
  9. Many venues in Las Vegas are equipped to broadcast your wedding ceremony on the Internet for guests who are unable to make your special day. Venues typically include this in the price. Do not pay extra for this feature!
  10. Get specifics on tipping. The town of Las Vegas is a town that lives on tips. Many times tips are expected. Talk with your wedding planner and set tip envelopes aside – unless you want to carry around a wad of cash.
  11. We mentioned your photographer above. More importantly, what photograph package is included? Are the pictures a la carte? A la carte will be MUCH more expensive than a pre-planned package.
  12. With more than one-hundred thousand weddings in Las Vegas every year, time is money. Keep in mind that the more time you are at a location, the more money. Many ocular facilities can have multiple weddings in a single day.
  13. You must plan on where you plan to get ready for the wedding. Does the venue have a dressing room? You don’t want to be putting your make-up on in the bathroom as the processional music starts.
  14. Read the fine print of the contract. How much is the deposit? Is the deposit refundable in-case of an act of God or a change of mind? What if everyone is have a great time at the reception and you want to stay an extra hour? What is the time overage charge?
  15. There is an 8.38% sales tax in Las Vegas. Are there any charges that do not have the tax included that should?
  16. What if your niece Krista decides to bring a date? What is the charge for each additional person in attendance? What is the max capacity of your venues?
  17. For the reception, what type of bar is included in the price? Are the bar wine and non-alcoholic beverages only? How long will the bar be open and are waiters included?
  18. Maps always help you and your guests get their bearings. Be sure to have a map of the resort as even a Vegas local can get lost with all the gaming lights flashing. What is the fee to have maps made and provided at the time of arrival?
  19. Can you get a discount by booking a block of rooms for family and friends? What is the tiered discount by the number of rooms booked? Negotiate!
  20. Lastly, take the advice from a Vegas local who also got married here. Actually, Sharon and I pushed our wedding out to Boulder City as we thought we were saving money. However, with the great deals on Las Vegas wedding packages offered, we would have saved money with one of the all-inclusive packages offered these days. Be sure to look for deals too! Shop around and talk to one of the many local wedding planners. This way you will have the advantage of an unbiased opinion of locations to fit your style and budget.

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