jail and prison songs

When a person is in jail, they are in a place of confinement convicted of or accused of a crime. When a person is in prison, they are in a building in which they are legally held as a punishment for a crime they have committed or while awaiting trial. The difference between a jail and prison is that jail is more local – city or county. Prisons are under the jurisdiction of the state or federal government and typically where people are confined when convicted. Whether or not you like the below list or not, we cannot be convicted of a crime but we can be held to your standard. Here’s our list of 30 favorite songs with jail or prison in the song title.

jail and prison songs

Jail & Prison Songs List

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Mind Is A Prison – Alec Benjamin
2019, Mind Is A Prison

Prison – Wage War
2019, Pressure

Way Too Pretty for Prison – Miranda Lambert with Maren Morris
2019, Wildcard

Stay Outta Jail – DW Flame
2019, Stay Outta Jail

A Cell Divides – Haken
2018, Vector

25 in Jail (Unplugged) – Jacob Bryant
2017, Jacob Bryant Unplugged, Vol. 2

Christmas in Jail – Asleep at the Wheel
2016, Lone Star Christmas Night

Jail – Tara Thompson
2016, Someone To Take Your Place EP

Prison of Decision – Drehz
2012, Filters

Jailhouse Rock (Live) – ZZ Top
2006, Fandango!

Not Even Jail – Interpol
2004, Antics

You Know What They Do To Guys Like Us In Prison – My Chemical Romance
2004, Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge

Cell Block Tango – Catherine Zeta-Jones; Susan Misner; Deidre Goodwin; Denise Faye; Ekaterina Chtchelkanova; Mýa Harrison; Taye Diggs
2002, Chicago Soundtrack

Dead Jail or Rock n’ Roll – Warrant
2001, Under the Influence

Prison Song – System Of A Down
2001, Toxicity

Birmingham Jail – Long John Baldry
2001, Remembering Leadbelly

My Own Prison – Creed
1998, My Own Prison

Cell Therapy – Goodie Mob
1995, Soul Food

Jail – Down
1995, Nola

Freeway Time In LA County Jail – Sublime
1994, Robbin’ The Hood

Prison Sex – TOOL
1993, Undertow

Dead, Jail Or Rock ‘N’ Roll – Michael Monroe
1989, Not Fakin’ It

Jailbreak – AC/DC
1984, ’74 Jailbreak

Teenage Jail – Eagles
1979, The Long Run

One Chain (Don’t Make No Prison) – Santana
1978, Inner Secrets

Jail Guitar Doors – The Clash
1977, Sound System

Jailbreak – Thin Lizzy
1976, Jailbreak

County Jail Blues – Eric Clapton
1976, Eric Clapton Blues

Prison Trilogy (Billy Rose) – Joan Baez
1972, Come from the Shadows

Holloway Jail – The Kinks
1971, Muswell Hillbillies

I’d Rather Go to Jail – Mitch Ryder And The Detroit Wheels
1967, Sock It To Me!

The Tijuana Jail – The Kingston Trio
1959, The Tijuana Jail

Jailhouse Rock – Elvis Presley
1957, Jailhouse Rock

Folsom Prison Blues – Johnny Cash
1955, Folsom Prison Blues

In the Jailhouse Now – Jimmie Rodgers
1928 in Camden, New Jersey

Now that you have had a chance to digest our list of jail songs and prison songs, what do you think? Are there any of your songs that should be on the list? If so, be sure to comment on the song(s) below so that we can add the song. Please, stay out of prison and enjoy your freedom – like looking at all of the playlists we have accumulated since 2003.

6 Songs That Would Land You In Jail At Weddings

When at a wedding, there are certain things that a person should not do. A person’s choices could put them in jail if acted out at a wedding. Yes, some songs should not be taken literally. Just as you cannot believe everything you read on the Internet, you should not do everything sung in a song.

songs that would land you in jail

Songs That Would Land You In Jail

I Touch Myself by the Divinyls

There should not be any inappropriate touching of yourself at a wedding. This would be considered lewd conduct which is a misdemeanor.

Hit Me With Your Best Shot by Pat Benetar

There should not be any physical punching of other people at a wedding. This is called assault and battery. Assault is the threat of physical violence. Battery is the actual physical violence. This would land you in jail!

Why Don’t We Get Drunk by Jimmy Buffet

By the title, you may be thinking that it is ok to be drunk and not go to jail. However, the next verse in the song is “and screw”. If having sex in public, you could be arrested with indecent exposure and disturbing the peace.

Fight For Your Right (To Party) by The Beastie Boys

As stated above, any physical violence would be considered battery. In addition, you would also be charged with disturbing the peace – particularly all the wedding guests including the bride and groom.

Been Caught Stealing – Jane’s Addiction

One positive way to end up in jail is to steal the wedding gifts and/or money card boxes. If you are caught stealing anything at a wedding, you will also have to worry about all of the family members attacking you as all against one.

I Want A New Drug by Huey Lewis and the News

The song speaks of a person who needs a new drug. Well, the Police do not like persons in possession of illegal drugs. In addition, the Police also don’t like people who sell drugs.

As a result, it is not always a good idea to take wedding songs literally. Please do not act out songs that would land you in jail at weddings.

Don’t Land In Jail At Weddings!

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