Indian Wedding Invitation Cards

Indian Wedding Invitation Cards for Different Communities

Indian Wedding Invitation CardsIndian weddings are known to be ostentatious ceremonies with color and splendor marking a very special day in the lives of the couple. The Indian wedding preparations start with the invitation card and choosing an Indian wedding invitation card is not as easy considering the variety of cards that makers have in store.

Indian wedding cards can be simple and articulate cards in the form of greeting cards with gods adorning the first page followed by the marriage date and venue details. Indian wedding invitations are indicative of the style and the grandeur that can be expected of the wedding. A high-quality decorative invitation card is replete with rhinestones and gold print is a sign of what you are most likely to expect during the wedding. Ostentatious weddings also ensure a gift along with every wedding invitation card for the invitee.

Dealers unwilling to lose both simple and high-end marriages ensure a wide price range among wedding invitation cards such that they are able to tap both types of buyers. The price range can vary from Rs.10/ for a simple card to Rs.100/- and above for a costly card.  The price varies depending upon the type of paper, quality of the r, and the printed material.

The design and overall look and feel of the Indian wedding card also change with the type of wedding i.e.: Hindu, Christian, Muslim, Jew, or Sikh. Indian wedding cards are further categorized into South Indian and North Indian wedding cards to reflect the differing geographic tastes in color and design.

One also has the choice in terms of shopping for the invitation cards. There are specific areas that are marked in Indian bazaars that specialize in the sale of wedding cards or one can call the local dealer to check the options available with him. Online shopping is another easy alternative considering you can choose your invitation and also get approval instantly from others with regard to your choice despite distances.

Indian weddings have brought about the rise of an entire industry that works towards making the Indian wedding a glamorous affair. From historic venues, global menus, event management to celebrity performances the Indian weddings are now even sought after by other nationals. The Indian invitation card is therefore very much in the race to attract not only Indians but other nationals as well to send Indian color, decor, and splendor laden invitations to their invitees.

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