5 Ways of Honoring Your Mother’s Memory At Your Wedding

Your wedding day is one of the most significant events of your life. One that couples often envision spending with their closest friends and family.

When one of our loved ones has passed, it’s natural to miss them even more during such big events in our lives. Many look for ways of honoring their memory.

This is particularly true for those wishing to pay tribute to their Mother, the person who probably would have wanted to be the most involved in your special day.

Honoring Your Mother Memory

There are plenty of wonderful ways of honoring and incorporating your Mother’s memory during your entire wedding day.

If you’re looking for options, you can use some (or all) of these ideas to help celebrate and reminisce your Mother’s memory.

Honoring Your Mother’s Memory

Create A Memorial Table

There are guestbook tables and hors d’oeuvre tables. Therefore, creating a memorial table would be perfectly acceptable and appropriate.

Chances are your guests will treasure the sentiment and will also be thinking of your Mom on your wedding day. On your memorial table, you can place a photo, some candles, or a lantern, and write something special in her memory.

There are likely to be many people at your wedding who knew your Mother. A great idea is to provide a way for guests to write little notes of their own memories and well wishes as well.

Wear Items That Belonged to Her

One of the more well-known wedding traditions says a bride is supposed to wear “something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue” in order to bring good luck.

You can wear something that belonged to your Mother while keeping within this tradition. However, don’t feel limited to just one item. Some brides choose to wear their Mother’s wedding dress while others wear a headpiece or some kind of jewelry

There might be more than one of her belongings that you’d like to wear, and that’s fine too. A locket with your Mothers photo or a broach is another way of keeping her close to your heart during your wedding.

Leave An Open Seat During The Ceremony

It’s natural to feel as though your Mother deserves a seat, even if she isn’t able to take part in the ceremony physically.

If you would like to honor her memory and make her feel more like a part of your ceremony, then you can arrange a seat to be left unoccupied in the front row just for her.

To make her seat a bit more meaningful, you can place a photo or a bouquet, or some other memento on the chair.

These items will give her more of a presence, and you’ll have her spirit right there among the rest of your guests.

remembering Mom at wedding

Give a Toast to Her Memory

Weddings are often full of guests giving their blessings through toasts and speeches. You can certainly use this as an opportunity to bring attention to your Mom’s memory.

You, (or someone else), can let everyone know how missed she is, and how she would have loved to have been there.

If there was anything she ever said about marriage, or how she envisioned it, you can bring that up as well. You can talk about the influence she had in your life, especially in teaching you how to love or read a letter she wrote to you as a child.

If you’d rather not make a speech, then lighting a candle and sharing a moment of silence in her memory is a simple, yet touching, alternative.

Incorporate Some of Her Favorite Things

You and your guests can also remember your Mom by incorporating some of her favorite things into your wedding.

If your Mom had a favorite flower, you can use that in your wedding decorations or bouquet. If there’s a Mother’s song (See a list of songs to remember your mom) you know was a particular favorite of hers, then you can have it sung or played during the reception for everyone to dance to.

If there’s a particular food or dessert food that holds a special memory between you two, or one that you just know she loved, you can serve it at your wedding. These personal touches will make her feel more like a part of your wedding.

Keep in mind that it’s done in a way that is meant to celebrate her memory, and not overpower the occasion with sadness.

Losing a parent is never easy, but you can still make them a part of your day with these touching options. With these ideas, you’ll be able to party at your wedding and honor your Mother in a style that won’t dampen the mood, but rather show how much she’s missed in a celebratory fashion.

Your wedding should be a day of festivity, the way your mother would have wanted it.

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