Todd and I experienced the ultimate beach wedding. We found the perfect destination, the perfect music, the perfect flowers, the perfect dress, wrote the perfect vows, and exchanged the perfect wedding rings for us to create our dream wedding. We want to share our experience so you can create your own ultimate wedding.

Ultimate Guide Wedding Vows

Creating the ultimate dream wedding does not have to be difficult, but it does take knowing what you want and what is important to both the bride and the groom.

Todd and I spent a lot of time writing our complete wedding ceremony. We did not just write the vows. We wrote the complete ceremony from opening to introduction of the bride and groom and selected music to compliment each facet of the wedding from the prelude to the closing music.

The major elements of a wedding are universal with a greeting, exchange of wedding vows, exchanging of the rings, a reading or blessing, and the pronouncement of the couple. However, each element can be customized from ceremony to ceremony.

You do not have to write the entire wedding ceremony to create your ultimate dream wedding, but we do suggest you review the major elements of the ceremony and customize it as appropriate. For example, we used a reading from the book of Corinthians in our opening, and we edited a reading from Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward from 1958 as our first reading.

Your wedding vows are an expression of your love and devotion witnessed by family and friends and God. And in order to create your ultimate dream wedding, you need to ensure the vows are memorable and meaningful to you.

As an example, here are the vows my husband wrote for me.

Wedding Vows – Groom
I, (Groom), take you (Bride ) to be my
Best friend and My True Love
The One I Laugh With
The One I Live Life With
The One I Want To Grow Old With

You Give Me Hope, Strength, and Courage

You are My World
The Sun, the Stars, and the Sky

I promise to Love, Honor, and Cherish You
Through all of our years
And Through All that Life May Bring

We want to share our experience so you can create your own ultimate wedding.

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