wive wow factor to wedding guests

Wedding guests want to be Wow’d when at a wedding reception. No, wait. Let me rephrase. Wedding guests EXPECT to be blown away at your wedding. They want an experience like no other. Guests want surprises and want to do and see things that they have not done before your big day. What can you do to give guests the Wow factor?

People attending a wedding, like to feel like they are part of the festivities. One way to make it so is to have a party train through the streets of your wedding city. The train could be a line of honking cars driving from the wedding to the reception. The party train could also be a short walk from the ceremony to the reception venue. Take the party train idea over the top with music being played along the way from a group of bagpipers, members of the local high school band, or even a blaring vintage boom box.

wive wow factor to wedding guests

Wedding Ideas To Create A Wow Factor

Plan your posed wedding pictures in advance. First and foremost, do not keep wedding guests waiting for the party to get started at the reception from your long list of must-have photos. However, much fun can be had with photographs. Consult your photographer and get one-of-a-kind photographs of family and friends at the wedding and reception. Include corny or crazy props for Wow photos. An example would be to bring a red-painted house door for pics on each side, park a classic car for photographs, or a gigantic picture frame to get attending couples photographed together inside the frame. You are only limited by your imagination.

Oh, how throwing rice is so cliche. Think of the original send-offs from your wedding guests. Many bridal couples have replaced rice with bubbles. What if you made your departure like a New Year’s Eve countdown? Give all your guests noisemakers like kazoos, tambourines, ratchets, horns, bells, and whatever else that will enthuse guests participating in your goodbyes.

Most bridal couples plan their reception to end on the last dance song. Much time is put into selecting the perfect song. However, a great way to inspire a Wow wedding moment is to have a final toast to thank everyone for attending your wedding. You could do a round of jello shots (virgin shots for little ones) and invite everyone to the dance floor for a final toast.

Not sure who will start by saying their wedding vows first? Leave it to chance! It will add a bit of levity to the event and will also help calm everyone’s nerves at the altar. A great way to incorporate a chance into selecting the first choice includes drawing from a deck of cards, pulling a turkey bone, and flipping a coin.

The focus is always on the bride and groom during the wedding ceremony, as it should be. However, you can Wow guests during the ceremony by getting them involved in rituals too. Some suggestions include having them read a poem or Bible passage that is printed on their programs, have guests sing along with a well-known song being played during the lighting of the unity ceremony, and also invite everyone to pull out their cameras for a planned photo moment before announcing the NEW Mr. and Mrs.

Your guests sitting in the back always have a hard time seeing and hearing. Wedding ceremony location permitting, surround chairs around the altar so that everyone has an equal chance of seeing and hearing vows being said the seeing the first kiss.

One way to always create an unexpected Wow factor at weddings is to incorporate some sort of home furniture into the wedding or reception. Don’t have an altar? What about your kitchen table in the smallest configuration? A bar at the reception can be fulfilled with the hutch in your kitchen. If you are having a cocktail hour, bring in your living room furniture for guests to relax and enjoy chatting it up with family they have not seen for years. If you don’t feel comfortable bringing your prized possessions, you can always rent or purchase from local yard sales and swap meet.

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