Bridal Shower Ideas

Bridal Shower Ideas

Fortunately for many brides who don’t have time to devise creative bridal shower ideas, their close friends are often responsible for the festivities, alleviating the extra planning responsibilities. With lots of colorful decorations, unique bridal shower favors, and delicious food, a shower gives members of the wedding party, the bride, and her friends a chance to get together and celebrate the upcoming day.

If you’ve been chosen to plan a shower for a close friend, you have quite a few options. From bridal shower favors, decorations, and refreshments to all of the little details, ensuring that the event is successful is a major concern. If you’re unsure where to start, here are just a few fun bridal shower ideas to get you thinking and planning constructively!

Fun Bridal Shower Ideas: Bridal Shower Favors, Decorations, and Supplies

Decorating for the festivities is perhaps the most fun, and all of your more creative bridal shower ideas can flourish. For a Victorian tea theme, for instance, you can set the tables with elegant china, teacups, and saucers, and luxurious, lacy fabrics. Or, focus on making the event a classy affair with simple flowers, muted tablecloths and settings, and crystal accessories for fun without the fuss.

The bridal shower favors can also help you make the event a hit if you supplement your chosen theme with charming scented candles, wine bottle stoppers, kitchen and house goods, photo albums, and coasters. Personalized bridal shower favors are also a wonderful way to thank your guests for their attendance. Another way to spice up the party is to have your guests dress up, keeping with the theme. For a festive Christmas-themed shower, give bridal shower favors like ornaments and require guests to show up in deep reds, rich greens, and soft winter whites.

Fun Bridal Shower Ideas: Personalized Invitations with Flair

Many of your bridal shower ideas and choices can be based on the bride’s likes and interests. If you’re contemplating a themed shower, your invitations can reflect that. Plus, many card shops will customize invitations for you that can include special sayings, favorite quotes of the bride, pictures, and colors. You can also choose from embossed and engraved and a variety of other font styles.

It’s important to remember that your invitation is the first glimpse of the shower your guests see, so keep the theme and/or color scheme cohesive. Many invitations also list where the couple is registered (you’ll need to find this out beforehand), and depending upon the venue, the dress code. Above all, make them special and indicative of the bride’s and groom’s personalities.

Fun Bridal Shower Ideas: Games that Stand the Test of Time

There are hundreds of bridal shower ideas for fun, interactive games that have been played over the years, most of which can be somewhat nonsensical but engaging nonetheless. At a co-ed bridal shower, the bride and groom have been known to be wrapped up in rolls and rolls of toilet paper resembling their gown and tuxedo respectively. More than keeping your guests entertained, games are also essential ice-breakers that help your guests get to know each other. Keeping multiple bridal shower favors on hand to reward guests who participate and/or win a game is a good idea.

Bingo, famous couples, toasts to the couple, and ‘how well do you know the bride?’ are all great bridal shower ideas. Another way to get guests mingling is by having a scavenger hunt. Before guests arrive, place wedding-related memorabilia and/or bridal shower favors around the house or backyard, leaving clues by each trinket directing guests (who should be split into teams) where to look next. Reward the winning team with a gift for their efforts.

Fun Bridal Shower Ideas: Festive Food & Refreshing Drinks

Depending upon the season or theme, the sky‘s the limit when it comes to your menu. For a spring shower, you can serve dainty finger sandwiches, fruits, and delicious tarts. Or, for a wine and cheese themed event, wow your guests with rare, vintage wine choices paired expertly with fine cheeses. Some hosts even elect to serve catered food, which saves time for everyone, meaning that more time can be devoted to decorating, purchasing personalized bridal shower favors, or even thinking of more bridal shower ideas to keep guests entertained.

You can have a lot of fun coming up with bridal shower ideas for your food and drinks, including creating beverages for your guests to sample. Just make sure you have both alcoholic and non-alcoholic choices to please everyone in the crowd. You can serve a fruit-infused punch as well as devise new recipes for cocktails that are both delicious and follow your theme or colors. For a garden party, martinis such as a creamsicle, lemon drop, or any other fruity concoction, for instance, are perfect choices to blend the theme with food and drinks.

Fun Bridal Shower Ideas: Planning the Perfect Event

It’s not hard to plan the perfect event, and if the bride asked you to play hostess, she knows you’ll do a great job seeing the party from start to finish, coming up with fun bridal shower ideas that keep the event exciting. Though it may take some planning (and coordination with the bride), use inspiration from the bride herself – note her likes, needs, interests, and personality. But most importantly, if you make the event fun with engaging games, delicious refreshments, and personalized bridal shower favors and keep everyone laughing, mingling, and interacting, your many bridal shower ideas are sure to pay off and ensure a fun time for both the guests and the bride herself.

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