8 Best Freddie Jackson Love Songs For Your Wedding

It’s safe to say that Freddie Jackson has provided the soundtrack for many romantic relationships. The bluesy tones of the Harlem native have been soothing to lovers since Jackson debuted in 1979.

There is no better choice to celebrate an engagement or a wedding day than this amazing vocalist.

Here is a list of my favorite Freddie Jackson love songs.

freddy jackson love songs

Freddy Jackson Love Songs List

Make Love Easy

Released in 1994 on the album Here It Is

Sometimes we stress too hard over making relationships work. The best love is one that comes easily, and this song states that clearly. When you find someone that moves in tune with your own highest ideals and aspirations, it is very possible to make love easy.

There is a simple groove to this song that makes everyone that hears it want to dance and celebrate love’s passion. It’s funny how all of Freddie Jackson’s love songs are so timeless.

This one was released in 1994. If you didn’t know what, you might think it came from Jackson’s 80’s period. It’s also a happy song, one that should be played whenever you are in a celebratory mood.

Lyrics To Inspire You:

I am here to give my baby everything she needs

Love Me Down

Released in 1990 on the album Do Me Again

We all need to pause sometimes and just reflect on how blessed we are to have someone to love. “Love Me Down” is a soft and gentle reminder to keep everything in perspective.

Love isn’t about having lots of fancy possessions. All you need is that special someone to keep you warm at night and love you down when the going gets rough.

This may be Freddie Jackson’s best song, although that’s a hard call to make. It was one of the stellar cuts from his Do Me Again album in 1990. There is no way to be subtle about the meaning of this one, so expect the desires to be ignited when you play it.

Lyrics To Inspire You:

Just love me down
Nice and slow
When it seems like it’s over
Just love me some more

Love Survives

Released in 1989 on the album All Dogs Go to Heaven

This song is a duet with Irene Cara from the movie All Dogs Go to Heaven. Jackson and Cara blend their voices to let us know that love endures above all things.

Hard times may come and go, but the one you love will be a rock for you to cling to as you pass through life. The song reminds us that love is intertwined with hope. Hope in a world beyond the one we know, hope for a better future, and hope that love is eternal.

This is a strong message that you will want to convey to your partner before getting married. Let them know that your love will always survive.

Lyrics To Inspire You:

Love survives beyond our lives
I feel those ties growing stronger

Hey Lover

Released in 1988 on the album Don’t Let Love Slip Away

What girl doesn’t dream of having a man whisper sweet words of love in her ear? That is exactly what this song is. It’s a beautiful ballad that will remind you of why you fell in love with your partner and all of the special feelings that they hold for you.

Jackson’s voice in this song is as smooth and comfortable as those loving arms around your shoulders. “Hey Lover” was released in 1988 on Don’t Let Love Slip Away.

It remains one of Freddie Jackson’s most enduring hits. This is a song that was made for slow dances with lots of eye contact.

Lyrics To Inspire You:

Your love is so strong
There’s no way that this can go wrong
Tonight I stop loving me
Cause I need you so much, girl to keep giving me love

You Are My Love

Released in 1986 on the album Just Like the First Time

Does the person you have chosen to spend your life with complete you and make you a better person? Of course, they do. You’ll want to share this song with them to let them know how much you appreciate their presence in your life.

Freddie sings, “You took my tears and rolled them away.” What lyric could better sum up what true love was meant to do? This is a ballad that is nice and slow like most good love songs should be.

It was meant to be enjoyed on the dance floor while you hold your partner close enough to feel the beating of twin hearts. The chorus swells like an anthem and will send chills down your spine.

Lyrics To Inspire You:

Took my tears and rolled them away
You hold the key to loving me
You are my love
My love

Sing a Song of Love

Released in 1985 on the album Rock Me Tonight

This love song came out in 1985, but it is just as relevant today as it was when first released on the Rock Me Tonight album. We often know when love is right because it makes us want to sing. Every song that we hear on the radio is perfect.

This one celebrates those special feelings that come in the early stages of a romantic relationship. Being in love is something you want to share with the world.

This is a song about letting your true feelings for your lover show. It tells the world that you are happy and content to have found the one that is right for you.

Lyrics To Inspire You:

I’m gonna sing a song of love, and dedicate to you
I’m gonna sing a song of love, girl I love you

Love is Just a Touch Away

Released in 1985 on the album Rock Me Tonight

When love happens it often happens unexpectedly. It perhaps begins with an innocent glance or a shared smile. Soon those feelings begin to grow. Many times the right person for us is so close and we don’t even realize it.

That’s what this Freddie Jackson love song expresses. “Love is Just a Touch Away” was released in 1985.

This is a great song to enjoy during an engagement as you prepare to make lifelong memories of your wedding. It will remind you of all the wonderful things that had to fall into place at the right time so that you could be with your forever partner.

Lyrics To Inspire You:

Come and take my hand (love is just a simple touch)
I wanna be your man
Love is just a touch away girl

I Wanna Say I Love You

Released in 1985 on the album Rock Me Tonight

Those three little words can be the hardest to say. This is a song about finding the courage to tell someone how you really feel about them. It encourages you to open up that well inside of you that craves companionship.

Once the words flow, there is no turning back. Another great thing about this ballad is that Jackson reminds us how important those words continue to be as we grow old with our special partner.

They should never be taken for granted or said without true feelings. If you have an engagement party, this would be a perfect song to dedicate to your partner.

Lyrics To Inspire You:

I got a feeling that you know you are the one
You are the one

You Are My Lady

Released in 1985 on the album Rock Me Tonight

I hope you liked our list of Freddy Jackson’s love songs.

Freddie Jackson Highest-Charting Singles – U.S. R&B

  • #1 Rock Me Tonight (For Old Times Sake), 1985
  • #1 You Are My Lady, 1985
  • #1 A Little Bit More (with Melba Moore), 1986
  • #1 Tasty Love, 1986
  • #1 Have You Ever Loved Somebody, 1986
  • #1 Jam Tonight, 1987
  • #1 Nice ‘N’ Slow, 1988
  • #1 Hey Lover, 1988
  • #1 Love Me Down, 1990
  • #1 Do Me Again, 1991
  • #2 I Don’t Want to Lose Your Love, 1987
  • #2 Main Course, 1991
  • #2 I Could Use a Little Love (Right Now), 1992
  • #4 All Over You, 1990
  • #5 You and I Got a Thang, 1989

Do you have a favorite Freddie Jackson song? Please share your song below in the comments!

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