Destinations for Bachelor Parties

Destinations for Bachelor Parties

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There is no rule that says that the bachelor party you’re planning has to be at a bar in your hometown… so take the plunge and hit the road to one of these five incredible bachelor party destinations!

groomsmenA traditional bachelor party generally involves booze, the bros, and… well, ladies from the neighborhood “adult ballet.” While there is nothing wrong with tradition – and there is certainly something to be said for sticking to what has served mankind for hundreds of years, groomsmen who want to deliver the ultimate “you are getting kidnapped, and you’ll like it” experience must consider a destination party. Anyway, the Groom will be busy browsing through an assortment of cool and memorable groomsmen gift ideas, so he’ll never see it coming! The following are five great places to take the groom – each uniquely tailored to balance excitement with relaxation, craziness with good ‘ol male bonding time. Read on… then book your trip!

Destinations for Bachelor Parties

New Orleans

Destinations for Bachelor Parties New Orleans

Depending on the temperament of the groom, a New Orleans bachelor party can go one of two ways. Either he will enjoy the vibe put out by a city that starts drinking by 8 am, or he won’t. He may fall in love (temporarily, of course) with ladies that seem to want to flaunt their assets in exchange for a loop of 5-cent beads, but then again maybe he won’t. He might love the easy-to-walk city that basically only has sidewalks to connect the bars, but then again… he just might not. If your groom cannot find fun in New Orleans, you have a whole other challenge on your hands.


Destinations for Bachelor Parties Vail Colorado

What? Why Colorado…? After all, Colorado is a state known more for its towering Rocky Mountain vistas than its incredible nightlife. But if the groom in your party is more comfortable in the great outdoors verses at the latest hotspot in the city, there is no better place to blend exhilarating activities with some of the most beautiful countries west of the Mississippi. Book a white water rafting trip, go zip-lining in the mountains, hike the high country trails near Aspen or Vail, or simply camp out and enjoy a relaxing moment before the wedding. When you’re done with Mother Nature you can drive a couple of hours back to Denver for some “big city” fun.

Las Vegas

Destinations for Bachelor Parties las vegas

We know what you’re saying… “How original!” Mention a bachelor party to anyone and they’ll instantly conjure up images of “The Hangover” style parties in Las Vegas. Yes, it can be a little cliché – but it is a fun and exciting cliché of a party in a city that not only condones exuberant behavior, but it also manufactures, markets, and sells it! Spend a few nights in Vegas at the casinos and bars, then explore some of the fun things to do outside of Sin City. The Valley of Fire ATV Tours are fun, Lake Mead is a blast for boating and fishing, and adventurous members of the group can skydive or take turns in a glider plane.


Destinations for Bachelor Parties miami

This city is all about opulence, luxury, and doing it “big.” There is so much cash in this city that it is impossible to ever feel like a big shot. But what Miami does have is the most incredible nightlife on the East Coast of the US, absolutely ridiculous clubs and bars, and beaches that are second to none. Hang on the beach or take an Everglades tour during the day – then hit the club at night.


Destinations for Bachelor Parties cancun

Sure, traveling to Mexico is considered “scary” these days, but Cancun is like a world unto its own. Far from the troubles in the rest of the country, Cancun is an absolute paradise. Plus, it is still pretty cheap when compared to other options within the US. There is no shortage of things to do in Cancun, and the groom will be able to actually relax since his cell phone likely won’t even work there!

If you are in charge of planning the bachelor party for your buddy this year, chat it over with the other guys and see if a destination party is an option that everyone can wrap their heads around. One thing is for sure – the groom won’t see it coming and he’ll never forget the party thrown for him by his closest friends.

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